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Details on how to delete a contact on Android

If you often record phone numbers on your smartphone, then sooner or later the device can issue a message stating that the SIM card is completely full. Naturally, not many users know how to delete a contact on Android, because with this problem you do not meet every day. Today we will try to understand in detail how this procedure is carried out, and, for sure, our article will help you resolve this issue.


Many mobile phone users who work on the Android platform do not even think about the fact that sooner or later the SIM card will be full and in that case it will be necessary to transfer contacts. For example, if you update the firmware on your device, then after you visit the Google Play service, automatic data recovery will begin. All contacts will be duplicated. If the place is already not enough, then their part will simply disappear. We will talk about duplicates a little later, but, however, they are also easy to delete, just like ordinary contacts in your phone.

How to delete a contact on Android: instruction

Now we will give you the simplest option, with which you can delete all contact information that you do not want to see in your address book. First, you need to go to the section with phone numbers and switch to the "Sim" mode. You need to make it so that the screen shows the contacts that are recorded on the SIM card, not in the device memory. Then click on the menu button. After that, you should be given various options that appear on top of all windows. As you could already understand, you will need to select the "Delete" section. If you previously copied all contact data to the phone's memory, then you can use one action to clear all contacts that are on your SIM card. To do this, you only need to select the function of the same name. Now you know how to achieve the desired result, but, for sure, you will be interested to know the answer to the question about how to change the contact on "Android", because not many users understand how this is done.

Making edits

It's very easy to change a contact on a mobile device in the Android operating system. You should follow all the steps above, then select a specific number and click on the "Menu" button. Before you again, you should see a drop-down list where you can specify not only the function "Delete", but also "Change". After selecting the last option, we edit the contact data at our discretion.


Now let's look at how to delete a contact on "Android", if it is a duplicate. More precisely, if earlier he was present on the sim card and mobile device. It also happens that two identical contacts appear in the notebook. First you need to visit the notebook, then click on the menu section, and in the additional window, click the "More" button, which is at the bottom. After that, you will be offered a special opportunity to "Merge the same contacts", so you can get rid of duplicate options. Also in this pop-up window you can find a solution to the question of how to block a contact on Android. This function can be used, for example, if you do not want to receive more calls and SMS messages from a certain person.

Now you know how to delete a contact on Android. If you approach this case from the responsible side, then you can do everything very quickly and without errors. Currently there are also special applications for working with such data, which if you can, you can download and install on your smartphone.

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