What is the background under the wallpaper

Wallpaper - this is one of the most common decorative coatings for walls. The rich abundance of materials and color solutions makes it possible not only to ennoble your home, but to make it as you wish. And the absolute majority of people are well aware of this. But few people know such a building material, as a substrate for wallpaper. With its help, you can significantly improve the performance of the walls, which are planned to be glued.

The substrate under the wallpaper is a roll material. As a rule, it is a foam polyethylene covered with paper on both sides. The purpose of this building material is to improve the sound and heat insulation characteristics. Similar properties will be especially relevant for walls that go to the street or to the landing. The substrate can be used for pasting surfaces with any kind of wallpaper, which indicates the versatility of this material. At the same time, a qualitative result is always provided in the form of an even and smooth wall.

Substrate under the wallpaper has a number of performance properties:

- Thermal insulation. This is one of the key properties that determines the choice of this material when performing repairs. This characteristic not only provides an opportunity for comfortable living in a house or apartment, but also allows you to save on heating.

- Soundproofing. In apartment buildings, there is a huge number of sources of various noises. This is the street, and neighbors, and a landing. In this case, a sound-proof substrate for wallpaper is sometimes just vital. After all, the house should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

- Ecological compatibility. This material is hygienically clean and harmless. It does not rot and is resistant to chemical compounds.

- Strength. The substrate under the wallpaper is not a fragile material. For its rupture or other deformation it takes a considerable effort. And this means that it's quite easy to work with him. In addition, in a new house, with a possible shrinkage of the foundation, the substrate will not give cracks.

- Resistance to microorganisms.

- Prevent condensation. This property is achieved due to the thermal insulation layer.

- Longevity. Various manufacturers give a guarantee for their products for a period of 20 to 50 years.

In order to cover the walls with a substrate, they should be prepared beforehand. It is necessary to remove the old coating and level the surface with a putty or other mortar. That is, you should perform the same operations as when wallpapering the walls. Next, the leveled surface should be treated with a primer. The substrate under the wallpaper is fixed with glue. The product sheets mount the joint in the joint, avoiding too much tension. Then the pasted material should dry. Usually it takes at least 24 hours. After that, you can glue the wallpaper.

An important issue in the performance of repairs is the cost of both the material itself and the work on its arrangement. There is a fairly large number of manufacturers producing similar building materials. One of the most common is the substrate under the wallpaper EcoHeat. The price per one square meter of the product is 137 rubles. This is quite inexpensive for a qualitative improvement in the performance of the walls. As for the works, the cost of wallpapering will increase by only 50 rubles per square meter. The final cost will increase by approximately 190 rubles.

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