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To dream in a dream: what is it?

Hello, friends! The topic we have today, frankly, is not very pleasant. It's not customary to talk about it in public, but this applies to each of us individually. We will talk about one very common dream. Have you ever wondered what it means to dream ... shit? So do I. But in this article, we'll think about it. Let's start, perhaps.

Shit shit - different!

First of all, we note that any interpretation of this dream implies different nuances. In other words, you need to try to pay attention to all the details of this dream. In general, to see in a dream shit - to financial well-being. This is considered a very good sign, but such a profitable interpretation is impermanent! Different dream books explain this picture in different ways. Miller's dream book

  1. To dream in a dream - to losses, failures and changes. Do not rule out disappointment and divorce.
  2. If the feces are in your house, prepare for the forced relocation. The fact is that soon there will be some troubles that will force you to change your place of residence.
  3. If you emptied yourself, and even in a public place (for example, in a cafe or at a bus stop), then expect to uncover some terrible secrets and secrets that promise failures ...

See in a dream shit in the interpretation of Tsvetkov

  1. Shit in your dreams speaks about any problems in your personal life, which will necessarily cause mental suffering.
  2. If a man dreams, as he shakes the shit from his trousers, then he should be alert. The day is coming when he finds himself in a rather awkward position for the simple reason that someone very curious will know more about him than he would like!

Modern dream book

  1. Seeing shit in a dream is a very good sign. It is logical to assume that the dreamed human feces promise us a solid wealth: inheritance, a big win and so on.
  2. If you see dung of cattle, prepare for unpleasant surprises. If the manure is dreamed of by the farmers - to a rich harvest!

Loff's Interpretation

This dream foreshadows financial profit. Money will pour into your pocket, as if from a cornucopia! From the psychological point of view, this dream implies an unbridled desire of the dreamer to live in financial prosperity, and also to be financially independent.

The Interpretation of Freud

  1. In a dream, to see a lot of shit - to mental wanderings and torment. In real life, you will "pour" them with interest. Sexual frustration is possible.
  2. Freud argues that feces in a dream are a loss of all spiritual values of the dreamer. If you still eat shit, prepare for a continuous negative in real life. There may be problems in sexual relations.
  3. If you are wiped in a dream and at the same time carelessly smeared in your own shit, expect unpleasant news related to your personality. Perhaps by mail you will be sent a major fine from the traffic police, or you will receive a summons to the court.
  4. Dirty with other feces - to the news of the man whose shit you are, in fact, smeared. It can be the secrets of your colleagues and so on.

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