Hairstyles for short hair for girls: festive, evening, casual

Many girls who are accustomed to short hair, most often wear the same hairstyle for a long time. But if you are already tired of the same haircut, and the other you do not want to see on yourself, then there is a way out.

Even the shortest curls can be slightly modified, thereby bringing a lot of fresh and interesting to the image. Using styling products, a hairdryer and a curling iron for smoothing, you can create a variety of hairstyles for short hair for girls of any age.

Fashion Trends

In 2017, short hairstyles for girls have not left their positions and remain in the trend, but the new season dictates its trends. In fashion, a variety of haircuts, but stylists make hairstyles with smooth roots and waves that begin with the middle of the curls.

Without a doubt, a smooth short haircut is an ageless classic. A girl who chooses such an image will not lose her fortune and will look stunning. In general, short haircuts can be said that they make it possible to create multifaceted images. Only a couple of minutes with the help of stowage and a hair dryer can turn from a business lady into a seductress.

How to choose a short haircut according to the shape of the face

Owners of not too long curls should know that hairstyles for short hair for girls need to be selected, starting from the type of face. Every hairdresser who knows his business understands that a perfectly chosen hairstyle can transform a woman beyond recognition, but the wrong one can literally disfigure.

Choose a short haircut in such a way as to hide all the existing shortcomings and balance the volumes. Most of all lucky girls with an oval face shape, in this case you can experiment and try on yourself with absolutely any hairstyle. Short hairstyles for girls with an oval face will look good.

If the shape of the face is close to triangular, then it is worth to abandon the lush and high crown. It is best to choose a square or a bean. The situation is radically different with a trapezoidal or rectangular shape. In this case, the crown of the head simply needs to be puffed up - so the head will look neat and symmetrical.

Girls with a round face and magnificent cheeks better leave straight locks on the sides to the chin. This trick will hide the superfluous and bring the shape of the face closer to an ideal oval.

Fashionable shade of hair - 2017

In 2017, for short hair, you should choose a rich, deep and bright shade. It is necessary to abandon any expressionless and too gentle tones. This year, you need to seduce and conquer others.

Stylists recommend paying special attention to bright and contrasting colors. They will help to highlight the woman and pay special attention to her personality.

There are many options, and for each girl an individual shade is acceptable, however the main directions are as follows:

  • Platinum blond;
  • black color;
  • Autumn-red saturated.

How to style short hair

On short hair it is not customary to do hairstyles - many mistakenly think that short curls are not suitable for this. However, it is possible and necessary to use all sorts of styling aids, ploys and ironing.

Stylish negligence is a beautiful hairstyle for short hair, which can be done quickly and beautifully. It is ideal for the shortest haircuts. It is enough just to grease the curls with gel and raise them back or up in random order.

Short youth hairstyles for haircuts and beans

More extensive choice for hairstyles in the style of bean and quads. The most common way of daily styling is to dry hair with a hair dryer, smoothing the curls with ironing and dividing them into separate strands using a gel. The bangs in this case can be combed on the side.

No less common way of laying is to add volume. Wet hair is dried with a hair dryer, lifting them at the roots with a round brush. An interesting choice will be the tips, twisted not inside, but out.

Wavy bob

Short hairstyles for girls with wavy strands look beautiful and very romantic. The easiest way to do ideal waves is with ironing. When the strands are wound, the hair is just a little whipped with fingers and separates them.

There is another simple way to perform neat wavy ringlets. The hair is divided into several parts, each is twisted into a tourniquet and slowly carried along by ironing them, thoroughly warming them. As a result, you will get a very beautiful styling.

If you have obedient hair, then you can do even easier. Locks are simply sprayed with varnish or other styling means and squeezed with their hands, starting to move from tips to roots. Thus, beautiful and light waves form.

Quick hairstyles for every day for short hair

The hairstyle for short hair is quickly and beautifully executed simply enough, and step by step instructions and video lessons will help in this. Various ideas inspire the creation of new images and do not give rise to doubt that short haircuts are multifaceted. There are many simple and fast hairstyles:

  • Flagellum on temples fixed at the back. If such a hairdo is decorated with an elegant barrette or brooch, then a festive version will come out, which will take no more than 5 minutes to complete.
  • Elegant tail (if hair length allows). It is necessary to carefully comb the hair of a thin comb and remove them in the low tail. If there is a bang, it can also be stabbed back.
  • Malvinka. If the hair is the same length over the entire head, then you can collect them in the mallin and fasten it with a pin or elastic.
  • Greek hairstyle. It looks great on short hair, it's fast, and the hair will not interfere.
  • Volumetric beam on short hair. This universal hairstyle is quite simple. Hair gathers on the nape of the tail, and then twists into a tourniquet and wrap around the base of the tail. The bundle can be made more lush, using a special volumetric rubber band. In addition, the tail can be divided into thin strands and twisted around the base each separately.

  • The braids. In this case, you can experiment by creating spikes or braids, you can try to braid the scythe called "waterfall".

Advice of specialists

  • Hairstyles for short hair for girls will look more impressive if you use a special spray that gives your hair extra shine.
  • The most common hairstyle for any length of hair can be made more beautiful and elegant, decorating the hair with a beautiful barrette. With the help of a rim or ribbon, you can make a beautiful hairstyle in Greek style. Will complement the image of lipstick bright color.
  • Ultra-short haircuts will always be in vogue. However, the appearance can be diversified by using various combinations with elongated strands.

Stylish haircuts in some way can give a woman a relaxed and free. They are the personification of simplicity and at the same time sophistication. Moreover, hairstyles for short hair for girls and women of any age are able to emphasize beauty and become a wonderful frame of the face, which conceals possible shortcomings of appearance. Unlike long curls, a short haircut can be selected so as to correct the shape of the head and make its wearer more attractive.

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