Aluminum corrugated: types, features, scope

Modern manufacturers offer users a huge range of rolled metal products, which are indispensable in so many areas. Among the various rolled metal products, aluminum has a special demand for corrugated metal. What contributes to the popularity of the material - about this further.

Production and features

Fluted aluminum is a rolling sheet with a non-uniform surface and drawings of a volumetric type. Such products are produced in hot or cold fashion, after which the products are doped. To increase the durability of products, make them more practical, at the final stage, the sheets are anodized. Finished products have a matte finish of a silvery shade.

Thanks to the use of similar technology in production, the released material is different:

  • Extraordinary strength;
  • Easy, simple processing;
  • Excellent technical properties;
  • A long service life, at which all inherent qualities are not lost;
  • Resistance to negative factors of all kinds.

In addition, if sheet products are used to make decorative elements, they can be painted in any color or shade.

The main feature is the presence of convex patterns formed by projections that have a symmetrical arrangement. Such protrusions have the name "grooves", "grooves", but more often they are called "riffles". It is the combination of a small weight of sheets and the presence of riffles that give rolling products unique properties.

Varieties of material

Aluminum corrugated, depending on the purpose for which it is intended, differs for several factors:

  1. The thickness of the sheets.
  2. The height of the flute.
  3. The number of flutes.
  4. The composition - the presence of copper impurities in a percentage.

If we consider a drawing, then, according to GOST, it is classified as follows:

  1. "Diamond" or "Diamond" . The most simple sheets with a lot of single incisions. All of them are in perpendicular location in relation to each other.
  2. The duet . It is called so because of the presence of pair incisions.
  3. "Quintet". This is the most complex design among the drawings that a sheet can have. Corrugated aluminum of this kind - with a convex pattern in the form of ovals with pointed ends.


Aluminum corrugated sheet is available in the form of sheets of rectangular shape. Dimensions, in accordance with the requirements of GOST, can be as follows:

  • Width - from 0,6 to 2,2 m;
  • Length - from 1.4 to 8.0 m;
  • Thickness - minimum 1.5 mm, maximum 4.0 mm, while the height of the protuberances is not taken into account;
  • The weight of the sheet depends on the overall dimensions, alloy composition and can be from 2.8 to 180 kg. But this applies only to standard products.

The most popular dimensions are 1.5 x 5.0 m, 1.5 x 4.0 m, 1.5 x 3.0 m.

Material Advantages

The main advantage of aluminum sheets is an impressive resistance to harmful environmental influences. Due to this, corrugated aluminum is used for the construction of open-air structures.

Other advantages include the following characteristics:

  1. Surface treatment of high quality.
  2. High thermal conductivity.
  3. Non-toxic.
  4. Immunity of magnetization.
  5. Good electrical conductivity.
  6. Light weight.
  7. Compliance with any kind of processing.
  8. Bactericidal properties.
  9. Excellent anti-corrosion properties.
  10. Aesthetics.
  11. The presence of a quality anti-slip effect.

Application area

This product is ideal for use both indoors and for manufacturing external elements in the following areas.

  1. Landscape design . Aluminum corrugated is used for the manufacture of various designs of the desired configuration.
  2. Industry (food, chemical, oil industry) . Transitions, service areas and many other elements are made from aluminum sheets, as the most suitable for these spheres.
  3. Building. Such products are indispensable for arranging premises for residential and industrial purposes. One of the options - interior decoration (for example, the production of coatings for walls, floors).
  4. Shipbuilding and aircraft building. These are various transitions, bridges, scaffolding, etc.
  5. Road construction, mining .
  6. Gardening . Products serve as a reliable basis for various designs.

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