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Bumper for 6 "iPhone": do I have to buy it? Draco's Bumper

What is a bumper for 6 "iPhone" and what is it for? First, let's try to think logically about how you can protect your device, and so expensive. The basis of security will be not just a bumper for 6 "iPhone, but a careful, neat attitude to the smartphone.But we will not forget that only this will not be full, not always neatness can save.

Does it make sense to buy a bumper for 6 "iPhone"?

Even the most accurate user sooner or later drops his device. But when it costs so much, the process of falling is seen like a slow-motion shot. It takes forever for the device to fall to the surface. It turns out that it is impossible to completely protect your device from this kind of situations with just one accuracy. Here, as never before, the question of what should be done to protect the phone from damage is urgent. Help in this can bumper to 6 "iPhone". They are currently on the market can be found a huge amount, but today we will talk about DracoDesign products or, as it is called by users, just Draco. It should be noted that a similar bumper on the "iPhone 6 Plus" will be a good addition to the protective glass. And this combination several times protects the device from external mechanical damage. So, a little about the company.

Draco devices

Accessories and products of this company (and this is not only bumpers, but also all kinds of external batteries, styluses, phone stands) are sold in the Russian Federation by a separate distributor. Major projects have been developed in Japan, as well as in the United States of America, a similar trend is taking place at present. Meanwhile, the company's headquarters was decided to be located in Taiwan. It is interesting that the firm did not confine itself to devices from "apples", although initially it was aimed, apparently, directly at them. Who do you think was in the company's field of vision? Of course, Taiwanese manufacturer HTC and South Korean Samsung.

Technical indicators of bumpers

Silicone bumper on "iPhone" 6 will cost less than the subject of our today's review, because it is made of metal. Nevertheless, the panel from Draco is much more practical and reliable than silicone models. Draco 6 and Draco 6 Plus were developed by Japanese designers, their mass is approximately equal to twenty grams. They are made of aluminum. Since the bumper has long ceased to play the role of an exclusively protective device, the developers paid a considerable share of their attention to providing several different colors that should have pleased all users without exception.

Bumper on the "iPhone 6 Plus"

If we talk about this device, then for him Draco released an accessory called Tigris 6 Plus. Its cost is 6 thousand rubles. Nevertheless, the bumper, which is included in the package, is not its only component. In the configuration you can also find a special screwdriver, the back cover itself (which, by the way, consists of two parts), four screws (only two are used, the remaining ones are spare) and rubber keys that are inserted into the frames and used to press the power buttons and The volume. If you take a good look at the bottom of our device, we will see special holes. They are needed for comfortable and unhindered use of the speaker, microphone, as well as the jack for connecting a wired stereo headset. To achieve maximum compatibility, engineers made the Lightning connector as wide as possible. Nevertheless, the dimensions may not converge. Therefore, before buying, you should clarify this issue, in order not to return the goods and waste your time in vain.

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