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Everyone dreams of traveling. But as soon as the dreams turn into the stage of vacation planning, questions begin. And the first of them - which tour operator to choose. Most often it is from the company that organizes our vacation, and its quality depends.

Criteria for evaluating the work of a tour operator

As a rule, companies specialize in several areas. The tourist market is divided long ago and firmly. For travelers this is good, because it shows the great experience of managers. Reviews about tour operators usually record such aspects of vacation:

  • The informative nature of the consultations at the preliminary planning stage;
  • Reasonable price-quality ratio;
  • Truthfulness, absence of concealment of important facts;
  • Realization of the declared services.

Travelers love it when company representatives accompany their vacation. For example, organize a transfer and excursions. Foreign contacts of the firm should be strong. Reviews of tour operators usually affect the activities of the hotelier. When did they settle? Did you change the number to order? Is the hotel staff attentive? If the customer is unhappy, he puts forward claims to the tour operator.

The key to success is reliable information

We all want to get the maximum of services for our money. And we want to know exactly what awaits us on vacation. Everyone goes on vacation in anticipation of something unusual. And often it is disappointed. Reviews of tour operators indicate that the client may be dissatisfied with anything: the ordinary nature of the landscape outside the window, scant vegetation, the lack of watermelons in the restaurant. The traveler expects to see the revived handout. The tourists' comments are full of words: "everything is normal", "nothing special", "fed normally", "the sea as the sea".

In order for expectations not to be deceived, customers need to clearly list all the pros and cons of the resort. Reviews of tour operators indicate that this approach is worthwhile. Very often the lack of reliable information is the fault of agents selling vouchers. Companies organize tours for intermediaries, showing them hotels. This is done so that agents can tell clients in detail about the beach, restaurant, territory of a particular hotel. But the hotels are much more than the mediators who sell tickets have time to see. Therefore, the client often has to look for information about the resort on his own.

Traveling in your home country

Bus travel from Moscow organizes the tour operator "Rus". The reviews mark an excellent opportunity for a few days to visit a number of cities and get acquainted with all their sights. The company offers its clients tours for two, three, four and five days. You can visit St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Tula, Tver, Ryazan and other ancient cities. In addition, the operator offers to visit Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Siberia, Uzbekistan and the Baltic states. One of the most popular tours is the "Golden Ring" of Russia. In addition, the company provides corporate trips and permits for schoolchildren.

Tour operator "Rus", reviews about which are quite positive, also offers tours of Moscow. Vacationers celebrate many positive moments of travel:

  • Comfortable buses;
  • Professional guides;
  • Magnificent scenery and attractions.

At the same time, tourists record misunderstandings, often encountered in the company's activities. For example, spouses who ordered a ticket for two are accommodated in different places of the bus cabin. Attempts to agree with the attendant do not work. Negative comments are rare.

For those who want to sea

The company "Pegas Touristik" specializes in beach holidays. Company offers trips to:

  • Spain.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Cuba.
  • Greece.
  • Mexico.
  • The Dominican Republic.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Egypt.
  • Thailand.
  • India.
  • Tunisia.
  • Indonesia.
  • Turkey.

There are also special proposals, for example vacation in installments. For about twenty years there is a tour operator "Pegasus" on the market. The reviews mark the correspondence of real rest to the declared services. Negative comments concern individual employees - managers and guides. Workers on the ground sometimes overstate the prices of excursions, do not report the postponement of the flight, do not have time to prepare a visa at the time of landing on the aircraft. Tourists celebrate the excellent organization of the transfer. The bus, which should take tourists to the hotel or airport, usually comes on time.

Tour operator "Pegasus", reviews about which are quite positive, covers many sea resorts. Hotels, charter flights, transfer, a network of representative offices around the world - all this makes the company the largest player in the Russian market. But even users who leave positive feedback, note the overestimated cost of excursions of "Pegasus" in comparison with other tour operators.

