How to update Chrome? Update errors

The release of new versions of programs is an indication that developers continue to improve their product. The update can bring the appearance of new features, improve the appearance, fix the identified errors and vulnerabilities. Therefore, before the browser is updated with Google Chrome, the user usually experiences joy, as he can expect that visiting Web pages will become even more comfortable, safer, and so on.

Usually, the browser notifies the user of the new version of the user, and the process of obtaining the novelty occurs automatically. But there are cases when for one reason or another you can not do it. Therefore, the user should know how to update Chrome to the latest version on his own and what difficulties he might have along the way. And sometimes there are a lot of them.

So, how can I update Chrome if the browser does not do it myself? To get started, go to the browser settings menu. You can do this using a special button located to the right of the address bar, or by using the Alt + F key combination. In the opened list you need to find a section that is called "About Goggle Chrome". Clicking on it will start the process of checking and downloading the latest update. If the procedure is successful, the resulting file is activated and the browser is restarted for the changes to take effect.

Sometimes, if you use a very old version, trying to check for updates will cause the icon for new versions to search for a long time, but this will not lead to any results. In this situation, you should separately download and install a new release of the product.

If the user receives an error message: "Update server is unavailable", then you need to know some points, since it will not be possible to update Chrome in the usual way. Each problem of this category has its own number, so it is easy to qualify.

Error number 1 indicates that the program can not find the installed browser directory. If the user did not move it, you should completely reinstall Chrome.

Error 3 indicates that the browser is configured for an administrator account, and it must be run as a simple user. In order to increase the level of security, you should not give all rights to the PC administrator when installing this application. In addition, and update the Chrome will be difficult.

If an error occurs at number 4, you should visit the official Chrome forum, where the user will be asked to describe some of the details that triggered her appearance.

Error 7 reports that the download of the new version was successful, but the installation process failed. In such cases, the computer may be restarted.

If the described actions did not lead to positive results, since Chrome could not be updated, in such cases you can simply completely remove the old version of the browser. Download and install the newest product is always possible from the official Google site.

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