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To overcome beriberi salad from rucola

In our region, a stalker, a distant relative of a dandelion, was for a long time considered a weed. However, with the era of globalization, we learned that leaves with a spicy mustard flavor - a real storehouse of vitamins. It turns out that this weed grass with the exquisite name rucola was used by the ancient Romans, and they were known to be gourmets. In Italy, it was not forgotten in the Middle Ages. And now salads from rucola are a must-have dish in the menu of any trattoria.

Just a few leaves of this spice make the dish sound different. Its juiciness and nut-mustard flavor will revive even the most common salad. Rukola (photos show this) makes the dishes more spectacular, exquisite, festive. Yesterday's weed, and now a useful plant normalizes metabolism, charges vivacity, removes cholesterol and increases the level of hemoglobin. However, in this barrel of honey there is also a spoonful of tar: dishes with rucola can not be stored for long. After all, this herb quickly launches juice.

Let's see what it is possible to prepare salads from rucola. The grass is well combined with many products - fish, meat, vegetables, seafood, cheeses and eggs. Therefore, there are no barriers or taboos for the manifestation of your imagination. Young shoots (the tops of the plant) are thrown into the salad whole, large leaves are torn with their hands. To soften the crunch of grass will help the Mediterranean dressing - they are in this kitchen there are many. Here's one of them. Mix olive oil and balsamic vinegar with spices, add crushed chili and basil. If you make a salad with shrimps, put cleaned seafood there - let them exchange smells. After waiting for the time, crumble the rucola, cut half-and-half cherry tomatoes in half. Pour sauce over the shrimps. Garnish with thinly chopped parmesan.

As already mentioned, the Italian herb is perfectly integrated with vegetables. And different: traditional and exotic. Vegetable salads from rucola are good for a romantic dinner. Try using avocados - increase the percentage composition of aphrodisiacs in this insidious dish. Hand cut with your hands, cherry tomatoes cut into halves, avocado shred straw. In a separate jar we mix olive oil, mustard, lemon juice, black pepper and salt. Actively stir up and pour this dish with a dish.

No less tasty, but much more satisfying salads from rucola with meat. Fry beef steaks on vegetable oil. Sprinkle the meat with Provencal herbs, wrap in foil for 10 minutes, so that it is soaked in smells. When the beef has cooled, slice it into thin slices. Hand cut into pieces, peach and blue cheese cut into cubes. Mix all the ingredients in the dish. We make refueling. Mix six spoons of olive oil with a teaspoon of mustard. Here you need a special raspberry vinegar, which, however, can be replaced with dark wine. Add it (two spoons) to the dressing, water the salad.

Fish, especially red, makes any dish refined, festive. Try to make a salad with rucola and salmon. For this, take 100-150 grams of slightly salted fish. It must be cut into very thin pieces. In a large bowl, mix on a spoonful of liquid honey, mustard and twice the amount of balsamic vinegar. We bring to a homogeneous consistency, similar to liquid chocolate. Dilute the mass with four spoons of extra Virgin Extra Virgin olive oil. In the finished sauce we crush 125 g of rucola. We put the pieces of salmon on top. Salad ready.

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