Steering rack, "Kalina": repair, self-lifting

If suddenly during the movement you hear a characteristic knock (especially when driving on a rough road) and strange sounds, most likely, it indicates the malfunctions of such an important element as the steering rack. VAZ "Kalina", like all other cars of this brand, has a similar design of this part. However, the algorithm of its dismantling and installation may be slightly different. Therefore, today we will consider how the lifting and replacement of the steering rack ("Kalina" VAZ) is carried out with our own hands.

Features of the element design

For such cars, as, for example, "Kalina", constant repair of any units and units is a normal condition. Even the most reliable part has a property sooner or later to fail, so all owners are waiting for the repair of the steering rack. "Kalina" has the following device of this mechanism:

  1. The steering wheel through the column transfers rotational motion to the drive gear.
  2. The latter, having a mobile connection with the rack, gives it this energy and makes it move.
  3. The ends of the rods are fastened to the steering rack, turning the wheels.

Clamping spring

As you can see, the steering rack ("Kalina 2117") has a very simple device. So there should not be any difficulties with its adjustment and replacement. In general, this is true, but the "Kalinovskaya" rake has in its design one small detail - a clamping spring, which regulates the force of contact of the device with the gear. This part is a kind of cone, but during operation it quickly loses its elastic properties, and the functionality of the spring is significantly reduced. Therefore, there is a need for a periodic tightening of this mechanism in order to restore the necessary efforts. By the way, see this spring can only be from the inspection pit, which greatly complicates the work on its adjustment.

The very same lifting is done with a special key, but it is very difficult to do this, because of the structural features of the model, as there is a need for dismantling the steering rack. Below we will consider how this is done.

Steering rack ("Kalina"): removing parts from the car

So, where to start work? The first thing to do is to jack up the front of the car and lock the rear wheels with a special stop. Next, we sit in the interior and unscrew the bolt of the splined connection of the column. On the "Kalina" it is located in the area of the pedal block, so prepare for unforeseen difficulties.

We continue to repair the steering rack. "Kalina" after dismantling the front wheels is subjected to removing the nuts of the rotary fists. Also it is necessary to conduct training in the engine compartment. Here we remove the terminals from the battery and take out the battery together with the platform and heat reflector. Next, you need to unscrew the nuts that hold the rack mount to the body. Everything, now the steering rack ("Kalina" VAZ) has been successfully disassembled. We take it out of the car and place it on a level platform.

Now the second part of the repair. Here we can not do without a vice, because in them we will clamp the cover of the steering rack. After this, move the bar to the left and right, so we will diagnose it for the presence of backlash. If it is, try to tighten the spring nut. Be careful - tighten it no more than 10 degrees, then again check the device for backlash. So we continue until we completely eliminate the problem. Remember that if the spring is heavily tightened, turning the steering wheel will become very difficult, even with a hydraulic booster.

We change other details

Pay attention to how the steering rack looks outwardly. "Kalina" can store many secrets about maintenance, so with the slightest doubt about the health of the elements of the reiki, we change them to new ones. Otherwise, you have to remove this part anew. The components themselves can be purchased in a repair kit. This will not be a big challenge for a modern motorist. Replacing and adjusting all the necessary nodes, we build the reams in the reverse order. Everything, on this repair is successfully completed.

Can I tighten the steering rack without dismantling?

Despite the fact that the manual for the cars of the Kalina family says that it is necessary to remove it for the adjustment of this mechanism, some motorists make it a lift in order to save time and effort directly in the car. The most convenient way to get to the adjusting bolt is to sink into the pit and find it on the bottom in the front of the body.

Since this part is at the bottom, it needs to be pulled clockwise. If you can get to it from above, on the contrary - against the hour. Immediately check and play. But we do it not with the help of hands and clutches, but through the steering wheel. In the remaining moments, the lifting of the slats is carried out in the same way as the above example.

If after adjustment this item still makes noise and knocking, then the problem lies in one of its components. Then we buy the repair kit of the steering rack ("Kalina 2117") or buy a new part, and then change it entirely. However, the latter option is used only in extreme cases. Replacing the steering rack "Kalina" VAZ takes you no more than 3-3.5 hours. With experience, this period of time is significantly reduced.

Steering rack "Kalina" VAZ: how to increase the service life?

If your car is equipped with a hydraulic amplifier, then to increase the service life of parts, you should periodically check the oil level in the reservoir GUR and, if necessary, add it to the normal level. Also, to increase the life of this mechanism, it is recommended to simply monitor the condition of the anthers of the steering rods and change them in time. If this is not done, there will be a leakage of liquid, which will certainly fall into the rail. And this can lead to the breakdown of the entire steering mechanism. And repairs will cost far more than a set of new anthers.

Other recommendations

Among other recommendations, we note that the steering mechanism should be inspected in a timely manner for worn seals and seals. If you notice a breach of the tightness of the rail, immediately replace the damaged part with a new one.

Pay special attention to the style of your driving. Before the impact on the pits, experts recommend carefully "drop off". If this is not done, not only the disks will be affected, but also the steering rack - it certainly does not like such strikes. In some cases, the neglect of this rule can reach the point that the draft simply bends and can not be repaired any more. In this case, you have to buy a new steering gear. Also, do not unscrew the rudder to the stop: then in the power-assisted system creates an increased pressure, and this leads to rapid wear of the glands.

So, we found out how to tighten the steering rack on the "Kalina" and how to increase its service life.

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