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Internet-shop "Doctor Techno": reviews

How to choose a high-quality electronics store? Learn what customers say about it. With the help of this article, we will help you to understand whether it is worth to trust the Internet resource "Doctor Techno". Do they sell high-quality electronic devices?

About company

The main advantage of the electronics store "Doctor Techno" in Mitino is its extremely democratic prices. This is due to the fact that the resource does not have any need to pay rent or utility services for retail premises or servicing sales offices, therefore, it is not necessary to pay the labor of their numerous employees. This allows you to set minimum margins on products and delight your customers with the most affordable prices.

In addition, using the services of the Internet store "Doctor Techno", you can significantly save your own time and physical effort. You can get what you want directly from your house, instead of spending hours in a futile search for a suitable gadget.

No less pleasant emotions you get from communicating with experts working in the store. All employees are pleasant and serious people who responsibly relate to their duty to satisfy the needs of their customers.

You will receive your purchase incredibly fast. As a rule, delivery is carried out by carriers within 24 hours after the placement of the order and its direct payment. The buyer will not have to spend weeks waiting for the desired device.

All the equipment that is offered to the customers of the online store in question is certified, which guarantees its adequate functioning during the whole service life, as well as competent after-sales service. Any supporting documents you can request directly from the store.


"Doctor Techno" - an online store for phones, tablets and a variety of accessories to them. What can be found on this resource? So, in an affordable assortment of smartphones include well-known brands (Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Lenovo, Al Gee, Asus, Meizu, Blackview, Microsoft, Sony "and others), quality tablets (" Samsung "," Lenovo "," Apple ", etc.). Also on the site you can find a variety of accessories for newly purchased equipment (batteries, virtual reality glasses, protective films, adapters, replacement panels, car holders, cables, docking stations, cases, chargers, bags, pads, monopods, gloves, Bumpers, headsets, etc.). Such a wide choice will help even the most sophisticated buyers to find something to their taste and purse.

Positive feedback

What do consumers say about the online store "Doctor Techno"? Reviews about it are very diverse. In any case, the vast majority of buyers express their gratitude and state that there is only a pleasant impression of cooperation with the store in question. Customers like the high speed of the full-time resource team, friendly service, the absence of unnecessary unpleasant attention in the form of imposing additional services. Surprising and worthy of the range of products that will allow everyone to find a suitable model for themselves.

Negative feedback

However, of course, leave reviews about the online store "Doctor Techno" and less bright. What is the reason for the dissatisfaction of the company's customers? The main source of indignation is the fact that after a while certain models of devices fail. At the same time, this usually occurs during the period when the warranty service of purchases is still relevant. And, according to the same customers, the store staff readily responds to requests for help in the form of free diagnostics or repairs.


You can use one of the several available methods of delivery of products, which the Internet store "Doctor Techno" offers. Customers' comments indicate that the transportation system is well established, and the resource itself makes great efforts to make it as pleasant for customers to make purchases with the help of the resource under consideration.

The first way is to deliver the chosen goods to a suitable place with the help of a courier. Now this method is accessible to all and is not a privilege only of wealthy people. This method of delivery helps to save time and properly and efficiently plan your day. The courier staff will discuss with you in advance the expected place and time of arrival of the courier. Also they will make all the necessary updates directly on the day of delivery. This approach to customer service helps the latter to experience maximum comfort. Couriers, working in the online store "Doctor Techno", are serious, neat people who are responsible for their professional activities. As a rule, delivery on the territory of the city of Moscow is carried out within the first 24 hours after placing the order. Transportation of products is also carried out in a large number of large and small settlements located in the Moscow region. The price of the service, as a rule, depends on how far the delivery point from the office of the company is.

Another method is offered by the online store "Doctor Techno". The reviews speak well of the opportunity to pick up a purchase from the office by self-delivery at a suitable time for the client. What are the advantages of this service? The client has the opportunity to personally assess the quality of the operation of the purchased device, save on delivery, and ask all questions of interest to specialists working in the store.

Payment Methods

There are several ways to pay for the order. Next, we will take a closer look at each of them.

  • Cash settlement. In this case, the money will have to be transferred to the supplier through the courier, when he delivers the ordered parcel.
  • Credit calculation (in this case, interest will be added at a rate of 10% per annum). Many are frightened by the need to apply for opening a loan to the bank and related paper formalities. However, now there is an opportunity to register all necessary papers directly through the site of Doctor Techno (online store).
  • Cashless settlement. When using this method of payment, you have to pay a bank commission, which is three percent of the transferred amount. Often this method is preferred by legal entities. In order to use it, you need to indicate in time the appropriate method of payment in the process of making an order. "Doctor Techno" (online store) will provide an account intended for payment in any branch of a bank convenient for the customer. You can calculate within five days from the moment the account was issued. At the end of this period, if the payment has not been made, the account is automatically canceled. The goods will be delivered to the buyer within 24 hours after the calculation.


The resource takes care that its new customers return again and again. Therefore, it offers quality and professional after-sales service for any electronic devices purchased in the Internet store "Doctor Techno". Within a year after the purchase, the customer can contact the store staff for advice, diagnosis or warranty repair of the product.


Where do you pick up the purchased goods? In the capital there is one self-transportation center for the Internet store "Doctor Techno": Moscow, Pyatnitskoe highway, house 14. The metro station "Volokamskaya" can serve as an orientation. Also in the office of the store "Doctor Techno" (the address is the same) consumers can apply in the event that there are any questions or misunderstandings regarding the purchase process or the quality of the purchased goods.

The result

In order to make a decision, use the services of the online store in question, or not, you need to carefully examine the reviews about the store "Doctor Techno" (Moscow). This is the purpose of this article: to help you see if this resource is being used by users. Hurry to make a decision and implement your first purchase with this site.

Use the best services and do not regret shopping!

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