How can I fix a registry error using CCleaner?

Now the market is full of various utilities that are used to optimize and clean Windows. Unfortunately, when using them, problems often arise, and sometimes you have to resort to a complete reinstallation of the system. That's why we recommend using the famous CCleaner utility.

But how to fix a registry error with it? It's very simple: launch the program, click on the tab with the name "Registry". After you have placed the check boxes next to the desired items (or you just want to leave the settings intact), you need to click on the "Find problems" button. The application will automatically check the system registry for obsolete and simply erroneous records.

How to avoid unpleasant consequences?

The program is completely free and well Russified. It lacks useless functions like integration with social networks or backup. That's why you can fix registry errors, without being distracted by the extra "tinsel". Unfortunately, such a wise approach is not typical for all producers of free software.

Depending on the power of your computer, the utility will output the result of its searches after a while. Before correcting the registry error in the automatic mode, you can choose the option of manual correction. Before starting the fix, we recommend that you make a full backup in case you are not too sure about the correctness of your actions. If after cleaning something goes wrong, you can always restore all the important parameters from the copy.

But if you did not touch anything in the settings of the application, then it is unlikely to reach it. The program automatically selects the best method for correcting incorrect records.

It is better to repeat the above two or three times to ensure the complete absence of "garbage" in the system.

And if you want to restore order to the hard drive, removing all unnecessary, start the program again, select the cleaning item, and then click on the analysis button. Before starting the process, it is strongly recommended to close all browsers installed on the system, otherwise the application will not be able to correctly determine how much they have accumulated extra files during their work. By the way, before you start cleaning, you can go to the application menu, marking those that need to be checked. Since this program for the correction of errors in the registry is extremely "smart", do not worry about the erroneous removal of something you need.

What should not be touched in the settings

However, in advance you are warned that many items on this list are best left untouched, leave the previously set values. Before you correct the registry error, read these points carefully:

  1. Almost all the installed programs leave traces in the register, most of which nobody needs. Only you in this case decide which of the files should be left and which ones should be deleted. If you do not understand anything about this, it's better not to get carried away.
  2. Most of the files you have marked can be deleted without any damage to the system. But thoughtless deletion often manifests itself in the form of programs that can not start, as well as crashes of the system to a blue screen.
  3. Very carefully refer to the "Windows" section. As you can understand from the title, there are collected functions that can directly affect the performance of the entire system. Enthusiastic - will have to undergo OS recovery procedure

So, back to the analysis process. The program will scan all files, then report to you about the results. The scanning process may take some time, depending on the size of your hard drive, as well as the clutter of the system. After the analysis, you need to click on the "Cleanup" button, after which all the "garbage" will go into oblivion.

We hope that we were able to explain to you how to fix the registry error!

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