Holidays and important dates

The original service of travel companies is the organization of wedding trips. In each of the newlyweds chosen by the newlyweds, you can hold a wedding ceremony. Just for two thousand dollars you will celebrate a wedding in the Maldives. The ceremony will be held according to local customs. The room at the hotel will be richly decorated, fruit and sparkling wine will be waiting for you. A picnic on a night beach and swimming on a flower-decorated boat will make your stay unforgettable.

Great popularity in Russia is enjoyed by the tour operator "Pax". Testimonials indicate that this is one of the best companies. The firm offers its clients a wide variety of tours:

  • Mountain-skiing;
  • Beach;
  • Medical;
  • New Year's;
  • Excursion.

There are in the assortment of the company and last minute tours. New Year is a special time in the life of every person. In these holidays, I want to be close to close people. We are thirsty for adventure and something unusual. It is no coincidence that on New Year's Eve they make a wish and wait for a miracle.

Tour operator "Pax", reviews about which are quite positive, offers its clients a large selection of holiday trips. You can go both to the snow-covered Austria, and to hot Thailand. And also - to Italy, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Slovenia and even Australia. Pax customers will be offered their hospitality by the largest hotels that look like real palaces. They can enjoy a great entertainment program, lasting all night, to taste festive delicacies and even get presents. In the assortment of the company there are also various options for a budget New Year's holiday.

Travel south inexpensively

To spend a holiday on the beach offers its customers a tour operator "Sanmar". The reviews say that the company deals with the highest-grossing countries - Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, India, and the Dominican Republic. In these areas, Sanmar competes with Pegas Touristik. The company conducts numerous actions to build customer loyalty. The company "Sanmar" relatively inexpensive tours. Comments of vacationers sometimes fix the impoliteness of the staff, incompetence of employees. For example, tourists were sold tickets for the flight, canceled by the airline a year ago. Or the manager refused to help the client, motivating it with the end of the working day.

Tour operator "Sanmar", reviews about which are quite diverse, offers tired people a good holiday at affordable prices. Some unpleasant moments do not prevent travelers from recommending the company to their friends and acquaintances. Most often, user complaints are related to air travel - cancellation or postponement of a flight. As for the hotel, excursions, food - all this receives only positive comments. Customers note the main advantage of the company - reasonable prices. is a tour operator, feedback about which is fixed by erudition of guides, politeness and competence of managers, organization and professional approach in everything. Hot tours to Turkey - one of the most popular products, betrayed by the company. Despite the heat, Antalya, Belek, Bodrum and Marmaris are beautiful in peak season. The company offers a wide range of hot tours. Greece, Bulgaria, Spain and Mexico are waiting for guests from May to September. October is best spent in Egypt. - a tour operator, reviews about which form the demand for vouchers throughout the country. If the client liked the services of the company, he will turn to her again. And not even because the level of the firm is high. When several tourism companies compete in the market, working in the same areas, the one that has the cheaper price wins. And this is "Sanmar". Therefore, satisfied customers turn to sales offices every year, traveling to sea resorts around the world.

Wanderings - lifestyle

Several companies that work in the field of vacation packages have the word "travel" in the title. The tour operator, which readers like about their objectivity, are News, Zeus and Coral. Not all of them continue to work. "News Travel" (Ukraine) went bankrupt in January 2015. "Coral" sends tourists around the world. There are vouchers to China, Singapore, Jordan, Tanzania, Morocco. The most popular destination is Israel. Thanks to the company, thousands of tourists rested in Eilat, visited Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

"Coral Travel" offers its customers a budget vacation. Therefore, they always have a lot of tourists. The company is under additional responsibility. Vacationers need charter flights and large shuttle buses that will carry people to numerous hotels of the coast. Representatives of the company successfully cope with their many tasks.

