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How to order on eBay independently and without intermediaries

To date, the world's most famous trading floor is eBay. Here you can buy absolutely any product you like at prices much lower than in stores in reality. But everyone who first discovers this site for themselves, asks a reasonable question: "How can I order things on eBay for myself?" Everything is not as difficult as it seems!

First step

Among other things, ordering on eBay is much easier than with competitors. If you look deeper, then those who ordered clothes on eBay, note the high protection of buyers from unscrupulous sellers. So, a simple step-by-step instruction:

  • To begin with, go through a simple registration procedure;
  • Then select the category of interest;
  • Place all tags to find the product;
  • Review all possible and suitable options;
  • Choose what you like;
  • Complete the purchase.

Registration means the creation of your personal account on the site. In it you can see all your purchases, viewed products, messages from the system and sellers. When registering, you must specify your actual residence address. He will then receive orders. Address please specify in Russian. If the international seller does not understand it, he will simply ask to send it in Latin letters then. It is noted that many of those who sell goods address simply print on paper and glue on a box or package, and then send. So there is a guarantee that "Russian Post" 100% will understand who the addressee is. Before ordering on eBay anything, make sure that your card is suitable for payment, and it has enough money. The prices on the site are listed in rubles for the convenience of Russian buyers, but sometimes they may differ in payment due to jumps at the ruble-dollar exchange rate.

Second phase

In each of the categories there are additional podcasts where you can find a specific product. For example, in the section "Fashion" you can find women's clothes, both male and children's. In electronics - telephones, computers, TVs and stuff. If you are interested in a particular product model, you know its name, then before you order on eBay, enter this name in the search box on the site. Keep in mind that all sellers offer their price for one item, as well as for delivery. To save as much as possible, you can put it in the labels "with free shipping." To receive an order quickly - "with accelerated delivery."

The third stage. Payment

Payment on the site occurs exclusively through the system PayPal. Previously, there were other options, but because of the frequent cases with scammers, they left this as the most reliable one. You do not need to replenish your account with PayPal before ordering goods with eBay! Just link your card to the payment system. All debits will be made directly from your card account. Still in doubt? Then, before you order on eBay goods, check out the reviews of other buyers about a particular vendor or talk directly with the latter. If you made an order, but did not pay for it during the time indicated by the site (21 days), then the reservation is canceled, and other people can buy it. Enjoy the shopping!

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