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What money to take to Turkey: the secrets of smart shopping

Turkey is a fabulous paradise for tourists and traders. Already many people realized that it is much more profitable to go there to rest than to sweep along the national southern coast, besides, everyone wants to get to the Turkish bazaar once. Those who are going to go abroad for the first time, there is a legitimate question: "What money to take to Turkey and how much?" At once we will answer: the sum can differ depending on how you are going to spend the holiday.

What money to take to Turkey

The currencies of many countries are popular in Turkey, they are readily accepted in shops and markets. The most popular is the dollar. On the question of how much money to take to Turkey, you will not get a clear answer. If you go to the country for a tour, then you can even not go beyond the boundaries of the hotel, as they have beaches and entertainment here, and all expenses are already included in the trip cost in advance. It's another matter if you decide to visit the famous Turkish markets. Here already it is necessary to remind the main rule of the oriental bazaar - it is necessary to bargain! Here, of course, keep the wallet wider, because you have not seen so many temptations, especially since the prices here are an order of magnitude lower than in your native country: T-shirts from 2 to 10 dollars, jackets at $ 100. It is thanks to this avid shopaholics bring with them an extra suitcase with new things and souvenirs.

How much money to take to Turkey

You expect a big surprise about the prices. Here they grow like mushrooms, and fall like bricks from the sky. It all depends on how you look! If you are a girl, then the price of the goods will be lower. If you have several friends with you, then there will be a discount even more, but the most profitable company for someone who wants to save is a Turkish citizen. The most disadvantageous company is a European or an American: the prices will be very high. However, there is also a pleasant news - these rules do not apply to stores. There prices are fixed.

What money to take to Turkey and how much

We remind you that the most useful currency for you will be dollars. We advise you to place the majority of money on a bank card for the convenience of transportation and storage, but we warn you that if you decide to pay with a credit card in stores, you should specify how much interest will be charged for this. Sometimes you can deduct even 7% of the purchase amount! Also, we do not recommend using electronic cards late at night, when banks either do not work anymore, or are going to close, because if your credit card is swallowed by an ATM, it will be very difficult to return it. The same applies to the day of your departure home. Do not risk taking off your money before returning. In case of problems with the card, you can stay for a few more days - these questions are not quickly solved here.

What money in Turkey

The state currency of the country is lira. Previously, the use of this monetary unit was extremely uncomfortable due to high inflation, which added a lot of zeros to banknotes. However, the economic reform carried out last year simplified monetary relations, and now the local currency is just as convenient to pay as with dollars. Do not forget to take Russian rubles with you, so that you have something to come back from the airport home.

What money to take to Turkey: lira

If you are worried about whether you need to store a lyre while you are still at home, then the answer is: most of all in this country the dollar is popular, and this currency is accepted in all outlets. The exception is remote rural areas, where you, we hope, will not get. Advance buying a lira is not worth it. If necessary, you can easily exchange rubles to local currency in the nearest Turkish bank. Just do not use the services of private "money", otherwise greatly overpay. Even in your own hotel you can sell a local currency much more expensive than this course.

On average, one trip to this country costs about $ 1000, if you were very modest in your spending, and more than $ 2,000 if you allowed yourself to relax a little. Of course, you will have something to remember and put on, but will you manage to take all this down in a year, before it's time to go on vacation abroad again ?

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