In Greece, everything is there

The company "Zeus Travel", like its "colleagues", works with sea resorts. In addition to traditional countries such as Egypt, UAE, Dominican Republic, the company offers its clients to travel to Portugal, France, China, Italy, the USA and Latvia. However, since the advent of the market in 1994, the company specializes in Greece and Cyprus. This is evidenced by the name of the company.

Zeus offers its clients a rest on the mainland and on islands (Crete, Corfu, Kos, Rhodes). According to numerous reviews, the distinctive feature of the company's employees is the care of tourists. They are met at the airport and escorted to a comfortable transfer bus. Check in at the hotel is under the control of the manager. Throughout the rest of the stay, the staff maintains a constant connection with the tourist. The network of offices "Zeus Travel" covers almost all the major cities of Greece.

Ski holidays in Andorra

"Anex" - tour operator, reviews about which are quite positive, is at the source of the Russian market. The company was founded in 1998. The company takes into account the needs of potential customers and works in the most popular areas: in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, Bulgaria. Feedback from users indicates such positive qualities of the company as the budget price, good organization, attention to the needs of tourists.

"Anex" often tries to make a schedule of charter flights so that people fly to rest early in the morning, and return late in the evening. This results in an additional two days off. People appreciate care and leave positive reviews on the Internet. Tour operator "Biblio" specializes not only on beach, but also on ski holidays. Among the clients of the company is very popular winter vacation in Andorra. This small mountainous country, located between France and Spain, is landlocked, but nevertheless thriving thanks to tourism. Visitors to ski resorts are welcome guests. They are provided with all conditions for recreation. Andorra is a very hospitable country.

Travel for health and skills development

"Biblio Globus" - tour operator, reviews about which are quite positive. The company offers its customers not only to relax, but also to improve their health. An important part of the company's work is medical tourism. Balneological spas provide an opportunity for contact with healing thermal water. Bathed in warm pools, people relax and gain strength. Karlovy Vary in Bohemia of Bohemia gives their guests water from curative hot springs. The company "Biblio Globus" helps clients to improve their health in balneological resorts.

Firm Intravel - tour operator, the reviews of which mark the uniqueness of the package of services for businessmen and highly skilled professionals. For example, business proposals on the organization of an outbound conference. Many companies conduct trainings for their employees. The company "Intrevel" is always ready to organize the event "on a turn-key basis". Do not know where to put staff and guests? How to organize a cultural program in a foreign country? Want to find a conference room cheaper? Feel free to contact Intrevel. Its specialists will develop a full package of services and make an estimate. You only need to specify the dates and approximate duration of the trip, the number of invited guests and additional requests. You can discuss with representatives of the tour operator accommodation and meals. Indicate the countries of interest, and the managers of Intrevel will take care of your event.

What mistakes are most common?

How well do tour operators work? Reviews of tourists tell in detail about the positive and negative aspects of the holiday. Acquaintance with the company begins with the sales office. His employees are the face of the firm. A lot depends on their competence. These experts, having listened to the wishes of the customer, should provide him with a list of tours. It should include:

  • Description of the hotel;
  • Type of food;
  • Flight characteristics.

Some users complain that company employees send them for information on the Internet. Not all specialists have knowledge about tours or hotels. Employees must constantly learn new information and develop sales skills. Otherwise, they quickly lose their professionalism.

But here the tour is chosen. The next step is the preparation of documents. Passports, visas, tickets - everything must be done on time. One of the most annoying mistakes of the tour operator is the delay in the documents. For example, a company employee promised to bring a passport with a visa to the airport, but did not have time. Such errors always cause a fair customer anger.

The flight was successful, and here it is - a long-awaited paradise. But in the native airport there is no representative of the tour operator or host. Local residents speak only their own language. Where can I find a shuttle bus? The lack of assistance when moving from airport to hotel is the second serious mistake.

The hotel also has problems, for example, there are no available seats. The task of the tour operator is to settle the client in another hotel. It is desirable that he has more stars. Deceived expectations of the traveler - the worst advertising for any tour operator.

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