How to clean your ears?

The ear not only perceives the sound signals, but it is also the vestibular organ, which is responsible for the balance and position of the human body in space. To correctly answer the question of how to clean the ears, you need to describe their structure. It is a paired organ consisting of the outer, middle and inner ear. The outer is an auricle and a passage, in it is located up to 2000 sulfuric glands. To the middle there is a cavity with a volume of 1 cm3, called a drum, and the three bones in it: a stapes, an anvil and a hammer, serve to amplify and transmit sound waves from the outer to the inner ear. Internal differs intricate form and complex device, it has a tympanic membrane with a hammer attached to it and a snail attached to it. It participates in the transmission of sound waves, and it is also an organ of acceleration and balance, since it contains the vestibular system.

It is necessary to carry out preventive measures to protect the ears from the penetration of infections and harmful influences that would violate their functions. Improper hygiene can lead to serious disorders in the body. The first thing you need is to wash your ears daily. Wash them with water and soap, gently rinsing all the folds of the auricle, preventing water from getting into your ears, after washing them wipe dry. But if the water gets into the outer passage, it is carefully removed. How can I clean my ears and what can I use in such cases? The easiest way to remove water is to lie on your back and turn your head in the direction of the ear with water, it should drain out for a few seconds, after which all the earmolds should be wiped clean with a damp, and then with a dry cloth. Often use plastic wands with fleece, which are sold in pharmacies. When the head is inclined to the side, inject such a stick into the external passage not deeply and very carefully, so as not to damage the eardrum and push the sulfur to the inner ear. Vatka absorbs water, if you can not remove it in one step, then repeat the procedure.

Earwax (contains antibacterial and lubricating substances, its pH ranges from 4 to 5 units) is secreted by sulfuric glands of the ear canal in an amount up to 0.02 g per month. This is a natural process that is necessary for lubrication and cleaning the device, it protects against infection, as it prevents the ingress of dirt, bacteria and fungi into the inner ear. They are removed from the ear with sulfur, along with sebum, particles of dead skin and contaminations from outside or even insects. How to clean the ears of sulfur? It is not recommended to interfere with it once more, since in the masticatory movements of sulfur naturally comes out. In people with hypersecretion or narrow auditory canals, it can accumulate, cover them, forming congestion. As a result, due to pressure on the eardrum , tinnitus can be felt , partial hearing loss occurs, dizziness, vomiting, or even convulsions occur.

If the plugs are formed, you do not need to look for an answer to the question on how to clean your ears, but you should consult a doctor. After the inspection, he will choose the way to remove the traffic jams. Usually this procedure consists in washing the ear aisles with water (alone or with the help of their own households it is not recommended to remove sulfur). At home, you can not more often than once a week and only on the recommendation of a doctor to wash the ear canals 3-4% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Before use, it should be heated to body temperature (hold in hands), and then in the lying position on the side, drip a few drops. Do not change the pose for about 20 minutes. At this time, you will hear a hissing and bubbling in your ear. After that it is recommended to change the position so that the solution with contaminants and sulfur could leak out. Then wipe the auricle and the external passage and repeat the procedure with the other ear. With a strong accumulation of sulfur, the first 4-5 days can be done such a cleaning 2 times a day, provided that this will be the instructions of the doctor.

When hypersecretion, people often use cotton buds. As soon as the question arises, how to clean your ears, without thinking about the fact that you can get the opposite effect, they begin to regularly "clean" the auditory passages in this way. As a result, the natural mechanism of self-cleaning is violated, and the stick only promotes the displacement of sulfur and its compaction near the tympanic membrane. Thus, the risk of congestion increases. Therefore, any intervention is permissible only with the observance of sanitary conditions and with a specialist. How to clean the ears with the help of phyto funnels? They can be bought at the pharmacy (they are made of natural materials: a funnel twisted by funnel, it is impregnated with wax from the outside), but you can use them to clean your ears only after consulting a doctor. This is a pleasant and completely painless procedure. The person should lay down on a side, hair should be closed with a handkerchief or a towel (that on them the spark has not got). The funnel is attached with a narrow end to the ear, and the upper one is set on fire. In the process of combustion, a vacuum is created, and sulfur is extracted from the ear canal. This procedure is useful at night.

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