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What is compassion and how to develop it in yourself?

Nowadays, about what compassion is, very few people think about it. From a purely theoretical point of view, this term refers to the character trait, the human quality, which symbolizes the ability to give the needy help in any aspects without too much hesitation. In practice, this phenomenon is not only rare, but also has many, so to speak, branches. About what compassion in real life is and how it manifests itself in various situations, read below.

What do the souls of modern people look like?

Today, many good human qualities, unfortunately, have remained far behind. Everything that previously was sung in verse and songs, today the best alternative is hypocrisy, indifference and cruelty, but about what compassion, attentiveness to the neighbor, ability to help a person when he needs it, alas, many of us just Forget. In return, we very often say aloud this word - "compassion", we often mention it in jokes, even with the help of it we can laugh at someone or humiliate someone. However, few people think that this quality in its pristine form can transform our soul, our life, make the world that surrounds us more beautiful and blossoming. And all that is needed is to get rid of the negative and allow yourself to help others, be attentive to other people's sorrows and problems.

How to develop this wonderful quality?

Like all great things, you need to develop a sense of compassion from the small. To begin with, stop concentrating solely on yourself, thinking only of your own good. For example, when going to work in the morning, pay attention to the stray dogs that live near your entrance. Imagine for a moment that they do not have a master who will feed, and even more so - spend time with them together, play, buy a ball. Of course, shelter in your house all animals will not work, but a little to feed - a task that will cope with each of us. Repeating this procedure every morning, you will notice how the animals will rejoice at your appearance, which, in turn, will raise the mood and self-esteem to you.

Everyone has their own life ...

The world is so arranged that people are always divided into so-called "castes" - someone rich, someone more or less satisfies their needs, and someone badly needs. And, alas, this quality, like compassion for people who do not have a lot of capital, is not preferable in the circles of wealthy representatives of human society. Many believe that keeping outsiders is not their concern, so leave it behind your back. In fact, it's easy and simple to help a poorer person without spending a single extra penny. For example, things that you will no longer wear can be taken to an orphanage or to a church, from where they will disperse to all those in need. Perhaps, such charity will in future make you more successful person, and you can already help those who need it on a larger scale.

Sympathy for the mental pain of the neighbor

Quite another matter is charity and compassion for the spiritual experiences, losses and sorrows of another person. Naturally, in this matter we can help only our closest friends and relatives. They can trust us, open up, share what concerns them. Often in modern families, people ignore the depressed state of mind of even their own children, which in the future makes them as indifferent and callous towards others. Therefore, it is important to monitor all the people who surround you, let them speak out, if they feel bad, if they lose someone or lose something in some way. Even in the most difficult and difficult situation, compassion of a loved one, his understanding and support can become a catalyst for any negative consequences that can cause both mental and physical harm.

The manifold nature of human nature and feelings

Nowadays, mercy is widespread in relation to their relatives, to their family, and uttermost callousness, which concerns every stranger or unfamiliar person. For example, a certain group of employees of some firm knows their colleague as a cold, dry, cruel person, and in the family he is a loving father and husband. This trend is too common in Russian society, as it is customary for businessmen to "toss" each other, and among the ordinary workers it is possible to wait for the bases from either side. In this case, we can say only one thing: each person should carefully look at the circumstances, take to the information the actions of each individual colleague. Some may seem more mean to you, someone, on the contrary, will help you in something small, render a minor service, which will be the first bell, symbolizing his good nature. This will help you understand whether sympathy and compassion for these or those people are necessary, whether they deserve your kindness in fact.

A small afterword

The ability to help people and brothers of our less is laid not only in the genes of each person, but also in the holy scriptures. The Bible teaches us first of all to love our neighbor, and then of God Himself, just as Confucianism basically involves caring for people, even to the detriment of their own good. Teachings on what compassion is, are contained in the Vedas, the Qur'an and other less common written legacies of mankind. This is the feeling that cleanses our souls of hatred and indifference and fills them with love, joy and happiness that can be given to all around.

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