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Magnetic constructor: reviews of the most common models

Caring parents, when they think about toys, will certainly try to find those that will not only be of interest to children, but also develop some useful skills and skills. In this article we will consider a magnetic designer, reviews about different manufacturers.

What skills are developed by magnetic designers?

In order to understand how useful it is to buy such a game for your child, let's consider what skills it will develop? And than it can be useful to children?

1. As a result of the fact that the designer must be collected with both hands, both hemispheres of the brain work during the game, which has a stimulating effect on the development of thinking and logic.

2. The study of geometric shapes in the process of assembling complex structures from simpler parts. With the child you will not need to sit and study separately from the book what is a rhombus, a rectangle and so on. Now it can be done during the game.

3. Development of fantasy and creative thinking. After all, thanks to the variety of details of different sizes and shapes, you can make a large number of non-repeating figures from them.

4. The study of physical processes (the action of a magnet).

5. Development of building skills. Children usually like to construct objects that they see in their environment. Boys build cars, bridges, houses. Girls can build locks and furniture for their dolls.

In any case, no matter what type of magnetic designer you choose, you will surely leave the most positive comments about it afterwards.

Magnetic designer Magformers. Reviews

The creators of the "Magformers" designer have focused not only on the design of the toy and on the features of the shape of the parts, but, what is very important, on the safety of using each component.

Magnets are safely hidden in hard plastic and do not have the opportunity to fall out from there, even if a small child tries to gnaw the part. In addition, the magnets used, called neodymium, are considered the safest in the world today.

The manufacturer on this designer puts a marking where it is indicated that the toy is intended for children from three years old. But at the same time, numerous tests in Europe have proved that it can be used for younger children. Magnetic designer "Magformers" reviews collects the most positive. You can see for yourself.

Magnetic designer Magical Magnet. Reviews

This type of toy is considered by many to be a one hundred percent analog of "Megformers". It also uses a neodymium magnet and a hard hypoallergenic plastic. True, the production is in China, and not in Europe, like Magformers, but at the same time has all the necessary certificates of European standards. The cost of this designer is lower than the first option, if you compare the sets for the same number of parts. The minimum volume is 24 pieces in one box.

Magnetic constructor "Magnicon"

This type of developmental toy is distinguished by the fact that it was divided into three levels:

1. Initial, which is called "Start" and contains only 14 parts (triangles and squares).

2. Medium - "Rally". It consists of more components (usually more than 60) and is provided not in one configuration, but in different (several types of machines and a star).

3. Advanced level is called "Architect". There are even more details in each set. Also presented are several variants of figures for the assembly (Tower Bridge, swings, carousel, shuttle and others).

Magnetic designer "Magnicon" reviews about themselves is basically good. Some buyers complain about the relatively high cost of the third, advanced level "Architect" (more than 10 thousand rubles per package).

Magnetic constructor Mag Wisdom

This type of designer also refers to the absolute analogues of "Mcformes", if only because the details of one kind are fully compatible with the details of the other.

The sets of sets are presented in the number of parts from 40 to 258 pieces. At the same time most of these designers have special plastic boxes, in which it is possible to assemble components, which is very practical and convenient for keeping order in the children's room and in the compartments for toys.

In addition, this designer differs from the above types of topics, in addition to figures, it also has inserts-letters, which also contribute to the development of children.

In terms of manufacturing quality , the magnetic designer Mag Wisdom reviews has a very positive. There are only minor comments that do not particularly affect the desire to purchase this product.

Where is it recommended to purchase?

If you want to acquire a good designer, then do not pursue dubious proposals in those places that do not cause trust. Namely: in the markets, in suspicious stalls and other places where you can not provide the necessary certificates for this product. Remember that your choice depends not only on proper development, but also on the health of the child, since small children tend to pull toys into their mouths. And poor-quality goods can threaten even the life of your baby, if it is made of inappropriate material. Badly executed details that will not competently connect with each other will only irritate your child and will not bring him any pleasure.

Therefore, you must purchase these products only in trusted stores, where you have the necessary certificates and a guarantee. It can be "Children's World" or the similar known network, or the online store of the official distributor. It is not necessary to save there, where the opposite effect can happen "throw money away."

Magnetic constructor as a gift

Why often offer this toy as a gift? Everything is very simple! This toy will not be superfluous even if it is a duplicate. The fact is that the more details, the more complex and interesting figures you can build. Therefore, interest in the designer will not fade away, but, on the contrary, will increase. The more complex the levels of construction, the more interesting they are to adults!

It is also a convenient gift in terms of various financial opportunities. If the giver counts on a modest amount, then he can present a small set. If funds allow, then you can give an average or even a large set. When there are options - it's wonderful.

How long does a magnetic designer serve?

Parents are often concerned that toys that cost a lot of money can only entice children for a short time. And this is very frustrating for many, as the cost of such entertainment takes a lot of money, and it's a shame when a child plays a day or two into the game, and after that it remains forgotten and only takes up space in the storage box.

Such a fate can expect dolls, cars and other toys. But not a magnetic designer. Reviews of it say that this entertainment is interesting for children from one year to older, including adults who enthusiastically join their children and construct together more and more complex and complex works, even at home, even children, but not less than Important art!

Therefore, many teachers and parents who seek to develop their children competently and with interest, recommend purchasing these magnetic designers. After all, it is very important, when a child studies the world around not because it is necessary, and not because it is forced, but simply because it is very interesting for him. And only such children, as a rule, reach great heights in education.

Correct education of the child is the key to the success of the parents! Get a magnetic designer! Reviews of it yourself will later leave the most favorable!

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