Hair coloring on short hair: fashion trends and actual colors

Women's desire to change their image can not be stopped. Every day, representatives of the fair sex create and improve the image with the help of new products of cosmetic products. The most popular procedure among all the others is hair coloring. On short hair, you can choose a lot of options for coloring, and it will radically transform any girl. What trends of coloring are relevant in this season, we will consider in this article.

From color to color

Uniform coloring is a classic option, which has already bothered many women. For this reason the stylists have been advancing for several years the coloring of the hair ombre to dark short hair. This technique implies a smooth transition from natural dark to ashy white, which gives the impression of burned strands. This effect can be enhanced by a smoother gradation of colors.

Ombre is a complex kind of staining, so it's best to contact a qualified craftsman. But then it is very simple to take care of hair: it is enough to tint roots once a month in the right tone. Most often, the creation of a gradient on the hair is chosen by girls who do not want to spoil the natural color, but at the same time they want to refresh it.

Sunny kiss on the hair

The melting of dark hair with the help of white strands is now considered an indicator of bad taste, but this technology is used now, but in a more relevant and interesting form.

Successor melirovaniya were Brazilian and caramel Californian staining, which are designed to emphasize the naturalness and make the hairstyle more expressive. Just like in ombre, the main task is to create the effect of burnt hair. Only here, for this purpose, individual strands are lightened: in the Brazilian version, the difference in tones is not significant, and the California transition is more abrupt. Most beautifully, this coloring looks on the elongated square and the square on the foot.

More colors

Not all are supporters of coloring in natural colors. For some, the rainbow on the hair is the best way of self-expression. Such bright personalities in this case can be pleased: the hair coloring on short hair in the form of a combination of different colors is also now in the trend. The most popular are delicate pastel colors - pink, light lilac, light green; And saturated dark - blue, green, purple. Some girls try to open the whole palette of one tone, for example, starting from the roots of light pink color and ending with the tips in a dark purple version.

Another popular option is the imitation of natural textures - sea water (the transition from graphite to a cool green tone), the sky (a combination of white and the whole palette of blue). Thus, the coloring of hair on short hair can be carried out with both ombre technique and Brazilian highlights.

New color in five minutes

Staining involves a cardinal change from the results of which it is difficult to quickly get rid of, even when necessary. But in some cases, hair color change is needed one-time, to create a certain image. In this situation, beautiful girls are suitable for painting hair on short hair with the help of special chalks, which are applied to wet strands. After drying and styling, the hair gets a rich tone, which can be washed off with ordinary shampoo. This option is suitable for children who like to repeat everything for adults. The main advantage of chalks is environmental friendliness and safety: they do not spoil the hair and do not remain on them after washing.

At the moment, you can buy chalks for hair either in bars or in discs. The latter option is preferable, since it does not stain hands and is quickly applied to strands.

Creative staining

Of course, fashionable hair coloring for short hair, the photo of which is presented here, should be primarily creative and reflecting the inner world of its mistress. So its content can be very diverse and unusual. However, if you chose creative coloring, you need to consider the parameters of your haircuts.

Possessors of hairstyles "under the boy" it is better to choose a variant with rare floral strands that shade the general tone. For example, a brunette suit with a blue and rich purple color, and blondes - with light pink or lilac.

For a square and a bean with elongation, a colored ombre with painted tips, or a two-level version, where a part of the hair will be in a contrast tone, will be best suited, and the main volume will mask them.

Hair up to the shoulders will look good with any staining technique, so here everything depends on the girl's desire, in any case, painting short hair this season assumes the presence of both calm, natural directions, and more extravagant.

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