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Are Belarusian car plates valid in Russia? Advice of lawyers

What are the advantages of Belarusian car plates? Is it possible to operate a car with such numbers in Russia? These and many other questions will be answered in the article.

Belarusian numbers in Russia

As you know, the agreement on the Customs Union between Belarus and Russia began operating in 2011. It was after this agreement that many cars with foreign, mostly Belarusian, numbers began to appear in Russia. This is connected, in fact, with the appearance of a simplified system of import and export of personal items. It should be noted that such subjects include cars.

Citizens of Belarus or citizens of Russia who have Belarusian citizenship can without any special obstacles move on the vehicle with the appropriate registration, without having issued transit numbers and not having registered the import of the car. However, for the lack of special documents confirming the possibility of a car in Russia, an employee of the DPS has the right to collect from the driver a fine of 2.5 thousand rubles.

Advantages of Belarusian numbers

Recently, Russian citizens increasingly began to pay attention to cars with foreign numbers. Today the most common type of products in this area is cheap foreign cars with registration numbers from Belarus. What is the reason for this demand? Does it make any sense to buy such a car? The answers to these questions are quite simple.

Firstly, a vehicle with foreign registration marks can significantly save on the OSAGO policy. So, if this document was issued in Belarus, the Russian driver is able to save several thousand rubles from himself. Secondly, motorists can not pay fines. This is a separate topic, which requires detailed consideration from a legal point of view. And, finally, thirdly, a Russian citizen who owns a car on which Belarusian numbers are installed does not have the obligation to pay a transportation tax.

It would seem that everything is so easy and healthy. How many privileges are given by foreign numbers! But is everything so simple? It is necessary to understand further.

Difficulties before

For a long time, the traffic police did not have anything against cars with foreign numbers. Owners of vehicles with Belarusian numbers began to appear more and more. Still, not to pay fines and tax - such opportunities to bypass the law seemed attractive to so many citizens!

Recently, the state began to treat the situation more harshly. Lovers of traveling with foreign numbers are now waiting for much more problems. So, earlier motorists had to visit Belarus every year to extend OSAGO and border crossing time. A qualitative technical inspection was also necessary. And, of course, we can not fail to mention the Belarusian citizenship. Without it, it would be practically impossible to obtain the ownership of a car with Belarusian numbers (by the way, to this day obtaining Belarusian citizenship is not the most difficult procedure).

Difficulties today

Above, problems were identified that could await a Russian citizen who has a car on which Belarusian numbers are installed. However, to date, everything has become even more complicated and problematic. Is it real to operate a car with foreign registration today? And is there any sense in this, or is it easier and easier to buy a car in Russia? To answer this question clearly will not work. However, the fact that difficulties have only increased, can not be denied. It is worth recalling at least the "tax on parasites", introduced in Belarus in 2014. So, the acquisition of Belarusian citizenship for the purchase of cars will be followed by the need to pay some money to the treasury. The exception here, however, will be those citizens who practically do not come to Belarus (are on its territory less than 183 days). However, to prove this is not so simple, and it will be very problematic to get the appropriate stamp.

And this, it is worth noting, is not the only obstacle. In Russia, also began a fight with amateurs to drive cars with foreign registration. What is this struggle?

Changes in the rules

In August 2014, the SDA made some changes. They just touched directly those who own cars with foreign registration. So, if earlier the driver was required to carry only the rights and a passport for the vehicle, today the employee of the DPS has the right to request also documents on crossing the border. It is also worth noting that it is forbidden to drive a car with an expired period of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In many respects the above-mentioned changes were made because of the frequent cases of drivers leaving the place of an accident. Moreover, the injured party could not in this case claim any insurance payments: the Belarusian number or any foreign one is a bit harder to look for.

Data exchange system

As it was mentioned above, between the two states, Russia and Belarus, a certain system of identification of citizens was developed, wishing to save as much as possible on their vehicle. What is this system?

