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Ionizer air for the apartment: reviews, descriptions, views, specifications and overview

Everyone likes to breathe fresh air, walking in a pine or fir forest. In such places you stop feeling fatigue, you are charged with energy and you recover much faster. But in the city everything is completely different. But in the apartment you can improve the air condition, only this will require a special household ionizer.

Ionizer air: what is it?

The air we breathe contains molecules carrying positive and negative charges. They are also called air ions. The presence of electric charges in the air is a vital necessity for man. The more they are in the atmosphere, the easier it is to breathe. Accordingly, well-being and performance will only improve from this.

The most negative and positive charges are contained in the coniferous forest. Their number also increases during the rain or after it, when the air is saturated with oxygen. In natural conditions, ions are produced by plants, but in the city their number is significantly reduced. We can say that it is at a critically low level. Replenish the deficit of positively and negatively charged particles in the apartment can be with the help of a domestic ionizer. It is a climatic device that generates the same air ions, making the air cleaner.


Ionizers are of several types: radioactive, thermionic, radioisotope, photoelectric, hydrodynamic, corona. All of them are aimed at the production of air ions. But only the last species can be used in domestic conditions.

Depending on the discharge capacity, ionizers can be used for prophylactic purposes (in apartments) and medical (in hospitals). What is the difference between them? When using the device at home, the power of the corona discharge should not be very high, which is confirmed by reviews on ionizers, humidifiers, ozonizers. This is the only way to ensure the safety of its effects on the body. In hospitals for aeroionization, the so-called Chizhevsky chandelier is used, the power of which is several times higher.

Ionizers used in apartments are bipolar. They saturate the air with negative and positive charges simultaneously. Such devices fully comply with the safety standards of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Benefits and harm to the ionizer for health

What are the advantages of an ionizer? Does this device need an apartment? Cleaner-ionizer of air, reviews about which are positive, is a useful climatic device. First of all, it is necessary for the health of the person. The advantages are as follows:

  • Purifies the air and improves its composition;
  • Neutralizes electrostatic fields on clothes;
  • Precipitates dust from the air, destroys pathogens and microorganisms;
  • Strengthens the immune system, increases the tone of the body, reduces fatigue;
  • Some diseases are more easily tolerated, recovery is faster;
  • The mood improves;
  • It is possible to get rid of insomnia.

Ionizer can be not only useful, but also harmful to the body. Everything depends on concentration, because along with the negatively and positively charged particles, the device produces ozone. When the organism becomes saturated with this gas, there is nausea, lethargy, fatigue. For safety reasons, it is recommended to switch off the device at night.

Overview of popular ionizers

Household air ionizers for the house, as a rule, perform two functions simultaneously: purify and humidify the air. Accordingly, the cost of such a multifunction device will be higher. This type of climate technology belongs to the model Panasonic F-VXD50R-S. This air ionizer for the apartment, the reviews of which are extremely positive, is designed for a floor space of up to 40 square meters. It provides effective cleansing, moisturizing and ionizing of air thanks to a unique patented technology. The cost of such a device is 28 thousand rubles.

Multifunctional cleaner, humidifier-ionizer Sharp KC-850E has a smaller area of impact, and in the rest is in no way inferior to the presented device. Has an electronic control, which allows you to set the necessary parameters for the level of odor, humidity and dust. The device costs 18 thousand rubles.

Vitek, Air Comfort, Zenet, Boneco also presented their products in the section "Climatic equipment". The ionizer of the air (reviews of which are exceptionally flattering) from the Russian manufacturer Yantar are in no way inferior to their foreign "brethren". He also copes with the task of purifying the air and enriching it with oxygen.

Ionizer of air: which one to choose?

Experts recommend that before buying any model of this climate device to study its characteristics. This is necessary in order to evaluate the ionizers of air. Reviews, tests, customer reviews will only help. Be sure to consider the following factors:

  1. The most important indicator is the concentration of ions that the device creates around itself. The optimal value of this indicator is from 400 to 50 000 units per 1 cm 3 .
  2. The maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of ozone should be within the range of 0.03 mg / m 3 .
  3. Pay attention to the indicated useful area of the room. Select the device in accordance with the actual size of the room.
  4. The recommended operating time of the ionizer will give an opportunity to estimate how quickly the room is charged with positive and negative aeroions.
  5. An important factor is the distance between the device and the ionizer for the apartment. The testimonies indicate that the better this indicator is, the better. This means that next to him does not have to sit very closely.
  6. The presence of special indicators, sensors, liquid crystal display and control panel greatly simplifies human life, but does not affect the function of the device. The decision to purchase such a multifunction device is taken directly by the buyer.

Ionizer for the apartment: reviews are positive

Everyone wants to live in an apartment where the air is clean and fresh, like in a forest. That's why, in the hope of influencing the atmosphere in the house, people acquire such a device - an air ionizer for the apartment. The feedback presented below, it only confirms:

  • Most ionizers have a stylish design, they are compact and comfortable.
  • They well ionize, purify and moisturize the air.
  • Instruments have a high impact radius.

Customers who bought the device say that after it is turned on they improve their health, the air becomes cleaner, it's much easier for a person to breathe. The number of colds in the family has significantly decreased in the autumn-winter period, recovery is faster.

Negative customer feedback

Despite all the advantages, customers note certain disadvantages from using the device.

The ionizer for the apartment reviews negative has the following:

  • A lot of dust settles around the device;
  • Some ionizers are tediously noisy, causing irritation;
  • It is necessary to be a short distance from the device;
  • You need to monitor the duration of work, do not forget to turn it off for the night;
  • high price.

Despite this, most buyers are satisfied with the device and consider it a useful acquisition for their home.

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