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Internet Services And Their Benefits For The Society.

You and I are witnesses of how rapidly modern technologies are developing and how hard it is to keep up with them. Fortunately, the population of megacities has succeeded in this race, but how to be those who live in cities with a lower rhythm of life, such as Mariupol, for example. Mariupol is a city where about 450 000 people live. Not that Mariupol is very small, but if you compare it with such cities as Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov, it obviously loses. Conditionally Mariupol can be divided into the following categories:

1) Youth. Most representatives of this group among online services use only social networks.

2) Progressive youth. The age category of this group is the same as that of "Youth", but unlike these, Progressive youth receives maximum information about everyday life by online methods.

3) Working. This group, in general, uses such online services as the sites of the city, but for acquaintance with other services they simply do not have time.

4) Progressive hard workers and housewives. These people, regardless of age, follow the development of technology and actively introduce them into their daily lives.

5) Entrepreneurs. This category is divided into two sub-groups: online entrepreneurs and offline entrepreneurs. Both the first and the second, to some extent, resort to the use of Internet technologies.

Well, now you know the main categories of users. The next question is how to introduce them to the most convenient services that allow you to save time. For example, a representative of the category Worker wants to lead his wife to the movies. So, in your opinion, where will it begin? He will go to the city site, with which he was introduced by his friend, the same Worker, as a rule. On the site, he will find exactly the cinema that other Workers advised him, call the cashier, find out the cost of tickets, availability of seats, etc. But if he knew about such a service, as, for example, a city billboard of Mariupol, he could save a lot of time by eliminating phone calls. Next, we will consider the case when an offline entrepreneur wants to popularize what he does, that is, Own business. If he had a good understanding of the Internet, he would have understood that he needed: the site, the website promotion, or contextual advertising. Such a mechanism would attract a lot of people.

Well, how do you make changes in the life of the social strata we are considering ? Much easier than they can imagine, the only problem is the work of online services themselves, which do not pay enough attention to advertising. Many miss the outdoor advertising online services. People come to the Internet from the real world, which means that online services should, first of all, facilitate their real life. If they like it, they will tell their friends and colleagues about it. So, do not neglect and outdoor advertising, business cards and leaflets. I wish you success in your online business. Take care of both your own and others' time. Do not forget that a high-quality online project should improve the lives of those who use it.

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