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How to force yourself to work? Techniques and Tricks

There are many activities that attract more than what we call work. Often you just want to hang around, creating nothing. Especially this problem is relevant for freelancers who do not have to go to the office. And because of how to make themselves work at home, they know firsthand. The office is disciplined. And for a free artist, forcing yourself to do something can be difficult on the brink of fantasy.

So, first of all, you need to work with motivation. To put it simply, to understand why you need to do this or that work. It's not for the sake of money itself that you sit down and perform not always pleasant duties. Most often you have a specific goal. And the brighter it is, the better. For example, you want to buy a new laptop. Or pretty blouses that you saw on sale last week. Goals can be different, but they need to be clearly articulated. Perhaps you are saving for something long-awaited, for example, a wedding. Or more prosaic - refresher courses that will make it possible to earn much more, while the labor costs will decrease.

It is very important how your workplace looks. Do not at all accustom yourself to work with a laptop lying on the couch. So you can only have fun. Minimum discipline must be present. You work only sitting at the table. And a point. Under your feet, you can put old dumbbells and a small massage ball. And have fun rolling these things under your feet. Acts no worse than the balls for meditation. And for health it is useful.

It is necessary to create so-called anchors - peculiar rituals before the beginning of activity. For example, believers can read a prayer, it helps a lot to concentrate and tune in to work, and God's help in doing certain tasks is not superfluous. You can teach yourself to work before a drink, not coffee, but black tea. Use certain classical melodies. Only one condition for the effectiveness of anchors is that they should not be used in other situations. That is, a prayer should be chosen for a special, tea drink only before starting work or in the process, and the melodies do not listen in other situations. If everything is done correctly, you will soon have a reflex (yes, like Pavlov's dog), and you will forget about the problem of "How to make yourself work?"

Anchorages may not be enough. Especially if your task is not casual, but unusual, but at the same time it is not very interesting (nice). In this case, it is recommended not to try to solve the problem immediately, but start with the lightest of its components. Gradually, you "gnaw" the problem completely, without even noticing that she was terribly unpleasant. Do not try to do everything at once. And so that time does not keep you captive, try to put yourself a deadline for a week before the deadline. Then you will have the freedom to maneuver, and you will have much more time.

And what if the task is very great, for example, do you write a book? How to force yourself to work? It is worth to divide it into small tasks and set a standard for each day. And the norm can be "piecework" and "time-based". For example, one page per day or 75 minutes per day. And both approaches are effective. They can even be combined, linking together OR. That is, if one page does not work out, work at least 75 minutes. If you finished the page before, you can rest. Either way, this approach works well. The main thing is not to painfully ask the question "How to make yourself work?".

Do not be afraid of work and difficulties - they themselves will be afraid of you, if you every day will gradually struggle with laziness. Will is a muscle that can be trained. Although it is not worth overburdening one's capabilities - at least, one should not try to become a superman for 2 weeks. Only get disappointed.

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