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Learn how to choose a bicycle for a child

Sooner or later all parents are wondering how to choose a bicycle for a child. Theoretically, many people know that such a purchase must comply with some norms in order to become a positive acquisition, and not a punishment for the family. But which standards and requirements, oddly enough, not every adult knows.

The size

So, the bicycle: how to choose? First of all, you need to know the appropriate size of cycling. This takes into account the growth, the age of the young cyclist and his driving skills. Depending on the child's abilities, the type of brake and the number of speeds are determined. Only after that you can study the model in terms of design.


Responsible parents should know in advance how to choose a children's bicycle. There are established rules according to which it is determined whether a bicycle is suitable for a boy or girl: nuances concerning the frame and adjustment of the seat and steering. The frame of the vehicle should be about 10 cm below the crotch of the child. How do you know this? Ask the child to become straight. Legs shoulder width apart. The two-wheeled device is located between the legs and stands evenly. Can you see the distance of two match-boxes? Great, this is what you need to safely ride. In unforeseen situations, with severe braking, a person does not risk running into an unpleasant steel frame.


How to choose a bicycle for a child, based on the physical characteristics of the vehicle? When buying a two-wheeled vehicle, do not forget to inquire about the presence of seat and steering adjustment. This option will allow you to adjust the desired height for the correct position of the body and hands of your child. Wrong landing at the wheel can lead to discomfort when driving. A young citizen should enjoy bicycle tours, and not suffer from them. The adjustable seat is changed by fixing the steel pin attached to the seating plane. The height-changing steering wheel is also lengthened with steel tubes, which are the base of the structure.

Convenience and safety

The correct position of the rudder and the saddle ensures the comfort and safety of the rider. We should not forget about this, because the problem of "how to choose a bicycle for a child" is inextricably linked with the theme of safety of life and health of your beloved child. How to determine that the seat is at the correct height? If the offspring effortlessly reaches the pedal when the pedal is in the extreme position, the saddle is at the required level. One leg should be stretched for the entire length, and the second one is bent at the knee. Completely straightened leg rested on the lever, pushed to the extreme position. The toe of the toddler is in the middle of the step, so the seat is well placed. If only the toe touches the pedal, then the seat should be lowered. With the correct setting of the steering wheel, you need to take into account that the schoolboy, whose posture is formed, should not slouch, however, just as you can not allow the knees to touch the extreme arcs of the turn device. In the first case, the rudder rises higher, and in the second the angle of inclination changes.

When the family council discusses how to choose a bicycle for a child, do not forget that the safety of a young rider should be in the first place.

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