S63 Cabriolet - special and unique

German cars have always been considered an embodiment of high quality, exquisite design and unsurpassed characteristics. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the whole world they are among the best, they are bought with pleasure and it is German brands that produce one of the most expensive cars. S63 AMG Cabriolet - this is one of those models that is designed for wealthy customers and it has everything you can dream about: modern technology, expensive materials and thoughtfulness in every element and bend.

Very little, only for a small "circle"

Famous worldwide German brand Mercedes-Benz will release a limited number of S63 AMG Cabriolet. Only 130 models of the "charged" special version. And this action is dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the appearance of the car itself. The car has a silvery color with a dark red roof. It is fitted with 20-inch wheels with brake calipers painted in red. In the same shade, the interior trimmed with leather. Inside the special nameplates with the name of the version and the immediate serial number Edition 130. Already, the S63 Cabrio is available in official salons of the company.

It's not strange, the engine has not changed. Under the hood is an all-wheel drive biturbomotor volume of 5.5 liters with 585 "horses", V8. The motor functions as the best German watches paired with a nine-speed box. Together they can accelerate the car in 3.9 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour. Sales of the model have already started in Germany in April this year. The price of this model is almost 226 thousand 500 euros. This cost is 39 thousand more than the usual S63 Cabriolet.

Characteristics for "Hooray"

You are not sure that this is the car you need, you want something more sporty and comfortable, then the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz will reassure you. It is enough just to study the basic characteristics of the car and you will be convinced that this is one of the best offers in its segment and for such money.

First of all, it should be noted that the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG 4MATIC Cabrio belongs to the class of sports cars. The entire salon is finished with Bengal Nappa leather. And all with a unique combination of build quality and endurance parts. But do not forget about the thoughtfulness of the whole car and its design. Of course, the Germans did not forget about the safety of their customers and the comfort of movement. And if we add to this the modern technological equipment and electronic equipment, it becomes clear that this is the best offer in today's market. But do not forget about the main characteristics and indicators of this model, without them to understand the whole essence, uniqueness and power of the car can not.

So, on the S63 is installed a 5.5 liter 585 strong gasoline engine with a torque of 900 Nm. Naturally, for such power will have to pay a lot of fuel consumption and to feed the "herd" will have to prepare for 8.2 liters for every hundred kilometers. If you move around in the city, then prepare for the fact that they will require a little more than 14 kilograms of oats, and the mixed consumption is almost 10.5 liters. But thanks to such a quick "herd" you can disperse your German all-wheel drive vehicle up to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds. In your "carriage" with a folding roof there will be only two doors, but this only adds to its uniqueness, beauty and originality. The volume of the luggage compartment is 350 liters, the width is almost two meters, the height is almost one and a half, and the length is just over five. The ground clearance is 121 millimeters.

Each new car will have to be serviced once a year or every 15 thousand kilometers. The warranty for the car is two years. But if you take into account the fact that high-end cars are produced by the best German specialists, with proper and careful care and maintenance, the car will last for many years without problems.

Buy with profit

As already mentioned, the S63 Cabriolet is an auto that is designed for wealthy people. And if you do not have enough money, but you want to become the owner of this car, then do not get upset. The site is ready to help you in solving this issue. On the portal you will find many interesting offers. And most importantly - there are offered pleasant discounts, which every visitor can easily get. As a result, you buy an expensive car with benefits for yourself.

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