What is the shield of Achilles?

Since ancient times, adventurers have been attracted to historical artifacts. Such things possessed beauty and individuality, carried in themselves the magical properties that were given to their owner. At the risk of their lives, people went in search of treasures to the farthest corners of the world for the sake of the chance to become the owner of the coveted specimen. One of these artifacts is the shield of Achilles, which will be discussed in this article.

What it is?

The description of the shield of Achilles occupies a special place in the work of Homer the "Iliad", narrating about the last tragic months of the Trojan civilization. One of the most significant figures in the work is Achilles. In the text a large section is assigned to his shield, which was unique in importance, beauty and mysticism. It was he who was to bring victory to Achilles and his people in a decade-long war with the Trojans. And he brought it.

Hero of the Trojan War Achilles (Achilles). Mythology

Achilles was born as a result of the marriage of King Myrmidonyan Peleus and the sea goddess Thetis.

The goddess knew that fate prepared her son the opportunity to play an important role in the history of the Greeks in the capture of the city of Troy. That people will long remember him as a brave, courageous, glorious youth, equal in power to which for a long time will not be in the world. But she also knew about the sad end of his life under the walls of Troy.

With all his might, the mother tried to protect the child from the inevitable finale. Baby Thetis rubbed ambrosia, kept in the fire, at night bathed in the waters of the underground river Styx. All these actions promised him immortality and protection, and only the heel of the child, for which the mother held the child over the water, remained defenseless. Later, this will play a fatal role in the life of Achilles.

Having been disapproved by her husband for her actions with the child, Fetida was forced to leave her husband's house and hide in the sea element of Nereus' father forever. Achilles was also transferred by the father to the education of the centaur Chiron, who fed him with brains and internal organs of bears and lions.

While still very young, the future hero killed ferocious animals, in the race he surpassed the fastest-toed animals, and mastered mastery and weapons and healing. The power and strength of it were unsurpassed. The mother watched the life of her son, was happy with his successes and was always there to help Achilles in difficult situations and to protect from any danger. Her help and participation were needed when the young hero was left without his armor at the siege of Troy. Armor, a spear from Chiron and immortal horses from Poseidon, the father handed to Achilles, when he himself could no longer participate in the perennial Trojan War.

Achilles, however, hospitably giving these things to his friend Patroclus at the Battle of Troy, was left without uniform. Thetis for new armor for her son went to the mountain to god Hephaestus. He could not refuse a beautiful goddess in a request and for one night forged a shield for the hero.

Was the Hephaestus a painter or an artist?

And Hephaestus threw copper, tin, silver, and precious gold into the fire. Of the five copper sheets stacked together, the master forged a large, round and slightly bulging shield for Achilles. Three rims border him, and pictures of tin, silver and precious gold adorn. What did Hephaestus depict on the shield of Achilles?

Above the semicircle the sky is spread, and in the center of the weapon is an eminence (hillock), which symbolizes the earth: it is in the center of everything. What could be more important? Around depicts pictures of people's lives. Two cities, symbolizing joy and sorrow, good and evil. One city brought thoughts of fun, people on it celebrated weddings in the streets of the city, young boys played on various musical instruments, and beautifully dressed girls escorted them with looks and smiles. The second city is besieged by enemies and people in the struggle for life arrange an ambush to the enemy. The gods of war, Ares and Athena Pallada, help the people of the city, observing what is happening from above, and on earth the God of death and enmity seeks prey among the valiant warriors who fiercely oppose the enemy.

Also on the shield is a city court in the form of a people's assembly. The elders with staffs in their hands express their opinions about the various disputes of the city residents who come to them with their problems every day. A reward in the form of gold awaits that old man, who will judge correctly and honorably.

What is depicted on the shield of Achilles yet? Hephaestus and fields were painted. Plowmen work for plows. On the outskirts of the field wait for tired workers cups with cold wine and coolness in the shade. Pictured by a master and harvesting wheat. Some people are reaping bread, the second is knitting, and the children are collecting grain. The owner of the field is happy to see how to harvest a rich harvest. Separately depicted people preparing food for field workers. Some cut livestock to cook meat on fire, others bake bread. Next image shows the harvesting of grapes. Girls and men carry ripe grapes in baskets. A fine man plays the lyre, and around him people lead a cheerful dance.

