Pervouralsky Novotrubniy Zavod: Yesterday and Tomorrow

The Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant began its life path during Peter's time. In 1732, by decree of the tsar, Demidov founded the Vasilyovo-Shaitan iron-making factory. He made cast iron, as well as iron.

Plant History

After the revolution, when the civil war ended, there was not enough literally everything, including pipes for locomotives. In 1920, in January, rolled the first in the Urals, a one-pipe length of a meter. It was a revival of the plant.

Then they needed pipes for water pipes. In 1929, they began to make a pipe-rolling shop. But after finally decided to build Novotrubny plant.

During the Great Patriotic War he provided the needs for the defense of the country, produced pipes for the needs of aviation, for tank construction and even for missiles. During these difficult years the enterprise team manufactured rockets, mortar barrels, cylinders for engines for tanks. In 1946 they began working on the technology to create stainless hot-rolled pipes. During the Soviet period, scientific research institutes were located on the territory of the plant.

As for everyone, the nineties for the enterprise were difficult. But the plant was able to overcome difficulties with honor, and in 1992 it was already an open joint-stock company.

OJSC Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant in 1998 produced 442 thousand tons of pipes. But in 2000 he increased output by 34 percent, and in three years - by 55 percent. After such high indicators, the company became the fourth in the country for the production of pipes.

Factory Museum

OJSC PNTZ Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant has its own museum in its native Pervouralsk. And the museum is very rich and interesting. In fact, it has become a kind of center of the entire historical heritage of the city, because here the fate of many generations of people is connected with the plant. The museum represents several halls with an exposition on the history of the plant and an exhibition complex. The entire area of the museum is more than a thousand square meters.

The museum is very modern in its structure and presentation of the material, it shows absolutely all the stages of development of the plant, and in a fascinating form. At the moment, the museum has more than ten thousand different historical exhibits of the main fund. There is also a scientific foundation in the museum.

Anyone who, for some reason or just visiting friends, comes to Pervouralsk, this museum rarely misses. Almost every day visitors are exposed to the museum.

Stable partner

The Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant PNTZ has long earned the status of a stable and reliable partner. It is this plant that brings up such highly skilled personnel that they then become engineers and managers at all metallurgical enterprises of the country.

In Europe, the plant learned, because he boldly bought equipment for Italian and Swiss, as well as German and British manufacturers. Now the products are certified according to European standards DIN, API and TUF. She travels to 25 different countries.

The Pervouralsk Novotrubny Works creates consignment warehouses for its finished products. Thanks to such a competent policy, the sales network is constantly growing.

Industry Leader

Already by 2008, the Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant of PNTZ was able to produce as many pipe products as it was 20 percent of the total volume of similar products in the country. The plant has earned more than four hundred million profit and confidently entered the leadership positions in the industry. In 2009, the center for the processing of oil pipes was opened, and in 2010 an electric steel smelting shop was commissioned. This further strengthened the position of the enterprise. Now the company carefully follows all the latest developments, because it can afford to produce products that satisfy the demand of the most demanding customer.


The very first pipes in quantity of 64 pieces were stretched in 1934, it was on May, 13th in a drawing shop. This date is considered the birth of the plant. This year, he celebrated his eightieth birthday.

The Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant began to celebrate its anniversary at the monument to the director Fedor Danilov, whom all factory workers unanimously consider legendary and almost great. At the rally came all the representatives of production workshops, as well as well-deserved veterans, cheerful students.

After the rally, everyone together went to the museum, where they prepared a special anniversary exhibition.

Looking into tomorrow

Today, the Pervouralsky Novotrubny Plant is no longer the timid producer who counts a penny to give out wages to employees. The company has its own hydroelectric facilities and treatment facilities, a giant railway junction with a driveway that stretches to the plant through the city. The factory allows itself to contain a palace of culture, a large recreation camp for children and another for adults. There is even a palace of water sports at the plant. Every fifth inhabitant of Pervouralsk works at the plant.

The electric steelmaking complex, which was launched in 2010, is called "Iron Ozone 32". In fact, almost the largest investment project in our metallurgy will allow the Pervourals to produce seamless pipes that meet absolutely all standards and strict requirements.

Young people now if they leave the Pervouralsk Novotrubniy Plant, then only for study. After the acquisition of the profession they hurry back to the legendary production. A stable, working enterprise has changed the lives of many people and helped them to look confidently into the future.

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