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How to choose a toy for a child?

A child from the diaper feels the need for toys. Initially - it's rattles, pendant mobiles, etc.

It is games that contribute to the development of all the senses of the baby. When considering, he trains eyes, tactile sensations and various sounds improve the work of the brain. Do not deprive the little man of toys: he often switches his attention, so there should always be a wide choice.

The main condition for choosing a toy is its quality. We advise you to pay attention to the toy "Flying Fairy" in http://toy-top.com.ua - a good helper in the development of the child. It is not necessary to save at the same time. It is recommended to make purchases only in stores that have a long positive image, which is confirmed by numerous consumers. It is required to conduct a thorough inspection of the toy, sniff it. If the quality does not suit, then you should choose another toy. Low price is not an excuse for low quality.
Demonstrative toys in salesrooms are not intended for sale. All such products must be wrapped in wrappers, where the manufacturing date, the address data of the manufacturing plant and the country of manufacture are indicated.

A very small child needs to buy toys of contrasting color (for example, yellow and blue). With the growing of a baby, these colors are supplemented by a variety of shades. In this case, too sharp colors should be excluded so as not to irritate the child and not to have a negative impact on his vision.

It is also impermissible when the toy irritates the baby's hearing. Such products are in no way suitable for the child. An indispensable condition in toys of this kind is the presence of a volume control.

Avoid toys and toys with small elements: their baby can eat or breathe. Up to 5 years the child should buy toys, the elements of which are more than 4-5 cm in diameter. It is generally recommended to give birth to molluscs only cast toys.

Under each age group special toys are developed. Emotional and physical load from the toy must match the level of development of the child.

Any toy should be kept clean to avoid the accumulation of a large number of microbes on them. Soapy water can be used for treatment. If the toy is of high quality, the dye will not be washed off.

It is games that bring the child knowledge and joy. Therefore, without toys, which are the main assistants in such a case, simply can not do.

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