How to straighten the spine easily and effectively

Each person at birth has the right configuration of the spine. Exception can be made only by people who have had a wrong development in the womb. Over time, in connection with the wrong sitting at a desk, a computer and a number of other reasons, children develop a curvature of the vertebral column. This situation can be corrected at any age. Consider how to straighten the spine without resorting to complex manipulations.

Sleep best on a hard bed. The surface of the mattress should be flat. Avoid spring beds, they give a big load on the spine. Even if it is perfectly flat, gradually such mattresses will provide you with a curvature. A hard surface of the bed will help evenly distribute the load on the vertebrae and give your back at the same time to rest.

How to straighten the spine is the easiest? The best corrector for the back is your attention. If you periodically correct yourself, straighten in the spine and pull the crown up, then gradually your back will get used to this position. It will become natural for you, and will not require increased attention.

Buy yourself a hard pillow in the form of a platen. The vertebrae on it are most natural for themselves. The roller is usually at the level of 3 to 4 cervical vertebra. This will avoid the consequence of serious diseases of the nose, ears, eyes, as well as headaches.

How to stretch the spine with exercises? One of the most effective of them is the "goldfish". To perform it, you need to lie with your back on a flat surface, stretch your arms behind your head, and toe your toes. Then slowly begin to move first with your legs from side to side, as the tail of the fish moves. Vibration will gradually pass to the hips, lower back, and then to the entire body and arms. It is enough to perform this exercise 2 - 3 minutes a day, so that gradually the spine becomes erect.

How to treat the curvature of the spine? In this you will help exercise from yoga. Sit in the pose of "half-lotus" (in Turkish), put your hands behind your back, connect your fingers. Inhale and stretch the back of the head up. As you exhale, tilt your chin to your chest. And slowly, opening each vertebra, twist forward. Your back will slowly curl upward, and the top will be pulled closer to the floor. With complete twisting relax and stay in this position for about 1 minute. On inhalation, also straighten up slowly.

Put your hands on your knees, keep your chin by your chest. On inspiration, push forward the abdomen and chest, bend in the spine now in the opposite direction. Hold also for 1 minute. With an exhalation, slowly go back.

Consider the following exercise, which will help you learn how to straighten the spine. Place your left hand on your right knee, raise your other palm up. With inhalation, first stretch your spine upward, then with an exhalation lean exactly to the left. At full bend completely relax. After a minute, take a breath and climb. Replace your palms in places and repeat the slope to the other side.

Sit down, pull your left leg forward, bend the right knee, place the hip on the outside with the outer side, place the heel in the groin area. Put the left hand on the right knee, pull the right hand at the chest level. With a glance "get hooked" for your fingers and with an inspiration start to get your hand behind your back, turn the whole body along the axis of the spine, watching the palm of your hand. When completely curl in each vertebra, lower your right palm to the floor, look to look over your shoulder with a look. Watch your spine, it should be stretched vertically. After a couple of minutes, lift your right palm over the floor, look at your fingers and slowly unwind with an exhalation.

We looked at how to straighten the spine. Observing all the above rules, you can easily get rid of back pain and correct the correct posture.

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