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Gas column Neva Lux 5514: description, specifications, photos and reviews

The Neva Lux 5514 gas column is one of the best models of the Neva series. If compared with other options, the 5514 has several advantages. The model is capable of operating from the supply of natural gas, its nominal capacity is 28 kilowatts, which is enough to allow owners of a private house to simultaneously and without failures to use several hot water taps.


The aforementioned gas water heater is designed for immediate receipt of warm water. The unit is made of strong materials that guarantee a long service life. The equipment turns on automatically, for this it will only be necessary to turn on the tap. Small size and very stylish design allows you to fit the device into the interior of any home, and you will save space.


The Neva Lux 5514 gas column for installation is located on the wall and has a vertical arrangement. The maximum temperature of the supplied water can reach a mark of 90 degrees. The diameter of the chimney should be equal to 140 millimeters or more, which will provide enough intense traction. For one minute the user will be able to get 14 liters of hot water. Before carrying out the installation work, you must consider whether the weight of the heater, which is equivalent to 12.5 kilograms, will be able to withstand the wall.

Neva Lux 5514 is equipped with built-in protection against overpressure and overheating, and also has a temperature level regulator. The equipment monitors the flow of gas and has an integrated protection system, the latter of which provides disconnection of the device from the network in the absence of a certain level of draft in the chimney. The fuel consumption will be about 3 cubic meters per hour, this figure is nominal.

Positive reviews

The gas column Neva Lux 5514, according to users, has many advantages. The model has a simple control unit, the case is devoid of display, and to adjust the temperature, use one handle. According to users, this can be considered a plus and a minus at the same time. A number of foreign manufacturers for the same price offer for sale more equipped models. But the described option can be called quite simple. Even older people will be able to understand the device and manage.

Column Neva Lux 5514 provides quick heating to a comfortable temperature, and also has a security system that can, if necessary, exclude a malfunction. As the owners of countryside and private houses say, the gas column does not make much noise during operation, and there are no clicks that are observed with other variants of the manufacturer.

Additional advantages

The gas column Neva Lux 5514 has a compact enough size, you can place it on the wall in the kitchen and in the bathroom. As one more advantage is the adaptation to the Russian conditions. Thus, the column will work even under reduced pressure in the system and low head of water, which is important in the summer. The device is equipped with a monitoring system, which eliminates the failure of equipment under overheating and increased pressure.

Negative feedback

If you liked the gas column Neva Lux 5514, customer reviews are recommended to study before buying, because among them you can identify and negative. Any electronic equipment, if it is made in China, is often short-lived, this applies to some Neva Lux components, for example, to a protective system. According to users, if there is a breakdown of the heating column, then expect the appearance of the master can be quite a long time, which indicates a bad service. In addition, negative reviews are also found about incompetent specialists.

An additional disadvantage is the fact that service centers for repairs at the plant are simply absent. Sometimes it can talk about the reliability of the product or the corresponding attitude to the buyer. For the reason that any technique can fail, the second assumption arises by itself. Experienced buyers note that the gas column Neva Lux 5514, the description of which was presented above, has a rather high cost, which can be compared with the prices for products of eminent brands. Therefore, before buying it is recommended to ask yourself whether it is worth buying such equipment.

What else you need to know about the characteristics of the model

The described gas water heater is excellent for providing hot water to country houses or apartments. On sale these models are presented in classic white color, so the column can be inscribed in any room. The fuel used is natural and liquefied gas, the pressure of which can be 1.3-2.9 kPa. The minimum water pressure is 15 kPa. As for the maximum value, it is 1000 kPa. Before making a purchase, you should inquire about how to connect the communications (these columns are connected from below).

The diameter of the piping pipe is 20.95 millimeters. The equipment control is mechanical, there is control of gas supply and auto ignition, as well as the function of flame adjustment. Gas column Neva Lux 5514, reviews about which are mostly positive, is made of metal, which is the basis of the case. Whereas the burner and heat exchanger are made of steel and copper, respectively.

Users' opinions about the features of the device

Equipment costs about 10,000 rubles, which sometimes repels buyers. However, you need to pay attention to the quality coating, which is applied to a durable housing. Despite the fact that many people refuse to purchase this unit due to mechanical power adjustment, in practice it turns out that the temperature correction is rather smooth. Through the wick, you can make a quick and trouble-free electric ignition.

Among the additional advantages should be noted the lack of effect of boiling water on the inclusion, which saves water. Despite the fact that the column has automatic heating control, this function will work only if the equipment is put up almost at full capacity. However, you can see how on the impressive heads with varying power the unit begins to regulate the gas supply automatically. According to users, this function is completely useless, because the heating capacity of the column is calculated almost for the boiler room, and not for two water supply valves. That's why it can be argued that the column is powerful enough even for three cranes.

Duration of operation in practice

Unfortunately, Neva Lux 5514, the instruction manual for which is supplied with the unit, is characterized by a rather short period of operation. In 4 years you can face the problem of failure of some elements. Many users note that in 7 years will have to change the heat exchanger, as well as an electronic control unit. Gaskets and sensors wear out during this time.


The described gas column is installed in kitchens or other non-residential premises, which must necessarily be heated. The room volume should be equal to 8 cubic meters or more. The room must necessarily be provided with intensive ventilation and fresh air inflow through openable transoms or windows. Slots or lattices at the bottom of the wall or doors should not be closed tightly. When connecting the machine, it must be connected to the chimney, which has good traction. It is forbidden to mount the unit on wooden walls, as well as plastered surfaces that have a wooden base. In general, it is best to entrust the installation of such equipment to professionals, because otherwise, the product will not be covered by the warranty.

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