Many readers may think that it is impossible to exploit a car with foreign numbers at all. Of course, this is not so. The answer to the question of whether it is possible to travel with Belarusian numbers is still positive. However, one should take into account the fact that the constant evasion from payment of fines, the lack of proper registration and various attempts to find holes in the law are somehow revealed by the state, as a result of which certain sanctions will be imposed on the citizen.

The traffic police has the opportunity to exchange all the necessary information with their foreign colleagues. So, do not forget that thanks to this system you can:

  • Identify stolen cars;
  • To detect counterfeit, duplicated numbers;
  • To send fines to a foreign citizen.

At the moment, the traffic police establishes contacts with both CIS countries and with European states.

Intruder detection system

Citizens using Belarusian car numbers in Russia should remember that any violations or attempts to bypass the law will necessarily be identified and suppressed by state bodies. Thanks to a sufficiently developed international system for detecting duplicate signs, violators have been increasingly identified.

Is it possible to travel in Belarusian numbers in Russia? If the driver is comfortable or necessary, then, of course, there are no restrictions on this issue. However, it would be completely pointless to try to falsify the numbers in order to obtain some special benefit - non-payment of fines, transport tax or MTPL.

Registration of a car with foreign numbers

Above all the problems and difficulties that can be encountered with the constant operation of a car with foreign numbers in Russia were indicated. It is worthwhile, finally, to understand whether there is any sense in operating a car with Belarusian numbers.

It starts with the fact that cars in Belarus are really cheaper. And we are talking about foreign cars. However, one must take into account that before the purchase of a car it is necessary to issue Belarusian citizenship. This is not done for a long time, and there should not be any special difficulties.

After completing all the necessary documents, we must remember that the operation of a foreign car in the Russian Federation is not the easiest process. It is necessary to have at all times a whole package of documents and certificates, discussed above. And about the state in which the car was bought, also it is not necessary to forget. There it is necessary to periodically go for confirmation of the right of possession.

The process of design of cars

Previously, a positive response was received to the question of whether it is possible to travel to Belarusian numbers in Russia. However, the whole procedure of registration of the car with the Belarusian numbers was not disassembled. What should you remember when buying and registering a foreign car?

The car is really better to arrange according to all the rules. So, having bought a foreign car in Belarus at a lower price than in Russia, it is worth considering about the Russian registration of the car. You can do this as follows:

  • Receive in Belarus the documents on the customs clearance of the vehicle;
  • Make a deposit to the Russian customs;
  • After buying a car to submit to the Russian customs documents from the customs of Belarus;
  • Carry out a customs clearance procedure in Russia (in the same case, you will have to pay a deposit);
  • Go to the traffic police and get Russian numbers.

Thus, it is possible to travel with Belarusian numbers on cars in Russia, but this will cause a lot of difficulties. Car registration according to Russian rules will be much more profitable and convenient.

The order of importation of cars: interstate agreement

When buying a car in Belarus, it is important to pay attention to when it hit the territory of the state. If after 2010, you will have to apply to the Russian customs office to obtain the PTA (vehicle passport). Only in this case the car can be registered in the Russian Federation.

The very procedure for the importation or exportation of cars by individuals is regulated by an agreement between the Russian Federation, the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Republic of Korea on 18.06.2010. So, according to this agreement, all vehicles delivered to Kazakhstan or Belarus from other countries are recognized as foreign goods. Taxes, customs duties should be paid for them, Belarusian car numbers (if it concerns Belarus) are registered.


So, what conclusions can be drawn? The question of whether you can go to Russia on Belarusian numbers or not, is not so complicated. Of course, you can go. However, today it has become somewhat more difficult. All those privileges that could be extracted from foreign car numbers a few years ago, today are essentially annulled. This is due to the tracking system for scammers and owners of fake numbers. Thanks to the close cooperation of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of different countries, it was not so easy to withdraw from paying fines.

What is the best way to proceed? The answer is simple: to buy a car, if it is convenient, in Belarus (foreign cars are really cheaper there), but to arrange it according to all the rules in Russia.

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