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Payment of a fine GIBDD at a 50% discount: procedure, law and reviews

Since the beginning of 2016, a new law has come into force, according to which a fine of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate is paid with a 50% discount. Its goal is to simplify the procedure and encourage debtors to repay the debt in a timely manner. Let's consider, for what offenses payment of penalties with a discount of 50 percent is put and how it is made.

The main provisions of the law

Among the issues that are highlighted in the law, the following are highlighted:

  • payment period;
  • Methods;
  • Redemption of fines by citizens of other states;
  • Recovery of the amount from violators without proven income.

But the main thing that is introduced by the new law is the right of drivers to pay penalties in the amount of 50 percent. It is valid for 20 days from the receipt of the report from the inspector or the so-called "letter of happiness" by mail.

What will they do with defaulters?

Another important addition to the Code of Administrative Offenses is the growth of the fine two times in cases where the debt is not repaid two months or more from the date of imposition of the penalty. If, after that, payment is not made, then the administrative case is transferred to the FSSP, which, as is known, now has ample opportunities.

A defaulter can expect not only the need to pay the amount due, but also the arrest for fifteen days or correctional work. Also, the offender will not be able to go abroad. Such measures are taken against those defaulters who systematically violate the law. Before them, however, there remains the choice: the voluntary payment of a fine by the traffic police (with a 50 percent discount, of course, it is already impossible to pay off the debt) or to pass a court instance, as a result of which the amount will be collected from him forcibly.

Who is entitled to a discount?

Any lawbreaker who has a document in his hands obliging him to pay a fine can do this by making 50 percent of the amount collected. How the document is received does not matter. The fine can be written out by a DPS employee with his own hand and handed to the driver or fixed by a video surveillance camera and received by mail. One way or another, the driver is given 20 days, during which time a fine of the traffic police can be paid at a discount of 50 percent. Undoubtedly, this innovation receives only positive feedback.

All offenses recorded by security cameras and for which you have received "letters of happiness" are subject to the law on discounts. In addition, if you go to check the availability of fines on the online site on the Internet, then there will be indicated the same information. You can visit the official website of the traffic police or use the electronic portal of public services.

Offenses that fall within and do not qualify for a discount

For offenses provided for in Chapter 12 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, from the beginning of 2016 it became possible to pay a fine of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate with a 50% discount. Such a privilege is valid only for 20 days. But in Article 3.22 of Part 1.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, there are some exceptions. So, the driver who has violated the following traffic rules will pay all 100 percent of the fine amount, in cases if:

  • He was under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Refused to undergo a medical examination;
  • As a result of the accident, caused harm to the participants in the accident;
  • Went to the oncoming lane;
  • Repeatedly violated the traffic rules by going to the prohibiting signal of the traffic controller or traffic light, speed mode, driving the vehicle, unregistered at all or decorated incorrectly.

Repeated is an offense committed within a year after the previous one. Thus, violation of SDA, falling under the discount, can be made only once a year. For the next offense, the driver will pay the full cost of the fine.

The discount does not apply to violations of parking rules within the city of Moscow. Therefore, a fine of 2500 rubles is paid for this.

How to pay a fine of the traffic police at a discount of 50 percent?

Having dealt with who and when pays, we will now consider how this can be done. If the driver is a law-abiding citizen, even if he violates the traffic rules, he immediately pays the receipt. Then the law allows you to save money and make only half of its value.

Where can this be done? Many today, on the Internet, fines are paid by the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate at a discount (both on the state services portal and on the website of the traffic police, as well as through electronic purses and special online applications).

But in order for the discount to be effective, one must not forget the timing. Discount will cease to be valid after the expiry of 12 noon on the 20th day. It turns out, if the protocol you received the first day at 13:00, then 50 percent of the amount can be paid only until 12 noon on the 21st. After that, money is paid in full.

At the same time, the time of payment is not the time of receipt of the amount on the account of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, but the moment of its production and receipt of the receipt by the driver on hand or notification of writing off via SMS. After payment it is desirable to check the fact of receipt of funds to the account of the traffic police (this is stated in many reviews). If the money does not come, then it's best to drive to the office and show the receipt. Then you will protect yourself from possible misunderstandings.

This procedure is an innovation. This year, the effectiveness of paying a fine traffic police at a discount of 50%. The law provides for preferential treatment only for offenses of an easy nature. Thus, it serves as a support for law-abiding citizens who, by carelessness or other reasons, have violated the SDA.


Today more than ever, the rule is "Warned - means armed". Drivers should be aware of all the innovations in traffic rules. It happens that information about the discount is received only after they have paid the fine in full. Can half of the debt be repaid? Unfortunately no. After all, a privilege is the driver's right, not a duty. Therefore, to use it or not, he decides for himself.

In addition, do not leave "for later" receipts with fines and do not expect to pay them on the last day. Reviews confirm that it often happens when this day passes unnoticed, and then you have to pay the full amount.

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