Cholagogue preparations

Cholagogue preparations are the means that increase the secretion of bile and promote its progression and secretion into the intestine. Allocate medicines based on animal and vegetable raw materials and preparations of synthetic origin.

To cholagogue preparations on the basis of animal raw materials carry "Allochol", "Холензим", "Лиобил", "Вигератин". Allohol tablets contain medical bile, condensed extracts of nettle and garlic and activated charcoal. The use is prescribed for hepatitis, cholangitis, constipation syndrome. The drug not only significantly enhances the function of secretion, but also increases the motor and secretory activity of the digestive tract, reduces processes such as decay and fermentation. Do not use it for acute hepatitis and subacute dystrophy of the liver. Side effects that can occur are allergy and diarrhea.

"Liobyl" is a preparation containing lyophilized bovine bile. Tablets contribute to the formation of bile and its outflow, the splitting of fats and their absorption. They are used for cholecystitis, hepatitis and other liver diseases. Contraindications to use - acute pancreatitis, also obstructive jaundice.

The drug "Holenzim" contains crushed dry pancreas and dry mucous membranes of small intestines. Tablets possess choleretic activity and improve digestion due to the presence of amylase and trypsin.

Cholagogue preparations based on plants are Tanacepol, Solaren, Febihol, Convaflavin, Flacumin, Holosas, Chagolol, and others. Use and such herbs as flowers of the immortelle sand, extract of the immortelle, corn stigmas.

Cholagogue tablets "Tanatechol" - a drug that is obtained from the flowers of the plant tansy vulgaris. They increase the secretion of bile, have an antispasmodic effect on the bile duct and gall bladder. This drug is used for dyskinesia of bile ducts and chronic cholecystitis.

The preparation "Solaren" contains a root extract of turmeric long. It increases the formation of bile and its outflow, reduces the possibility of the formation of gallstones, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect in diseases of the liver, intestines and stomach. Assign it with cholelithiasis, inflammatory diseases of the bile duct and liver, gall bladder. It is forbidden to use solaren with severe liver damage, purulent appendicitis and bile duct obstruction.

The composition of the drug "Konvaflavina" includes an extract of the lily of the valley Far Eastern. It has a strong choleretic effect and is prescribed for cholangitis and cholecystitis. In some cases, side effects may occur in the form of a disorder of stool, skin rash, dizziness.

The best cholagogue preparations for children are just those that are of vegetable origin, as they have a gentle effect and rarely cause side effects.

Synthetic cholagogue preparations are "Oxafemannid", "Tsikvalon", "Nikodin", "Gimecromon".

The first strengthens the separation of bile, its formation, has an antispasmodic effect. It can not be used for acute inflammatory processes in the liver.

The drug "Nikodin" has bactericidal and choleretic properties, but does not have antispasmodic effect. It is used for hepatocholecystitis and cholecystitis. Sometimes there is a side effect in the form of increased pain in congestive forms of hepatitis.

The drug "Gimecromon" has spasmolytic and choleric effects, reduces stagnation of bile, prevents the formation of stones. It is prescribed for cholangitis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, dyskinesia of the biliary tract. Side effects - allergies, flatulence, headaches, abdominal pain. Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Synthetic choleretic preparations have a stronger effect, but they often have side effects.

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