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Maniac Sergey Tkach: biography, victims and punishment

The possible number of violent murders committed by Sergei Tkachom is more than 60. This exceeds the bloody indicators of both Chikatilo and Anatoly Onoprienko, and allows us to talk about Tkache as the most brutal maniac of the present and past centuries.

Unsuccessful athlete

Sergei Tkach was born in 1952. Place of birth: Kiselevsk, Kemerovo region. In his native city he lived childhood and adolescence. According to the investigation materials, while we were in Kiselevsk, Tkach was not engaged in criminal activities. However, the maniac himself did not exclude this, because, according to him, his whole life passed like in a fog, so he does not remember much. Having fallen into the hands of law enforcement agencies, the brutal murderer began to pretend to be insane, but the forensic medical examination did not confirm this. Although there was indeed a reason for insanity.

The boy was the fourth child in the family, parents practically did not pay attention to him, which became a prerequisite for the appearance of isolation and cruelty, which later developed into maniacal inclinations. In his youth Tkach, according to his physical characteristics, lagged behind his peers: he was short and thin. These shortcomings, he compensated, intensely engaged in sports. One of his hobbies in high school was weightlifting. In this field, he even achieved certain successes: he became the champion of Kiselevsk in raising the bar among juniors. More than once was in the prizewinners of the championship of Kuzbass in this sport. It is known that Sergei Tkach is even a candidate for master of sports in this discipline. But soon one more child's psychological trauma was added. He, injuring during the training tendon on his left arm, forever lost the chance to achieve success in the big sport.

The next setbacks

As a seventh grader, Sergei falls in love with the girl Lida, who was his junior for a year. For a long time, they were connected by friendship, and then by warmer relations. According to Tkach himself, he never reached an intimacy, but he was striving for this. This is another fact from the life of the future brutal murderer, which served as a prerequisite for the development of his sadistic inclinations.

After graduation, Tkach is drafted into the army. In the training part, he receives a military profession (aerial photography decoder), to serve as a means of sending him to the Far North, to Tiksi Bay. While still a soldier with a regular service, Sergei Tkach, whose biography was quite normal until a certain moment, goes to the Sevastopol Naval School. But he could not study there: on one of the regular medical commissions he was not allowed to go further because of serious heart problems. Here is another of his life's troubles. I must say that he took the deduction from the school very close to his heart, which proves the attempt of suicide, which happened almost immediately after his return to Tiksi. He drank the vinegar essence, but he survived. However, he was fired from the army.

Killer of dogs

Probably, at this time in his distorted consciousness there was already a need to kill. After retiring from the army he did not return to his homeland, but stayed in Tiksi, supposedly to save money.

His occupation was the catching of wandering and wild dogs. Being an inspector in the relevant organization, he almost did not use official small-bore rifles, preferring to hammer dogs with an iron rod. In the house, which he was assigned at work, he stored the bodies of dead dogs. As an additional earnings he was engaged in selling dog skins to furriers, who used them for making umbrellas, sleeveless jackets, etc. As Sergei Tkach told at the trial, he especially liked to rip off the skins. He killed hundreds of dogs, earning a lot of money in this cruel field.

Soon Tkach decided to return to his native Kiselevsk, where he began his criminal activities. At first he did not dare to kill, but sadistic inclinations, fueled by his terrible mockery of dogs, demanded blood. Tkach first of all began to take revenge on his school offenders, terribly beating and mutilating them.

Service in the ATS

Strangely enough, he did not suffer punishment for his actions of that time. On the contrary, among the other demobilized, who were called to serve in the bodies, he became a police officer. Having received the rank of sergeant, began to work as a junior inspector of criminal investigation, and after the completion of the relevant courses he moved to the laboratory of the Internal Affairs Directorate, where he took the position of forensic expert. Often leaving for robberies and murders, revealing the prints of villains, Tkach has learned to hide the traces of his own crimes, after all, his actions went unpunished for almost 25 years. He studied the anatomy of the human body future maniac, more than once participating in the exhumation. His sophisticated consciousness even then captured how people are killed, then to use knowledge in their terrible activities.

Four years later, Sergei Tkach resigned from the bodies. He, stealing his son's deceit, took him to the Crimea, where his parents lived. His ex-wife Vera, realizing what her husband had done, rushed after him. She flew to Crimea by the first plane and took her son, resorting to the help of the police.

And the grief-father was closed for a day in the "monkey". Coming out of there, angry and furious, he committed the first murder. The victim was a middle-aged woman, whom he first raped, and then took his life. Sergei Tkach is a maniac, whose biography shows that he was not yet completely degraded, because, seeing what he had done, the man was horrified. He did not expect to be capable of such atrocities. From the pay phone Tkach himself called the police and confessed to the murder. However, the instinct of self-preservation proved to be stronger, and the murderer fled from the crime scene. After this episode, he realized his impunity, and cruel humiliations became for Tkacha a game in which he played for 25 years, again and again circling the organs of internal affairs and depriving the lives of more and more innocent people.

Sergei Tkach - Pavlograd maniac

Soon a maniac who has already committed several murders moves to Pavlograd. There he married again, and in 1983 he had a daughter, who was named Nastya. For several years of life in this city, Sergei committed several dozen crimes, most of which were violent murders. He did not stop anything. Neither a little daughter, nor a loving wife. At that moment it was already not a man, but a beast in human form. Believing in his invulnerability, he finally became impudent, killing people even during the day and even in crowded places, every time leaving justice. It should be noted that several times he was detained on suspicion of committed crimes. But in the absence of evidence, all the time released or he bribed bribes.

The murderer Sergei Tkach himself admitted that he had never planned his crimes. According to him, everything happened spontaneously, "drunk", when something was "crossed over" to the head, and he became an uncontrollable animal.

Eerie crimes in Pologah

The next place of residence of the killer was a small town of Pologi, located in the Zaporozhye region. By his own admission, at that time he was absolutely furious: he killed and raped indiscriminately. And at night I got drunk until I lost consciousness. The only creature with whom Tkach "communicated" was his dog. He, while in a state of intoxication, poured out his soul, and with it, in the literal sense, he howled to the moon. In Pologah, the killer killed almost two dozen people.

Victims of Sergei Tkach

In total, Tkachom wrote 107 turnouts with confession, but not all of them were confirmed. Many crimes had no evidentiary basis. Only 32 episodes related to the murders were conducted through the court. He was sentenced to a life sentence, but this creature, which was born by a man, and later turned into an eerie monster, certainly deserves much worse.

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