Delicate wedding makeup - step by step description, recommendations and interesting ideas

The dream of every girl is a magnificent wedding. This is a special day not only for the newlyweds, but also for their friends and relatives. The wedding requires special preparation, it takes a lot of time and effort. The main thing for the bride is her image, she should be more beautiful than usual, to impress the future husband and guests of the celebration with her beauty. Dress, shoes, veil, delicate wedding makeup. Today we offer to consider the options for the make-up for a special day, to learn how to do it yourself.

Features of the image of the bride

Wedding photographers try to distinguish the bride on the photos among all, but to make her appearance as natural as possible. Delicate wedding make-up on photos is almost invisible, it seems that the girl is so beautiful by nature. The camera can even more dull the shades of cosmetics, which for the wedding are taken and so light. Basically it is brown mascara , silvery or coffee shadows, almost transparent lip gloss. From everyday, gentle wedding make-up should be more resistant and denser, so that throughout the day the image remains fresh.

Nuances of wedding make-up

Before choosing a shade of cosmetics should be based on all the nuances. How to choose the right colors for makeup?

  1. Delicate wedding makeup should not be discreet. Always build on your color. For example, that will suit a dark brunette, it will be completely inappropriate to look at a fair-skinned blonde, and vice versa.
  2. It is very important to take into account the overall picture of the celebration. If the bride is not white, but pink, or even red, or a blue dress, then the make-up should be brighter so that the face does not seem pale. With the usual mural in the registry office without a wedding dress, you can make the image a little stern. If a wedding is planned, the brightest colors are chosen, the image of the bride must be bright, clean, untouched.

More and more popular is the European style of the wedding celebration. He modified the event itself and the bride. So, to create the image is chosen the simplest, without excess ornament, but elegant wedding dress, hairstyle and make-up are made as if the bride did not spend hours to create them. How to stick to the style of Europe?

  1. Delicate eye makeup for the wedding should be done with a good feathering. There should not be any clear lines that are created by darker tones - this is basically the choice of brown-eyed beauties, only a gentle haze enveloping the eyes.
  2. For the European image of the bride is appropriate bright shades of lipstick, you can take even red, it will not spoil the delicate wedding makeup. Features in the application of color. The contour of the lips should not be let down, the lipstick applied easily, after that the pigment needs to be slightly injected into the skin with the pads of the fingers, a more natural shade will appear. As for the kisses that happen very often at the wedding, the lipstick will be erased, but it will make it almost unnoticeable, therefore it will not be necessary to tint often.
  3. It is especially important to make the skin clean, radiant. Blush are allowed only if there are no pimples and other redness on the face that can not be hidden, the blush only accentuates them.
  4. A variety of decor in the form of accentuated eyelashes and rhinestones is no longer relevant, it is better to abandon it.

Now we propose to consider the creation of a gentle wedding make-up step by step. For the wedding, the bride can also make-up on her own, the main thing is to know how to do it right.

Instructions for make-up for brides

To look on your own wedding is amazing, you need to learn how to beautifully and correctly dye. We recommend trying the stages of applying cosmetics, prescribed further, a few days before the celebration, to earn a hand.

It is necessary to use high-quality cosmetics, creams should be water-resistant, and dry means - to have high pigmenting characteristics. The same goes for the brushes, they have to pick up the material well, give it away completely and shade well. So, at home, gentle wedding makeup is performed according to the following scheme:

  • It is necessary to gently cleanse the skin without applying exfoliation. Girls with a fat type of skin should not worry, the cosmetic layer will be quite dense, it will hide the shine.
  • Apply the cream, wait until it absorbs, at least fifteen minutes, remove the debris with a paper towel.
  • Apply a thin layer of base, it will give firmness to make-up.
  • Five minutes after applying the base, distribute the foundation, suitable for you in tone. Be sure to treat them with auricles, the fact is that they can blush and look ugly in the photo.
  • With the concealer, hide the dark circles around the eyes, shade well.
  • On the brush take a transparent powder, go through her skin, so you make the makeup more resistant, the fat gloss will disappear.
  • Correct the face shape with a dry powder of light brown tint, if necessary, create a blush in the appropriate tone.
  • To gentle wedding makeup shine, on the upper eyelid, apply white pearly shadows, reaching the eyebrow line.
  • Draw a dense line along the contour of eyelash growth with a dark brown pencil, brown-eyed can be used in black. Create arrows, blend the outline, this will help the brush in the form of a barrel.
  • In the shade of the "coffee with milk" shade, top the eyelid to the orbital bone, the border should be as inconspicuous as possible.
  • Move the moving part of the century with darker shadows so that a smooth flow of color from dark to darker is obtained.
  • Lips lightly make up a pink or red lipstick, add a pearl luster. You can do without lipstick, but the shine should be pigmented, dense.

Using this guide, you will be able to create wedding make-up yourself, it will not be worse than after visiting the stylist. Consider the options for the make-up for a different type of appearance.

What is actual in 2017?

The bride's make-up remained gentle. It is necessary to avoid fatty and noticeable lines, makeup is applied with light movements. Bright shades of shadows, such as purple and blue, must be diluted so that they do not catch your eye, become almost weightless. We suggest to consider the actual trends for each type of appearance separately. We will base on the color of the hair and eyes.

For green-eyed brides

This is the rarest, mysterious color of the eyes, and it is worth emphasizing, highlight. A good intermittent contour is created, for this you can take a dark gray or plum shade pencil. Carefully cover the circles under the eyes with concealer, the tone should be even, so use a foundation and transparent powder. Shadows, perfectly emphasizing the green eyes, are purple, lilac and plum. Put them on the mobile eyelid, shade with mother-of-pearl white or silvery shadows.

Delicate wedding makeup for blue eyes

Incredibly beautiful blue and blue eyes highlight all variations of orange, but to create a gentle makeup for the wedding is too bright. Stop the selection on a tender peach or salmon shade. If the skin is pure white, the exterior is cold, you can use purple or blue. It must be remembered that the shades are applied not in a greasy layer, but so that only a small accent is obtained.

Makeup for gray eyes for a wedding

Many call these eyes chameleons. The fact is that, depending on the frame, they change color, becoming blue or greenish. You can choose what they will be on the day of the wedding, using a palette of emerald or blue hue. For gray eyes, gamma, suitable for blue and green eyes, is acceptable. You can also use classic chocolate shades.

Black or brown eyes

Delicate wedding makeup for brown eyes is created by applying dark brown hues. You can use the blue shadows, if the skin is light, for the brownies they are unacceptable.

Brown-eyed girls need to add a mother-of-pearl to make the skin shade, flicker. Eyelashes should be very lush, and will look gentler if you paint them with dark brown mascara, "bunches".

Make-up for bride-blondes

Blonde girls should not be pale at the wedding, but you can not allow fat lines. The most optimal shades for make-up blondes are peach, tea rose, gold. To the skin shine, add a hailer in tone, create a blush. Lip your lips gently pink with a flicker or light pigmented shine.

Delicate bridal makeup for brunettes

Beige-pink tones are best not to use. A deep chocolate shade, complemented by golden reflections, will be beneficial. Sponges can be made up with red, plum or other dark lipstick.

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