Yuri Gagarin was the one who first flew into space

Space exploration began long before the flight. Many scientists and designers tried to create a rocket in order to give mankind the opportunity to study outer space. The main rivals in this struggle were the USSR and the United States. Both countries aspired to become pioneers of outer space. But on April 12, 1961, the world learned who was the first to fly into space. It was a citizen of the USSR, Yuri Gagarin.

Experimental flights into space began a little earlier. But cosmonauts used dogs. At first the rockets were launched at a small height. Scientists have studied the effect of weightlessness on the animal organism. After this development in this area continued. Simultaneously, the first manned flight into space was also prepared.

Then the missile was designed for longer flights, but it did not have a return mechanism to the ground. Therefore, the dog named Laika, who flew her into space, did not return to earth and died. Then on the high-altitude rocket two dogs, Gypsy and Desik, flew into space. They safely completed their flight and landed successfully on the ground.

Therefore, talking about who first flew into space, we can not fail to mention these astronauts.

But, of course, a real breakthrough in this area was the first flight into human space. It was a historic day not only in the development of space exploration, but in the whole of mankind. The whole world learned who was the first to fly into space.

Thanks to the rocket carrier, a spacecraft, the only passenger of which was a man, entered orbit. The duration of the first flight was only 108 minutes. But these were moments of pride for Soviet people and domestic cosmonautics. Today, when cosmonauts work in space for several months in a row, this term seems so small. But for the first flight it was a huge achievement.

The one who first flew into space, showed the whole of mankind that it is possible to master this unknown space. People had the opportunity to work and live in space. So the word "cosmonaut" came into use, and a new profession appeared.

People in this profession must have many skills and knowledge. The most important and initial requirement, which they make, is excellent health. During the flight, the astronaut experiences very large overloads. Especially they are felt when landing and going into orbit. The state of weightlessness is also a test for the human body. Therefore, the health requirements are so high.

In addition, the astronaut must have courage and courage. The ability to make the right decision in difficult situations is also a necessary quality. Space is an unfamiliar situation for a person. There are harmful to human radiation, a vacuum. But the hull of the ship is strong and impenetrable. It has everything necessary for a full life and work.
The astronaut must know thoroughly the structure of the spacecraft. The totality of all these qualities is what characterized the first cosmonaut of the Earth.

Yuri Gagarin was the one who first flew into space. But this was only the initial stage. Further exploration of outer space continued. The complexity of the flights and the tasks that faced the astronauts increased. The technique became more complicated. The next flights lasted more than a day. Then there was a man's escape from the spacecraft. It was committed by Alexei Leonov. Orbital stations were created and launched, which allowed crews of astronauts to replace each other in orbit.

The development of cosmonautics is proceeding faster. But the first man's flight into space is the main event in this field, which opened up new tasks, opportunities and prospects for mankind.

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