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Authority is what really matters

There are people who can subordinate, but there are those who can only obey. The difference between the two is enormous. What can be guided by someone who for some reason has to manage? He can rely on some normative acts that give him this kind of power, his social status, strength, and his own authority. We will focus on the latter.

Authority is something quite abstract. Measuring it in something standard is quite difficult, and maybe even impossible. The authority of parents, leaders, authorities and so on is built primarily on respect for the characteristics of the person's personality, which should lead. There is no respect - there is no authority. This truth must be realized.

Authority of the head

Without excellent and even outstanding personal qualities, the manager can never ensure that employees are fully prepared to obey him in the way that is necessary. The leader is an important social role that only certain people can take on themselves. He must adequately relate to everything that is happening around him, to know how to influence people in a variety of ways.

Authority is nothing more than the psychological state of a person. It is built from various elements. As a rule, two most significant elements stand out: the awareness of the possibility of producing certain actions, as well as awareness of their competence. The latter means the use of privileges, special rights and so on in business.

Authority is what appears when interacting with other people. You need to conquer it, and then constantly prove that you deserve it. A leader's authority is something that can be divided into two more components. The first relates to the authority of the individual, and to the second - the authority of the post.

In the first case, the leadership style, the ability to find the right decisions, respect people, plan, take initiative, and so on matters. The authority of a post is formed with the help of the knowledge necessary to occupy a specific position, responsibility, without which certain work can not be performed, important duties, and so on.

In general, it is believed that the personal must surpass the official. In principle, one can call their balance the ideal. If one thing dominates the other, then in this case, effective leadership will not work.

Authority is what allows you to manage people without extra effort. Why? The reason is that a person with authority, everyone obeys, everyone is happy to carry out his orders. There are people who want to obey, because psychologically you understand that all their decisions are correct, and reproaches and remarks are fully justified.

In fact, the workflow is not so easy to organize. Do you want everything to be clear? Hire a leader in whom his authority is felt. Entrust business to the amateur - you will lose. Talents a little, but they are.

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