Belarusian shampoos "Belita-Viteks". Means for hair care

Most women not only follow the freshness of their makeup and the beauty of the skin, but also take care of their hair. At the same time, a huge selection of manufacturers of cosmetics just off scale. However, Belarusian shampoos "Belita" and "Viteks" are considered to be the permanent leader. And although rumors of impeccable Belarusian quality have been going on since the days of the USSR, many people still can exchange the domestic producer for foreign ones. We decided to dispel doubts and prejudices, deciding to tell about the leader of the Belarusian beauty industry more.

History of the company's origin

The creation of a powerful player in the cosmetic market of the Republic began with the merger of two small companies - JV Belita LLC and Vitex CJSC. This landmark event occurred in the summer of 1988. It was then, on the basis of "Belbytsnab" CJSC "Belbytcomplect" and a new enterprise "BELITA", which was headed by Viktor Tereshchenko, arose.

And although the formalities of the merger could be settled only a year later, this did not stop the rapidly developing company from launching well-known Belarusian shampoos into production, and then developing other cosmetic products under the Belita label.

In December 1996, one of the main investors of Belbytkomplekt CJSC was re-registered, as a result of which it separated and began to operate under its own brand Viteks.

In spite of this annoying loss and certain disagreements within the organization, Belita and its former partner kept friendly relations, so that they could continue to step on the path to the rapidly developing domestic branch of cosmetology. For the same reason, both companies are still referred to as one phrase - Belita-Vitex.

What products can I buy from companies?

To date, the permanent leaders of the Belarusian cosmetic market employs several production lines that make it possible to produce cosmetic products:

  • On the care of hair, face, hands and body (Belarusian shampoos, creams and lotions);
  • Sunscreen products ;
  • For men, women, adolescents and children;
  • For pregnant and lactating mothers;
  • Oral care;
  • For pharmacies;
  • Decorative means;
  • For hotels;
  • Perfumery.

Moreover, in addition to cosmetics, anyone can buy household chemical goods, wet wipes, plant extracts, doy-packs and various accessories. About what consumers are available Belarusian shampoos and what they are, let's talk further.

What hair care products are most famous?

Perhaps, the most popular among fashionistas group of goods is the one where hair care products are presented. In it you can find the following types of goods:

  • Serum against hair loss;
  • Balms-rinsers;
  • Balms-conditioners;
  • Protein masks and serums;
  • Foams and gels for styling hair;
  • Modeling mousses and pastes;
  • Shampoos (for example, shampoo without sulfates (Belarusian, of course)), etc.

What shampoos can I buy from the company?

The range of products offered is extremely wide. According to experts from both companies, this diversity is due to the fact that there are several types of hair, and therefore, the direct purpose of a particular cosmetic product should be different each time.

All varieties of shampoos in tandem "Belita-Vitex" can be divided into the following categories:

  • For getting rid of dandruff;
  • To preserve the color of the colored hair;
  • For restoration of shine (for tarnishing and brittle hair);
  • For the restoration of structure and volume (remedies against hair loss);
  • For all types of hair;
  • Products with active collagens, vitamins and proteins.

And of course, companies have a professional line of cosmetics, which is most often used exclusively by beauty salon masters. For example, shampoo "Belita" from the line Professional Hair Care ("Professional Care") is suitable for all types of hair. He deeply cleanses and nourishes locks due to lactic acid and lemongrass extract.

With its help you can get rid of traces of varnish, froth and other styling products. According to experts, it is considered an ideal tool, which is recommended to use before the planned coloring or curling your head of hear.

Means for hair with keratin and collagen

Another leader in sales is the Belarusian shampoo with keratin, specially designed to care for too quickly greasy hair. It also helps to restore the structure of the problematic and dry scalp. It includes:

  • Salicylic acid (prevents rapid salting of hair and has exfoliating properties);
  • Menthol (creates a fresh effect);
  • Allantoin (relieves inflammation and itching on the scalp);
  • ZnPT (relieves dandruff and restores the normal function of the sebaceous glands).

For damaged, dry and prone to hair loss, shampoo "Belita" with collagen from the FACE & HAIR Collagen + series is suitable. This tool, according to the producers, gently cleanses the head without damaging, but restoring the structure of the hair. All this is possible due to the presence in the active components of collagen and betaine. It is they who penetrate deeply into the hair and contribute to their strengthening along the entire length.

Shampoos for the treatment of dandruff

If you are worried about seborrhea, then preventative Belarusian shampoo from dandruff from the "Healing Solutions" line will help you get rid of it. This product allows you to clean and soothe the scalp.

Thanks to the birch tar included in the composition, this shampoo will save you from irritation and unpleasant itching on the skin surface. In addition to the main therapeutic effect, the remedy has a protective function preventing the recurrence of unattractive symptoms of seborrhea.

Shampoos for hair loss

An important role in the life of any woman is played by hair, or rather, by their volume. And if they fall out, it brings a lot of inconvenience. According to the experts of cosmetic companies, the Belarusian shampoos are considered as the most effective in eliminating this problem (feedback on them allows to evaluate this or that product to the full) with strengthening properties. For example, this is the "Live Silk", which nourishes and restores damaged curls.

Grapefruit (strengthening and regeneration), Revivor-Perfect (against hair loss), live shampoo "Briars of beer hop", "Calendula and string" (for healing hair and scalp) and others have similar properties.

Means to accelerate hair growth

In addition to therapeutic cosmetic products, shampoos can also be found in manufacturers to increase the length of your curls. For example, Revivor-Perfect is a shampoo for improving hair growth. It is known that in its composition is Pronalen, which speeds up the metabolic processes and leads to an intensive growth of your head of hear. And such natural components as extensin and rusk contribute to the strengthening of hair follicles. Guarana and red pepper are responsible for nutrition and hydration, and lemon and olive contribute to the rapid regeneration of cells.

Means for oily and other types of hair

Owners of oily hair will also find useful remedies for themselves, helping to care and restore normal metabolic processes in hair follicles. For example, in the line "Aloe Vera" there is a shampoo "Daily sanitation", designed to care for quickly salting locks.

For normal and dehydrated hair with a fragile base, shampoo conditioner is ideal. He cares carefully for healthy, but dry strands, easily fights with all kinds of dirt, without drying or destroying hair. For all other types, shampoo conditioner "Nettle" is suitable. It contains alkaloids, multivitamins, organic acids and carbohydrates, as well as extracts of nettle and chestnut with pronounced tannic properties. Also original is "Kefir shampoo" with excellent restorative properties.

Belarusian shampoos: reviews

Before choosing a particular tool, you must first examine the opinions of users. Today we are interested in the comments of those girls who have already tried Belarusian shampoos on their hair. What are they saying about them?

In the opinion of some owners of lush head of hair, shampoos from the series "Aloe Vera" proved to be very good. They perfectly clean and care for the hair. With their help, you can forget about dry, damaged and split ends. They are sparingly consumed and do not cause allergic reactions.

Others are thrilled with Shine & Nutrition shampoo ("Shine and Nutrition") for all types of hair with argan oil. According to them, after using this product, curls, even without additional masks and lotions, acquire a healthy color and shine. They easily comb and slide.

The third likes shampoo-fixers "Air and golden mustache", designed for heavily split and dropping hair. However, according to consumers, the product copes well with the recovery functions, but does not eliminate the fat effect.

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