Which media player should I choose? Brief overview of the most popular players

Nowadays, a personal computer is increasingly becoming not only an integral part of the working process of the mass of people, but also turns into an important component of their leisure. Social networks to many replace live communication, video games on PCs in the post-Soviet space are much more popular than their counterparts on game consoles, and watching TV shows and feature films on computers gradually supplants our lives from TV. But how to make video viewing with PC more enjoyable? From this article you will learn which media player to choose, how to optimally configure it to work with your computer.

If several decades ago there was no special alternative to the standard audio and video players that users of operating systems offered to users, nowadays people are inclined to choose which program to watch a movie or listen to music. But how to make the right choice in all the variety of different paid and free software? This article will tell users about the most popular players and help answer the question of which media player to choose.

Media Player Classic

For a long time remains one of the most popular players, first of all due to the fact that for many years it has been included in the standard package of programs supplied with Windows. Allows you to play almost all popular video formats, as well as start subtitles, take pictures from the screen and play multiple audio tracks. However, the main advantage of this player is the fact that it does not need to be installed - the Media Player Classic is already available in the basic version of Windows OS. Do not forget that the "hot" keys in this program, the user can customize at his discretion.

VLC Media Player

This media player is great for playing not only audio and video files, but also streaming video, as well as for recording from TV tuners. A huge number of built-in filters and additional plug-ins allow this player to play broken and undershot from the Internet files, take screenshots while watching, record streaming video and noticeably improve the sound and image quality. If you consider yourself an advanced user and do not know which media player to choose, then due to its capabilities VLC Media Player can be exactly the program you were looking for.

Light Alloy

One of the most popular free players among domestic users. With a fairly simple and intuitive interface has a huge number of features and is able to play many audio and video formats. Among the useful features of Light Alloy was the place to support subtitles, manually configure a number of playback options, remove screenshots and the ability to fully manage playlists.

KMP Player

According to the developers, it is able to reproduce all currently existing formats. In the player itself, "various" codecs are protected, which allows you to play files without utilities installed in the system, codec packages and other auxiliary software. If you are a novice user and can not decide which media player to choose, KMP can be the best option for you.

GOM Media Player

Another easy-to-use and practically "omnivorous" turntable. GOM Media Player is able to play not only most audio and video formats, but also supports files recorded with mobile devices and digital cameras. It also has a wide range of additional functions and capabilities: synchronization of files for karaoke, the ability to convert files, a twenty-band equalizer and support for keyboards with multimedia buttons. Another advantage of this player is the ability to play files using it from the Internet.

It should also be noted that the above programs represent only a small part of existing players and before choosing a media player, it is worthwhile to study the work of at least a dozen similar utilities. Choosing a player is a very individual matter for each user. And this article is not able to answer the question, which media player is best for each specific reader, because the final choice is always yours.

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