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How to pickle pepper with honey? Variants of winter blanks

When we go to the store, we see how bright glass jars with various vegetable preserves are on the shelves. Particular attention is attracted to pepper - Bulgarian, pod, paprika, chili. This vegetable is of high benefit and pleasant taste. From such a variety of eyes run up and drooling flow - the hand stretches itself behind the jar.

But we all know very well that industrial blanks do not always differ in quality and use. Very often manufacturers add flavor enhancers and harmful preservatives to them. Therefore, we suggest not to be lazy and independently pickle pepper with honey, vegetables and other ingredients.

This method of canning is simple enough, and even a novice cook can master it. And with the addition of the beekeeping product, the billet acquires a rich taste, and in combination with the salt, it also prevents the propagation of pathogenic bacteria in the container. Sweet and sour snack-salad will delight the colors in the cold winter evenings.

Marinated pepper with honey: a recipe for harvesting for the winter

Of the ingredients you will need only Bulgarian multi-colored pepper. It is also necessary to make a spicy marinade from a glass of vinegar 6%, sunflower oil (200 ml), half a liter of water, sugar (glass), flower honey (50 grams) and a large spoonful of salt.

Phased technology

We peel the pepper from the seeds, cut into thin slices and throw into the boiling honey sauce (mix all the ingredients for the marinade). Vegetables should be cooked for 10 minutes. The thinner the pepper, the less time it takes to prepare. Determine the availability can be by the softness of the peel.

Then we shift the product along sterile containers and fill it with sweet syrup. Marinating pepper with honey is not difficult at all, the whole process takes no more than half an hour. But what a yummy it turns out!

Sweet pepper with spices

Ingredients: five kilograms of a thick-skinned Bulgarian vegetable (you can use a mixture of different colors), a glass of honey, ten pods of hot pepper, a liter of 6% vinegar, half a liter of vegetable oil, cloves and cinnamon - on a large spoon. Also put salt, bay leaf (8 pcs.) And cloves of garlic (at your discretion).

Making workpiece

Combine honey, vinegar and oil - boil the mixture. Put all these foods except garlic and pepper. Boil five minutes. Cut the vegetable into four parts, remove the stem with the seeds from it and blanch it for several minutes in a hot marinade - pull it out and cool it.

Put garlic and pepper on the bottom of the container and pour in the fill. We sterilize (in a water bath) for 10 minutes and roll up Bulgarian pepper marinated with honey. Can be closed with ordinary lids and stored in the refrigerator. The appetizer comes to any garnish.

Marinated pepper with honey: recipe with champignons

What is most pleasant is that there is absolutely no vinegar in the dish, instead of the acidifier, lemon juice and acid are added.

For a kilogram of Bulgarian peppers, it is necessary to take champignons (500 grams), one hundred grams of honey, half a lemon (squeeze out the juice), pepper ground white (dessert spoon), three cloves of garlic, parsley and a pinch of citric acid.

Step by step preparation

  • Chopped peppers are fried until golden in sunflower oil.
  • Boil water, throw salt, lemonade and mushrooms (cut into two parts) - boil 10 minutes.
  • Remove the mushrooms from the marinade, mix with chopped garlic, lemon juice, honey, pepper and salt.
  • Transfer to a deep cup or jar, pour the sauce and crumble the parsley.
  • Keep refrigerated.

In this original way, you can pickle pepper with honey and mushrooms. If you want to add sourish, you can pour apple cider vinegar.

Hot chili pepper

For fans of spicy and spicy dishes there is an interesting recipe that will please with a unique taste. Required products:

-kilogram of bitter pepper;

-med (50 g.);

- vegetable oil (50 ml);

- ginger crushed - pinch;

- two medium orange;

-Chicles-ten lobules;

- Two buds of a carnation;

- root of the horse-radish;

- Black pepper - 10 gr.

Warm up the oil, we put in the frying pan the extruded garlic with ginger and horseradish - fry the mass for a few minutes. We cut the chopped pepper with thin blocks and add it to the saucepan. Then squeeze the juice from the oranges and pour into the mixture along with pepper, cloves and honey. Stew the mass for 20 minutes. Ready marinated bitter pepper with honey and ginger roll on glass containers. The dish will amaze with an unusual aroma.

The second option

You can prepare a snack by a simpler method, it turns out not less delicious. Ingredients: 9% vinegar (glass), kilogram of chili, honey (20 g.).

Chile is well rinsed and tamped all over the tare - not cleansing of the seeds. Combine these ingredients (vinegar and honey), pour the marinade vegetables and put in the refrigerator or cellar. Here's how to simply pickle pepper with honey without sterilization, cooking and salt.

You have considered interesting and diverse versions of blanks, it remains only to choose a more suitable one and start creating a culinary work. Pleasant blanks!

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