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Exercises on the forearm for women with dumbbells at home: a list

What can be a better fit for a woman? Unless admired the views of rivals. But a slim figure is not given to all from birth, such people are just lucky, and their units. Most have to work on themselves. And this process should be systematic and have, if you want, a scientific approach. Today we will talk about what exercises for the forearms for women will be the most effective and affordable, so as not to resort to large spending money to buy a subscription to the fitness club.

General Tips

Beautiful, without traces of flabbiness, the skin on your hands will make you not only confident and attractive in the eyes of others, but sometimes help to hide the true age. All you need is a love for yourself, which means a desire to look good, perseverance and patience, because, as you know, in one hour of training to bring yourself into shape is unrealistic, as well as a minimum of sports equipment. Exercises for the forearms with dumbbells are considered basic for giving the muscles the hands of the tone.

Your workouts must be logged in, a lot of time for this is not necessary. Usually, three lessons per week for 30-45 minutes is enough. Thus, for yourself, the beloved should be cut no more than three hours (with all preparations) per week. Agree, this can all be afforded.

A little anatomy

First, we'll make an excursion into the initial knowledge of biology. The arm is the upper and one of the main limbs of the human body, endowed with the function of capture. The bony skeleton of the hand (without details) includes the shoulder joint, forearm and hand. But the muscular system resembles a layered pie and consists of an anterior muscle group, which, if simplified, is responsible for flexing the arm, and the rear, regulating the extension in the elbow joint.

Arrangement of muscles

In the anterior muscle group is the biceps arm muscle, or, if you take the Latin transcription, the biceps, it is large, so it stands out well from under the skin. It is thanks to this muscle that we are able to bend the arm at the elbow. With the help of exercises to strengthen the forearms, the muscle can become more embossed and emphasize the beauty of your hands. In the posterior group is the triceps muscle, triceps. It consists of three ligaments, or heads (long, lateral, medial). The triceps muscle allows to unbend our hand, and also to take it back and lead back to the trunk. That is why exercises on the forearm are so important.

Some contraindications

Knowledge of anatomy a little refreshed, now we will touch on the topic of sports equipment - dumbbells. At once it is necessary to stipulate: carrying out exercises for forearms in house conditions with use of dumbbells, remember and about restrictions.

Contraindicated power load hypertensive patients who have heart disease, pregnant, there are bans in certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, for your own peace of mind, we advise you to consult a doctor before you introduce a force load into your exercises, do you need it.

Inventory selection and result

For those who have no contraindications, to perform the exercise on the forearm, we advise you to buy dumbbells at first a small weight. Their mass will depend on the goal that you set for yourself. For example, option number one: you want to lose weight and improve muscle tone, then the weight of the sports equipment - no more than one kilogram. Each exercise in this case will have to be repeated ten to fifteen times and make at least three to four approaches. Do not allow yourself to rest between approaches.

Option two: you want to not just tighten your muscles, but set a goal to increase their weight, then choose a dumbbell to three kilograms. In this case, the repetition of exercises will be from eight to ten, and the number of approaches can be kept the same. Remember that the load of your body needs to be increased neatly and gradually, there is no need to overdo it. And when choosing a projectile, the main thing you should pay attention to is whether it is convenient for you to hold it in your hands, whether you feel discomfort.

Proper nutrition

Before the beginning of the trainings think over a food allowance. Insufficient amount of carbohydrates, protein or vitamins in it will reduce your efforts to zero, exercises on the forearm become ineffective.

Protein is the main building material for muscle cells. It is a lot in the meat of a bird, cottage cheese, fish. Carbohydrates are a source of energy. Their body receives from cereals, vegetables and fruits. Do not let your body starve and feel thirsty. More than two liters per day of clean water is the norm.

But try to avoid fatty foods. The proportion of fat in the daily intake of food should not exceed fifteen percent. Meals during the day should be more than four. Two hours before classes it is better to refrain from eating, you can have a snack after training in an hour. You can quench the hunger with fermented milk products.

Exercises for the biceps and forearms: list

To begin with, we give an example without dumbbells.

The first exercise for the biceps and triceps requires a chair. We sit with our backs to the chair, our backs are straight, our legs together, slightly bent at the knees, our hands are tied over the trunk and are supported by the palms of the seat of the chair. We go down to the floor and climb up to the chair seat. You can repeat the exercise up to 20 times.

The following exercise is aimed at strengthening the triceps. The starting position - you need to lie down on your right side (take the pose of the mermaid), legs together, bent at the knees, the back is straight, the left hand is wound behind the head, the right hand remains the supporting one. Lower the body, bending the supporting arm at the elbow. Like the first exercise, it repeats up to 20 times. The support arm is changing.

The third exercise will help get rid of sagging skin on your hands. It resembles a push-up. The difference is that you need to do this with bent knees, hands are located on the width of the shoulders and bend at the elbows along the body. 10 repetitions - and 20 seconds you can rest. There are 10 approaches in total.

Exercises on the forearm with power load

The first is to strengthen the triceps. Take the dumbbell in your hands, stand upright, place your feet on the width of the shoulders, hands lowered. Raise your arms forward, spread them apart at a right angle, lower them along the trunk.

The second. Take dumbbells, stand upright, guide your right foot back behind your left and make a cross step, slightly bending your knees. Arms at this moment bend at the elbows and lift to the shoulders. Accept the starting position, change the leg at the cross-step, repeat the exercise. Watch your breathing. On the breath go down, on the exhalation rise. The exercise is repeated up to 20 times.

Third. From the starting position to stand up straight, left hand to lower on the waist, left foot to step forward, make a deep lunge, at this moment, the right hand from the dumbbells to lower along the trunk, the right leg to bend in the knee. Raise the body and arm up, to the starting position. Exercise repeat at least 10 times with each leg.


Here such simple tips and recommendations, as well as a list of possible exercises will help not only feel more confident, but also have beautiful, tightened hands. A little patience - and after a couple of months from flabby skin and a lowered muscle tone there will be no trace. Do not forget, however, about the safety measures and some contraindications. Here the main principle of all work on yourself is "do no harm." Therefore, exercise with pleasure and with the resulting discomfort change the technique or take a break.

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