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Exercises for the neck and chin at home

To the body remained resilient and young, one must eat healthy food and play sports. Perhaps, this statement is familiar to all. However, the person with age also loses the former beauty and smartness. And the process of wilting begins with 20 years. Slow down it will help exercises for the neck and chin, thanks to which the face retains youth and elasticity for many years to come. Your attention will be presented to a complex of 10 tasks, requiring only 15 minutes a day.

How to perform the gymnastics of a person?

Some girls do not see the effect of exercise, and all because they do it wrong.

1. Only systematic implementation guarantees a visible result. Exercises are not radical methods, but only good prevention. Therefore, gymnastics should be practiced every day, ideally - in the morning and in the evening.

2. Before the occupation, it is mandatory to wash your hands and cleanse your face. After it is recommended to apply the cream, it can be alternated with cosmetic oils.

3. Work in a sitting and relaxed position. Watch yourself in the mirror to see if the exercises for the muscles of the neck and chin are properly performed.

4. Do gymnastics slowly, maximally straining your muscles. Each task must be performed in such a way that after a few movements there is a slight burning or tingling sensation. And one set of exercises on average should take from 10 to 15 minutes a day.

5. Do not overdo it. If some task causes discomfort or dizziness, just cancel it. Also it is necessary to address to your attending physician for consultation. Normal training for the face in healthy people does not cause unpleasant sensations.

With the rules of the gymnastics are familiarized, now we will pass directly to the tasks of the complex.

We warm up the muscles

Before starting the basic exercises for tightening the neck and chin, you need to perform an easy warm-up. It will warm up the muscles of your face and protect you from damage.

To warm up, move the lower jaw in different directions. Move it to the left and right, and then back and forth. You can try to do it in a circle. Ten repetitions will suffice. Movements should be smooth, easy, without sharp jerks.


Widely open your mouth and put your lower lip on your lower teeth. Imagine that you are an excavator and you need to get water into the bucket. Lower your face down and as if scooped up. At the same time, gradually close your mouth and lift your head. It is important that when performing the corners of the mouth were completely relaxed. Repeat these tasks 5-7 times.

Reach out to the nose

Perhaps, many gymnastics did this as a child, trying to compete with their friends. It's time to return to childish age and try to perform these fun exercises for the neck and chin. Stick out the language as much as possible, and try to reach it with the tip to the nose. Do not strain your lips. It is important to work out the sublingual muscle to get rid of the second chin or prevent it from appearing. Make in this task 5 approaches.

Remember the alphabet

This is another exercise known to many. Take a pencil, pen or wand in the mouth and start writing different letters in the air. The object must be clamped in the mouth, not in the mouth. Try to bring out beautiful letters, so that muscles feel tension. It is very desirable to reproduce the entire alphabet at one time. Gradually complicate the task: first draw the printed characters, then - the capital letters. For a change, use English letters or other language signs as a basis.

Draw a dove

Grab your hand over the jaw so that the forefinger and thumb are on opposite sides of the neck. Hold the palm in place, and head forward. In this position, hold out for half a minute. When performing this exercise to strengthen the chin and neck, it is important to strain the muscles. Make 5 approaches. Now repeat all the same, only with turning your head to the left, and then - to the right. For each side, carry out the task 3 times. Also, this gymnastics tightens the cheeks and keeps the oval face.

The Giraffe's Kiss

Imagine that you want to kiss a giraffe or someone else high. Raise your head as far as possible so that it looks at the ceiling. Lower jaw slightly, push forward, and the lips close in the tube. In this position, hold on for 5 to 8 seconds. If everything is right you will do, then a strong tension appears in the neck and chin. Do this gymnastics 5 times.


Back of the hand make light tapping movements. Start from the chin, the lateral muscles and finish with the neck. Perform this exercise slowly, gradually accelerating the pace of movement. Do 5-7 approaches. This task is universal, it can even be performed at work to distract from the monitor. Just lean back on the chair, close your eyes and do gymnastics.


The following elements of the exercises for the neck and chin should be performed in this way. Under the jaw, place two fists and slightly lower the chin. At the same time, there must be some resistance, which is created by hands. The jaw must be moved downward, and the fists raised upward. Increase the force of pressing gradually. When the greatest stress comes, hold the position for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat steps 5 to 7 times.


This exercise is a bit like the previous one, because the principle of execution is the same. To the forehead, press the back side of the palm and simultaneously press down on it with your head. It should give the impression that you are trying to put your neck forward, but someone's hand is hindering you. The pressure between the palm and forehead should be maintained for 15 seconds. Make 3 sets of this exercise for the neck and chin in each direction: forward, backward and sideways.


Mouth fill with air, lips tightly close, and cheeks inflate. It will give the impression that you are pissed at someone. With your hands, press down on your cheeks until you feel tension in your muscles. Exert maximum effort and hold out for a few seconds. After that, release the air gradually and relax. Repeat the sequence 5 to 6 times.


On the mood this exercise is the opposite of the previous one, it will be necessary to smile here. Simultaneously, clench your teeth and try to stretch your lips to the sides, as far as possible. Now click on the sky with the tip of the tongue, gradually increasing the pressure. Should be a kind of smile-grimace. The elements of this exercise for the beautiful neck and chin are made correctly if a slight tingling sensation is felt in the muscles. Hold the voltage for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat steps 5-8 times.

Achieving optimal results

To achieve the greatest effect, perform the exercises every day and follow simple tips.

1. Maintain a beautiful posture. When a person during work or rest constantly assumes the wrong posture, the skin around the neck and chin becomes flabby over time. Therefore, when you are standing or sitting, try to keep your head straight.

2. Sleep on a small pillow. Sleep on a high support is the worst enemy of beauty. A large pillow not only promotes snoring, but also stretches the skin around the neck.

3. Moisturize and protect the skin. Over the years, a person lacks natural moisture, so it is very important to use good creams every day. And in summer it is necessary to use sunscreen.

Follow these tips and do gymnastics to keep your youth longer. For this, it is not necessary to go to the gym, just do exercises for the chin and neck at home.

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