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How long can I ride without a vehicle inspection?

Recently, the topic "How much can I go without a vehicle inspection" has become very relevant. Car owners always have this issue. No less relevant is another topic: "The inspection is over what to do and whether to do anything at all." This is not surprising. The changes made in the law relating to the TRP sowed both the joy of motorists and some confusion. It seems to be an annual moratorium in action, but this is not exemption from the fine. What can I say, in short - shortcomings.

And this is the first step to simplifying such a procedure as technical inspection. Everyone knows that specialized service stations always collect long lines, but there is no special choice, we have to stand. This problem was raised for the first time by Dmitry Medvedev. He repeatedly insisted on the maximum simplification of this procedure. Amendments were made and an annual deferment from the TO service was announced. But you can not absolve everyone completely from checking. And now it is worth to clarify what to do if the inspection is over, how many can travel by "delay" without violating the law and, in fact, how much can I ride without a vehicle inspection, that is, without a coupon at all.

Based on the rules of the road, the vehicle's technical inspection is mandatory. The absence of an appropriate coupon is a gross violation. The new law changed the time between checking the technical condition of vehicles. The new vehicle is subject to control only three years from the date of purchase. If the car is more than three, but less than seven years, it is tested every two years. And only vehicles that are older than 7 years are required to undergo maintenance annually. An exception to the list are passenger and freight transport. These vehicles are required to be inspected every six months.

Let's return to the amendment. If your car has a mass of up to 3.5 tons, is not connected with commercial traffic or is service, you receive an annual postponement for maintenance. If the ticket expired in August 2011, then you can easily pass the test exactly 12 months later in August 2012. It seems that everything is good and pleasant, but the delay is valid only on the territory of the Russian Federation. Let's say you are going to Crimea. Here's an unpleasant surprise. Through the border you will be missed, but the traffic police officer does not have such hospitality. After all, in fact, the vehicle inspection certificate is overdue and you will have to answer all the strictness of Ukrainian legislation.

Believe me, the inspectors absolutely do not care how much you can ride without a check-up on the territory of the Russian Federation, "but I did not know", "how about it" and such apologies-excuses will lead to nothing. Such violations have become fairly regular. And now, let's say, you are already in Ukraine and remember that you, like most of the "guests" with Russian numbers, have had a check-up. What to do? To begin with, it is worth remembering what such a violation generally threatens. In the SDA on the question "how much can I ride without a vehicle inspection", there is a fairly clear explanation. Simply put - not at all, except for a single case. The delay is given only to the new car that has just been purchased. In such cases, the passage of maintenance is given for 30 days. In all other cases, the management of a vehicle with or without an expired coupon is generally prohibited. A DAI officer has the right, or rather, a penalty, and you have all the chances to remain without a vehicle, as he can be taken to a penalty area.

Everything is clear - your ticket "says" that the inspection was over, how much you can drive, or rather, drive the vehicle indicated in the term column of the TRP. The time has passed? Be kind, answer all the strictness of the Ukrainian legislation. Fortunately, the system of fines on the spot in Ukraine is fine-tuned and you will be given both a protocol and a check for payment, but, given the "severity" of the violation, many, of course, prefer simply to "negotiate." At such a price our car owners often find out how much one can ride without a check-up in neighboring, "brotherly" states.

Through the European border, a vehicle with an expired coupon will not miss, in principle and correctly. Such an "inhospitable" gesture the car owner is saved from a number of troubles. In case of departure from the country, go ahead in advance to the TRP, which in advance will save you from problems in a foreign country.

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