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Student ticket. Preferential travel for schoolchildren

Schoolchildren are a separate category of persons who have the right to receive various benefits. This applies to children undergoing training in a general education institution that has state accreditation. Student's student card allows you to use preferential travel conditions.

A document for moving around the city must be presented at every entrance to the transport. It must include the student's data, as well as his photo. After the expiration of the validity period, an extension is necessary, otherwise the document will be considered invalid.

To enjoy benefits, parents need to submit documents on time for their registration. This will save a lot of money from the family budget. Moreover, this is not difficult.

Types of federal benefits

It is the duty of all regions to enforce federal laws that provide students with a list of various benefits. Social assistance is presented in the form of:

  • Granting a discount for travel;
  • Issuance of benefits;
  • Free meals for children from low-income families ;
  • Visiting cultural institutions at a discount;
  • Free medical care;
  • Obtaining permits;
  • School uniforms and stationery.

To use the benefits, you must provide documentation that confirms the right of the student to help. The main thing is a certificate of completion of schooling.

Features of regional benefits

In many regions, there are rules for the provision of social assistance. Virtually everywhere there is a free or reduced fare, and it can be used not only by students, but also by students. For registration of assistance, documentary confirmation is necessary.

Almost in all regions, a student ticket is issued, granting the right to preferential travel in transport. A schoolboy needs only to take the document with him.

Who is given a reduced fare?

In 2017, the following citizens can ride free of charge on the train:

  • disabled children;
  • Veterans, invalids;
  • Citizens who were prisoners of concentration camps.

In most regions there are compensations for public transport:

  • For pensioners;
  • For schoolchildren;
  • For students of secondary and higher institutions.

Each category of citizens need to confirm their status, which is done with the help of documents. Students need to submit certificates from the school, and students of universities and colleges need to have a student card with them.

Travel by rail

During the year, until June 15, for persons from 10 years of age there is a preferential travel. To obtain a student's student card, several conditions must be met:

  • It is important for students of 10-14 years to submit a certificate from the educational institution;
  • Schoolchildren from 14 years in addition to submit a document that serves as a confirmation of the right to receive this benefit.

If these conditions are met, a student card is issued. During the school year, except for summer holidays, the state provides a discount of 50% of the total cost of the ticket. In the summer, schoolchildren, who are 10 years old, do not receive such help. This is due to the fact that many deceptions of RZD employees occurred. Graduates, who are no longer schoolchildren, call themselves high school students to take advantage of preferential travel.

Rules for obtaining discounts

A student's travel card assumes the use of a discount for travel. But with the advent of 10 years, there are a few other rules for obtaining benefits:

  • A railway officer must be provided with a certificate that confirms his / her schooling;
  • Take with you a document confirming the identity of the student and age;
  • At the performance of 14 years it is necessary to have a statement confirming the right to benefits.

What is written in the certificate?

The reference received at school has a generally accepted format. There should be information about the schoolboy and the school. As mandatory information is prescribed:

  • Name of the student.
  • The legal address of the institution.
  • Requisites of the institution.
  • Signature of the director.
  • Printing.

Only when the document is filled correctly, it will be used to obtain a discount for travel.

Rules of ticket registration

To use a single student card, you need to perform a few simple steps to create it:

  • You need to purchase a student ticket form;
  • On the left, a black and white photo of a schoolboy is pasted, which should correspond to his age;
  • Then the document is given to the office of the educational institution;
  • The secretary is filling out the ticket, as well as stamping and signing;
  • The student ticket for the train is issued within 24 hours.

The document is valid for 1 year, after which an extension is required, which is again carried out in the office of the school.

How to replace the school travel card?

A student's ticket can be replaced by a travel card, which is provided for one type of transport, for example a bus. Then you can not go by metro, tram, trolley. In other cases, the replacement of the document will not be profitable.

To purchase a bus ticket you will need:

  • School certificate;
  • A copy of the student's identity document;
  • money;
  • If the ticket is bought by the parent, then his passport is required.

Students of schools 5-7 years old use a children's ticket. The price of the reduced ticket for the metro is 350 rubles per month, and for land transport - 230 rubles. The social card of the schoolchild serves as a travel card. During the school year, there are discounts for commuter transport.

Registration of a social card

Registration of a social card takes place in each MFC, regardless of the registration area. To complete the registration, you need a passport or birth certificate, a certificate from the school. It is desirable to take a photo of 3 x 4 cm, made in the next six months. Children from 14 years of age have the right to self-filing. Parents should submit a passport.

The card is issued a month later. For this period, you can get a temporary student card, which allows you to travel by land. To do this, you need to show a certificate from the MFC at the cashier's office in Mosgortrans, a certificate from the educational institution.

Other types of benefits for schoolchildren

In addition to travel, schoolchildren are provided with other benefits. Primary school pupils eat free every day. Special categories of the population, such as low-income families, are invited to arrange additional assistance.

For pupils there are privileges for visiting museums. Since January 1, 2015, children under the age of 18 were allowed to go to federal museums for free. Regional institutions have their own rules for visiting. There are no uniform norms in this case, so the price of tickets and the availability of benefits should be known in advance.

For example, to visit the Kremlin, children under 16 do not need to pay anything. If you go to museums, you need to pay 500 rubles. Visit the State Tretyakov Gallery for free for children under 18 years old, as well as for students.

Students under 16 can go to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts for free. Information about free museums can be found on the website of the Department of Culture of Moscow.

Depending on the region, there may be other benefits. Discounts for travel allow you to reduce the cost of families for these services. And if you want, you can issue a ticket for any transport, the main thing is that you should always have the document with you.

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