How to create a page in "Classmates". Register a new page

So, today we will talk with you about how to create a page in "Classmates". In fact, this is not such a difficult task. The main thing is to collect all the data you need, as well as to have an idea of where to click when registering.

What it is?

But before you go to the page in "Odnoklassniki", first creating it, let's try to figure out what the social network is. What does she like so much about people?

The thing is that "Classmates" is a Russian "social organization" in which each person will have a great opportunity to find their friends in school, work or university. It is not much different from "VKontakte", though, for some unknown reason, "Odnoklassniki" is mostly registered with older people. There are very few adolescents and children. Thus, we can say that our today's social network is mostly an adult site. Let's quickly figure out how to create a page in "Classmates".

Beginning of work

If you are firmly sure that you want to create a profile in this social network, then let's start. The whole process should take place on the official website. There in the future you can go to the page in "Classmates" and work with the profile.

After you go to the site, find there a green button. On it there should be an inscription of the corresponding action. Since we are thinking how to create a page in "Classmates", then the letters on the button should reflect the free establishment of the profile. Click on "registration" and wait for a while. Before you open the first window that you want to fill. Without entering data, you will not be able to create a page in Classmates.

Remember that the whole process is absolutely free. If you notice that money is demanded from you, then pay attention to the website address. Perhaps you ran into scammers who are just waiting for an unknowing user to transfer money to their account. If all is well, then let's start filling out the data.

Filling in master data

So, the first stage, which we need to do to register a new page in Odnoklassniki, is filling out contact information about yourself. Without this field you can not go any further. So look carefully, what will you need.

The first thing you will have to pay special attention to is the name and surname of the new user. Previously, people liked to invent new, sometimes even non-existent names. So do not do it - as soon as you have problems with the entrance, you will have to prove that you are the true owner of the profile. And it is very difficult to do this if the name and surname do not match. Enter only real data. Little things can happen.

Next, in the same box, specify the date of birth and sex, as well as the country of residence. This is important, especially if you want your classmates to actually discover your profile. A little lower data is entered, which are especially important - this is your password and email address. Come up with a complex "password" and use only work mail. After that, you can think about how to make a page in "Classmates".


And now all users, especially those who decided to deal with fraud in social networks, waiting for one small surprise - is the activation of your profile. It goes through everything, unconditionally. This will require a working mobile phone number. Otherwise, it will be impossible to work in Odnoklassniki.

So, here there are two steps. The first is passing through a special link, which the administration will send to you by e-mail. After that, the profile will be partially activated. More precisely, the mail will be confirmed. Fine, it remains only to go through the activation of the profile via mobile.

Click the "Activate" button. You will have a window in which you must select the country of residence, and also enter the mobile phone number completely. All is ready? Now, wait for the sms with the code. You will need to enter it in the appropriate field on the site. Confirm your actions. That's all, now you can access the "Classmates", "My Page" and other services of this Internet resource. But we have not talked about everything yet. It is worth to focus on some points. Let's quickly "run through" them.

Small note

Now let's see what can wait for us on the way to registration. Quite often, many users are surprised at what appears to them after they decided to activate their profile. It's about filling out the questionnaire.

In fact, this is not an obligatory action. Nevertheless, it is offered immediately, so that later a person does not forget to enter contact information that helps to find it. If you do not want to fill them, then at the very bottom of the window, find the inscription "Skip". Click on it - it will throw you to activation.

But what kind of data will you ask for? So, the first is education. Here it is necessary to note your school, and also university. Years of the beginning / graduation are also welcome. Now, if you filled out these fields and saved them, then after you enter the "Classmates", "My Page" will contain information about the places of your training.

Another step that you can skip is, of course, the search for friends. That is, you have not yet fully prepared the profile, but your friends you can already find. Quite often this point is missed. Nevertheless, if you have a desire, you can take this opportunity.

In addition, before activating the profile from you will be asked to upload an avatar - your photo. In this case, there should only be you. Otherwise, the photo risks being rejected by the site administration. It's best to upload the avatar right away, then not to think about how this action is done.

Enter the site

Now that we already know how to create a page in "Classmates", we need to log in and work with our profile. Suppose that we have completely passed the registration and filled out all the fields that were required. In general, everything is ready - just go and talk. How do I log in?

First, visit the official page of "Classmates". Now look at the site. Click on "Login". Now you need to enter your login (this is an email address or a mobile phone number), as well as the password you invented.

After you fill in all the fields, click the "Sign in" button. If you do not want to repeat these actions every time you log in, check the box next to "Remember me". After that, your data will be saved until the information is cleared in your browser. That's all. You will be on your page. Now you can chat, watch photos, play games - in general, use all the services of this social network.

I can not access the site

Sometimes users complain about the impossibility of authorization. There are several possible options that you should know. Let's get acquainted with the most common authorization problems.

So, the first option is using third-party resources to hack the page in "Classmates". There is a high probability that you just hacked. After you have passed the registration, do not enter anywhere your data from the page. In fact then you risk to appear without it. Try to restore using email or phone.

The second problem is the password mismatch. You can always restore it. However, for this you will need to use the attached phone number or email address. When this problem is fixed, the input will be available again.

In addition, it is worth remembering that one mobile can not have more than 1 page. You will not be able to re-register if there is one phone. That's all. We learned how to create a page in "Classmates", fill out a questionnaire, authorize what to do if you can not enter your profile.


As you can see, registration does not take you very long. Most steps can be skipped at the initial stage, but then the information will still need to be entered.

Registration on "Classmates" does not differ from the similar process in other social networks. So do not get scared when you see a lot of fields to fill - everything goes through it. Successful communication!

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