Hair screening is a new approach to their regeneration

In recent years, salon masters have vied with their customers to evaluate the benefits of an innovative procedure - hair screening. This is not just an alternative to laminating and glazing, but a radically different approach to the restoration of damaged and lost shine. Let's consider more in detail, what gives our hairstyle the use of new formulas developed by the company "Estel".

Hair screening is healthy and well-groomed hair

Estel specialists have developed unique formulas that provide a new approach to the treatment of damaged hair. Complex Q3 THERAPY is designed to achieve an immediate effect after the first procedure. A distinctive feature of new drugs is the ability to restore the damaged structure of each hair not only from the outside, but also from the inside. The fact that the procedure provides for a cumulative effect, very interested in the masters and customers of the salons. After five sessions, the hair acquires a shining healthy sheen, the structure becomes smooth and gentle to the touch and, importantly, a protective layer is formed, which protects from the negative effects of the environment.

How is hair screening ("Estel") complex Q3

The complex is designed for salon use, but its use does not require special skills or equipment. In addition, the funds are spent very economically for one procedure, "hair screening." The price of the service, thanks to the above factors, is available for almost all girls who need to restore the pristine force of their curls. The specialist will need no more than 10-15 minutes for your hair to become more lively and beautiful. This result is achieved by alternately applying three means: a two-phase conditioner, a complex of medicinal oils (the main component are argan oil and grape seed oil), oil-shine.

For the washed hair, the master applies the first remedy, which makes them more docile, smooth, and also normalizes the alkaline balance. The use of a two-phase conditioner allows you to maximally moisturize your hair, ensuring their elasticity.

Further, warming up a little oil in the palms, the hairdresser carefully applies it to the locks without affecting the roots, but paying more attention to the lifeless ends. Priceless components of argan and other oils penetrate deep into the structure of the hair, making up for the loss of strength. Stronger, more elastic and radiant curls are the result of the hair screening procedure. This is the possibility of regenerating damaged strands by saturating them with useful substances.

The final stage is the application of gloss-oil. Thus, a thin layer of film is created on the hair, which not only provides protection from sunlight, hot air of a hair dryer, but also increases the reflectivity of the hairdress.

So, we see that "hair screening" is not just giving a beautiful shine by creating a protective film, but also deep hydration and nutrition.

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