Modern Methods of Removing Undesirable Hair

At all times women were interested in solving the problem of growth of unwanted hair on the body. Our ancestors got rid of excessive vegetation with the help of ordinary sugar. However, this technique still exists today, having received the name - shugaring. However, in addition to this, there are now many other methods of epilation, which give each woman the right to choose the most suitable.
By the term "hair removal" is meant complete destruction of the hair bulb, without the possibility of its subsequent recovery. That's why many women prefer the "depilation" procedure, which provides temporary hair removal, considering that epilation brings harm to the body. However, it is not.
To date, there are three most popular and effective methods of epilation - electro-, photoepilation and hair removal by laser. Before giving preference to one of the listed options, it is necessary to determine several important points: the sensitivity of the skin, the structure of the hair (thickness, length, color) and the area to be treated.
Laser treatment is the least painful. However, the laser has the ability to react with the pigment contained in the skin, so this method of hair removal is contraindicated to natural blondes, to avoid getting burned skin. In order to get rid of unwanted hair forever, you need to hold at least four procedures.
Photoepilation is based on the destruction of the pigment of melanin, which is contained in the hair. On the area to be treated, photoepilators are affected by a light flux, the settings of which (power, flash frequency, etc.) can be regulated. The main disadvantage of this method is the negative effect of the light flux on the skin pigment. That's why after the procedure, at least a month can not appear in the sun, do lpg massage, apply tattoos. Photoepilation seriously dehydrates the surface to be treated, making the skin dry and in need of careful moistening.
Electrical hair removal destroys the hair bulb with a current. In this case, one-time exposure is not enough - to thoroughly destroy the bulb, you have to repeat the procedure several times. This method is quite effective, but it brings a lot of painful sensations.

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