The following image shows a herd of rare bulls in the color of gold and silver that go to the river to drink water. Lions attack cattle and tear the body of one of the poor animals to pieces. The shepherds want to help, make attempts to drive away the lions with the help of dogs, but they feel fear of the king of animals and only bark at them. In the neighborhood are shown grazing sheep, buildings for animals and modest huts shepherds.

What is the brightest on the shield of Achilles? Another image shows dancing stately young men and beautiful girls in a dance and villagers looking with joy at these dances. Surrounds all these pictures of people's lives. The ocean. A beautiful border is located on the shield, representing a white strip. Ends the full picture on the shield of Hephaestus with the image of a starry sky with numerous constellations - Orion, Pleiades, Hyades and Big Dipper.

The universe on one shield

All worldly life is depicted on the shield of Achilles. It includes joy in the form of holidays, and loss from war, and the simple life of people with daily routine work in the fields, and holidays with loving young men and girls whirling in dance with happiness.

All this adorns the sea and the heavens with our unchangeable lights of day and night - the Sun that shines inextinguishable to us every day, and the Moon that controls the World Ocean. People also have a huge role in stars, many fates depend on their location. People look at them and are guided by them. A whole universe is imprinted on the shield of Achilles, and in the center of everything is the earth's firmament. It is to her that she owes her life, her kind. This shield can be safely called the greatest work of art. It was unique. Up to this point, there was still no such masterpiece from either people or from the gods.

Victory and death

With this shield the young warrior Achilles brought victory over Troy to his people, as the astrologer prophesied before the birth of the hero. But here, under the walls of the defeated city, Achilles took leave of life in battle with his enemy Paris. He hit him with a quick arrow in the heel, the one that was never dipped in the waters of the River Styx. The stunned Achilles could not evade the second arrow of the enemy, and she pierced his chest deadly. As predicted by the soothsayer, Troy was defeated, the hero's age was short, but bright. Legends and songs were composed by people in his honor. Temples and statues were created for the lay people's offerings.

Magical properties of the shield of Achilles

The golden mirror disk carried incredible magical properties. The owner he did all-powerful over people and events in life. With his help, Achilles could navigate anywhere, find any desired locality or any other place on earth and in the sky. People obeyed the power of his master and his will. He carried within himself the attraction of glory, power and all the riches of life. For its owner money and gold flowed the river.

The shield of Achilles (the photo of interpretation is given in the article) is endowed with such power that it is able to show to a person looking into it any event from life, be it past, present or future. But not every shield obeys and shows visions. A person must have certain high spiritual qualities and inner strength.

Disappearance of the shield and the discovery of Troy

After the death of Achilles, the shield was taken by the gods to Olympus, because they believed that people are unworthy of his mystical qualities. Over time, the gods could not share the artifact of such power among themselves, and since then the shield disappeared forever.

For a long time, historians and archaeologists have sought confirmation of the existence of the Trojan civilization in the past, its hero Achilles and the magic shield, to which there were no equal. To find and excavate the ruined city of Troy was succeeded by the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1873. Later, Henry tried to find the tomb of Achilles himself, to find the famous shield that gives power, but the search was not crowned with success. The shield was not found. Hitler also made attempts to find this artifact, but the location of the shield is unknown to this day.

Significance of tattoos

Since ancient times people have applied drawings to their bodies for different purposes. The patterns on the body carry information about belonging to tribes, peoples, the situation in society, the family status and the presence of children. With the advent of civilization, many designations were abolished, and tattoos became part of the lives of many young urban people. The multifacetedness of pictures, forms, volumes, which people depict on their bodies, is striking. Each of them is unique in its own way and carries its own special designation, purpose and influence on destiny.

Magic Shield on the Body

What will bring us the image of the magic shield of the Greek hero Achilles on his body?

To put the tattoo of the shield of Achilles on your body is recommended by a strong spirit to people who are able to stand up for themselves. Then such a tattoo will become an ally in any endeavors and deeds. Drawing protects a person from the many misfortunes and adversities that fate can prepare for him. The owner will give confidence and perseverance, determination and pressure. Prompt the right direction in life situations. And maybe, wealth will also give to its owner ...

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