Recreational running and its types

It has been scientifically proven that health running is very effective, and most importantly - a free and affordable way to strengthen the body and improve it, and also lose weight. It positively affects many organs and systems of our body.

A leisurely, short-term health run is shown at any age. In addition, they can be engaged at any time of the year and in almost any weather. Improving the functional capabilities of the body, it perfectly hardens it, making it stronger and more enduring. With the help of running alone, you can permanently retain the activity and motor skills necessary in everyday life.

Depending on the result you want to achieve with the help of running, you can do it in the evening and in the morning. Running in the morning will help to awaken after sleep, will give tone to the muscles and give a positive emotional charge for the whole day. Also, the morning wellness run stimulates the digestive system, launches the work of all vital organs. And thanks to the evening run, you can easily get rid of the stress that has accumulated throughout the day. It also promotes a sound and healthy night's sleep.

But in order to, while running and achieving positive results, it is necessary to remember the main rule - the "golden mean". An insufficiently long run will not give the desired result, and if you run too long, you can achieve, instead of a positive effect, overworking the body and suppressing the functions of its systems that are necessary for a full-time life. The optimal time for a wellness run is about 30 minutes.

How to run properly, and what kinds of running exist? In addition to the usual running, there are many more of its types.

For example, running on the stairs has long won popularity as an effective means to improve the tone and for a beautiful figure. Doing it, you will bring your legs, buttocks and press into an excellent shape, and your cardiovascular system will never fail. Thank you for such exercises and breathing system. After all, each of you repeatedly had to notice a shortness of breath while climbing the stairs. And if you run often on the stairs, the lungs will be cleared and increased in volume.

Another, no less useful form of running, is running with weighting. But it is inherently designed for professional athletes. After all, if the runners show good results in such occupations, then without weighting indicators will be several times better. The role of weighting agents can perform as a backpack or dumbbells with a certain weight, and special devices that are worn on different parts of the body (legs, hands, belt). For beginners or those for whom health running is more important than professional achievements, weighting agents are not needed, since they give a very large additional load. But to get rid of extra pounds, these devices - this is what you need. But do not use them from the first session. At the beginning of training weighting can only harm newcomers - for example, damage the joints of the knees and ankle joints. And one more important rule of using various kinds of weighting agents: run systematically, gradually increasing their weight.

There are many more kinds of running: aerobic (most effective for weight loss), anaerobic (for acceleration), jogging (a kind of aerobic running at a slow pace), fartlek (change of tempo and speed during one run), light fartlek and sprinting. In any case, regardless of the type of running, such training can bring great benefits to your body if you follow the recommendations of specialists. Run - and be healthy!

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