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Fish casserole, as in the kindergarten: a few simple recipes

About the benefits of fish, probably already written abound. About its importance in the diet says at least the fact that earlier in all institutions of catering was obligatory fish day (first one, and after - and twice a week)! If you constantly eat fish, then the cardiovascular and bone systems of the human body will always be in perfect order until old age (a vivid example of this - the inhabitants of the island of Okinawa, for generations, eating seafood for food).

Variety of dishes

In the kitchens of the peoples of the world (especially those who from time immemorial lived near water spaces), there are a huge number of dishes prepared from fish and seafood. The raw materials used are subjected to a variety of processing: frying, cooking, baking, pickling, quenching, marinating. What the cook did not come up with to cook fish. One of the dishes - fish casserole (as in kindergarten, nostalgic). Prepare it quite simply, even an inexperienced cook will cope.

Fish casserole, as in kindergarten

Imagine a situation that your child of a kindergarten age demands on Saturday morning, when in a garden day off, to prepare for it for breakfast "something like in a kindergarten." Fish casserole, as in kindergarten - the best option. It is tasty, nutritious, and useful for the baby's organism (and you will not be harmed: phosphorus and amino acids contained in fish and rice are an excellent combination of products). And it can be introduced into your baby's diet from the age of two. So let's try to cook!

Basic recipe for fish casserole, as in kindergarten

To get an "authentic" dish, you need to take: a fish fillet - 600 grams, a glass of milk, a couple of spoons of flour, two eggs, two spoons of cow butter, breadcrumbs, pepper ground black and salt. This portion will suffice not only to savor your child, but also to a family of three.

Prepare simply!

Fish casserole, as in kindergarten, is prepared quite simply. It is better to take fish from the sea (there are fewer pits and more phosphorus and useful fats in it). If it turned out to take not the fillet, but the carcass - do not get discouraged.

  1. We release the fish from the bones and skin (if the fillet - then go to the next item automatically).
  2. Fillet put in a saucepan in cold, slightly salted water, let it boil, and cook on the smallest fire for no more than 5 minutes.
  3. The fillet is removed from the pan, cooled and kneaded with a fork until it is a mushy condition.
  4. In a heated dry frying pan, fill up the flour and dry it to a golden color. Butter, pre-melted, pour into the flour and mix thoroughly to avoid lumps.
  5. Milk in a separate container is brought to a boil and add a mixture of flour and oil. Stir and add salt with pepper. Remove the sauce from the heat and let it cool down for a while.
  6. A mold for baking (not very large, or better - a few small ones) is greased with lean oil. At the bottom of the form, put half the fish mince and pour the sauce. Then another layer of fish. We fill the top with the remaining sauce.
  7. Eggs beat whisk, water the future casserole, and on top of the whole mass sprinkled with a good bread crumbs.
  8. We put in the oven, heated to 180. Bake 20-25 minutes before a ruddy crust. We take out the finished products, cool and feed the baby (and you yourself will fall).

Variation with rice

Fish casserole with rice (as in kindergarten), as one of the options, has the right to exist. I must say that rice in some Soviet kindergartens was added by cooks solely for the purpose of saving fish: if you put half the mass in a dish as rice, then the fish is wasted exactly half as much! But we, like modern cooks, will not use rice in order to save the main product. It has long been observed that rice in combination with fish gives an intensifying flavor effect, allows the benefits contained in sea inhabitants to be quickly absorbed by the body. And besides - so really tasty!

Ingredients: fish fillets - 500 grams, rice - glass (ideally boiled rice by volume should be equivalent to fish), a glass of milk, a couple of eggs, butter and cow's oil - little by little. Of course, salt, breading and pepper.

We need a fish casserole, like in a kindergarten. How to cook it with rice? Approximately the same scheme as in the previous recipe. Boil the fish (just a short time). Boil rice until almost ready. We make sauce, as in the basic version: from flour, milk, butter. In the baking dish, put the mixture of rice and fish in equal proportions. Pour a couple of spoons of sauce. Then fill the layer. Another sauce. Top - beaten egg and crackers (do not forget salt / pepper). We send it to the oven and bake it until it blushes (20 minutes, usually, no more). For those who do not like ruddy crusts: the dish, in principle, is ready already and after 10 minutes, when the crust has not yet formed and not browned. So you can shorten the cooking time (the main ingredients have already been thermally treated). We take out the prepared dish from the oven and eat it. Pleasant to all!

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