Front axle "Niva". The device and the principle of the front axle "Niva"

The modern person does not need to explain what the machines are intended for, but even a driver with many years of experience can not understand the design of the car. For the disclosure of the topic it is worth to briefly tell about two parts, namely about such as transmission and front axle. "Niva" as an off-road car is obliged by its patency to them.

General information

  • Transmission is a combination of mechanisms that connect the engine to the wheels.
  • The front axle is a part of the transmission that connects the front wheels of the car with the frame or with the body of the car.

The latter will be discussed in the article. The front axle of a car can be different in design, but in cars like "Niva-Chevrolet" the front The bridge is continuous and rigidly connected to the crankcase, since the car is equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive. The main advantage of a continuous bridge is that, due to rigid fixation of the tire, wear out much less, but all vibration from the wheels is transmitted to the car.

Even the element such as the front axle can help to stand out, "Niva" used all its resources - unlike the rear axle, the front is not only leading, but also controlled. The passage of the two cars, Chevrole Niva and Niva 2121, makes many prestigious "off-roaders" jealous, as many modern cars are called off-road vehicles, but they do not have a permanent all-wheel drive.

Front axle assembly

In the Niva-Chevrolet car, the front axle has such a basic element as the differential box, since the overwhelming majority of the remaining constituent parts are endless gears, nuts, covers and bearings in which a person who does not have a certain preparation will not understand. It is worth pointing out that one of the elements of the front axle is the crankcase.

But the most interesting part is the reducer of the front axle, "Niva" has constant problems with it. Repair is currently almost no one is engaged, fixing is limited to installing a serviceable element. When replacing a broken gearbox with a working one, it must be remembered that the new one must correspond to the rear fellow, otherwise the car may break much earlier than the time limit or completely refuse to go.

What is a differential?

The aforementioned differential is a device that distributes forces to the wheels. It works as follows - if one wheel slips, then when the differential is locked, the force is transferred to another pair of wheels and the car leaves the deep mud, high snowdrifts, etc. Powerful cars are able to leave the deep off-road with the coupling of even one wheel, that is "Niva-Chevrolet", the front bridge of which burrows into the snow and slips, with ease can leave the trap with the help of the rear wheels.

However, it is more convenient to leave by using the front wheels, since you can see where your front axle is pointing, "Niva 2121", for example, will not allow you to go back with comfort - you can rest in any tree or even a gas pipe.

Bridge disconnection

Some people have a passion for innovations in cars, including masters can change the front axle, "Niva 2121" is the most frequent victim of this experiment. The front axle is switched off for many indicators, for example to reduce tire wear, but the miraculous nature of this method is questionable. In fact, the shutdown is made to reduce the consumption of SUV fuel, while the car loses its increased patency. For this reason, the trip is only used on flat and dry roads, otherwise a tall car can easily turn over when skidding.

Modernization of important elements has always been a very expensive pleasure. An important element is the front axle - "Niva" can be equipped with the ability to turn it off for a little less than seven thousand rubles. It is noteworthy that the amount paid for the purchase and installation of the shutdown can never pay off - fuel consumption is reduced slightly, and rarely on the "Niva" ride on a dry and flat road.


All off-road vehicles actively use all their resources, including the front axle. "Niva" at the same time manages to use resources such as people's nerves. In addition to the familiar gearshift lever and handbrake, the Niva boasts another lever for controlling the transmission - turning on the low gear, returning to overdrive, locking and unlocking the differential. In this case, those who first got behind the wheel of this car, there may be big problems - after turning on the lowered gear, the lever does not want to return to the raised one!

The secret is that the return is possible only when the clutch is squeezed out and at a low speed. Some drivers neglect the instructions and remain unaware of the generally accepted method. By trial and error, they calculate that switching is possible when reversing in a circle at an extremely low speed. And although this method works, but its convenience raises great doubts.

There was a breakdown

Often requires the replacement of the front axle ("Niva"), the price of which sometimes reaches 20,000 rubles, in those people who constantly try to improve their car, or reduce its consumption. The actions of amateurs lead to increased wear and tear of a bridge, and sometimes both. However, not always the bridge breaks down due to human intervention, because nobody canceled simple breakages and wear of parts.

It's okay if you've never seen the front bridge, "Niva" will forgive you for this. A breakdown will immediately let you know the sound - increased noise, screeching and creaking will be difficult to miss. Another common problem is oil leakage, but this problem can easily be detected during a technical inspection. It is easy to understand that noise occurs when the gears, bearings and gears wear badly, as well as when the bridge is physically damaged, which is extremely unlikely, but still possible. Oil leakage occurs due to poor assembly and due to wear of oil seals. In this case, the miraculous breakdown of the transmission is extremely rare, since Chevrole Niva and Niva 2121 are extremely reliable and simple.

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