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ZhEK - what is this? Infrastructure

What is the Housing office, what are its duties and functions? All about the housing-operational office will be told in this article.

What is ZhEK?

The term "housing and operational office" has become obsolete on the territory of the Russian Federation in 2005, but it is still relevant in some countries of the post-Soviet space. Appearing in 1959, the organization in question dealt mainly with the improvement of the adjacent territories. To date, the Housing Office is an unofficial name for the household. In principle, any management companies that carry out their labor functions in the sphere of housing and communal services can be called the housing administration.

Today ZhEK is a place of daily heated disputes between tenants and managers. Probably, there is no more controversial and problematic organization than the one presented in this article. What is the reason for this? Most of them - with the incompetence of the employees of the management board. However, residents who are on the serviced territory should have a slightly more legal culture in communication with the housing office. It is about what is possible, and what not to demand from the housing and communal services, and will go further.

About free services of housing office

Many tenants submit an application to the housing and communal services in order for the house management to conduct a number of free public works. What exactly does this concern? The federal legislation in the sphere of housing and communal services assigns to the management house structures the following duties that are considered free:

  • The maintenance, namely repair and service of an external facade of apartment houses. This includes work on the sealing of various kinds of cracks, seams, damaged areas of the facade, and so on. They should not forget about the warming of walls, the replacement of sinks and the strengthening of visors with handrails.
  • Work with roofs and sewers. If it is more detailed, here it is possible to carry repair of a roof, warming of an attic, replacement of old or damaged elements of a water drain and other.
  • Works with doors and windows. Replacement of glasses, handles, bolts and other elements.
  • Quality repair works with floors: their insulation, waterproofing, painting and much more.
  • Work on sanitary cleaning, namely sweeping, washing floors, stairs, walls, ceilings, elevators, etc.

About paid services of housing office

It is worth to be especially careful here. As a rule, it is because of the availability of paid services in most housekeeping agencies and there are conflicts with residents. Many citizens simply do not understand and do not want to accept the fact that ZhEK is a structure that provides not only free services to residents paid taxes. What exactly can be distinguished here?

  • Carrying out glassworks and carpentry. In particular, it is worth noting the repair of fillings between windows and doors, the replacement of door handles and locks, the repair of floor coverings (namely coatings, ie linoleum, parquet, boards, etc.).
  • Conducting electrical work. Repair and replacement of switches, wiring, shields and counters, cartridges, etc.
  • Any plumbing work.

Thus, the district housing office is able to provide some paid services. The contract for their provision can be concluded in a special organization located at the place of residence.

On the replacement by ZhEK of technical means

Especially it is worthwhile to consider those household items in common use, which the housing office must replace for free.

Despite the fact that many are unlikely to once take advantage of this function, it is worth recalling the free responsibilities of the housing office. So, according to the law, the manager must replace:

  • Plates - gas or electric (over 20 years);
  • Entrance doors (over 40 years old);
  • Flushing cisterns and toilets (over 20 years old);
  • Baths - steel or cast iron (over 30 years old);
  • Tap-cocks (older than 10 years);
  • Wooden frames (over 40 years old).

And some other things. Lonely elderly people living in extremely poor conditions should know about the list provided. According to the law, ZhEK is an organization responsible for replacing all of the above elements.

About maintenance

The housing maintenance service is obliged to carry out high-quality maintenance of residential buildings according to the following criteria:

  • Central heating. This includes disabling the radiators in the event of a leak, flushing the heating system, eliminating the resulting air congestion, carrying out work on the insulation of pipelines in the attics or in the cellars.
  • Sewage and water supply systems. Here it is necessary to allocate such kinds of works as elimination of formed leaks, replacement of gaskets, works on condensing of drivings, full clearing of pipes of cold or hot water supply.
  • Power supply. Housing office must timely change lamps, strengthen plafonds, conduct all necessary work with wiring.

Thus, the Housing and Public Utilities at the address of the serviced persons is obliged to carry out at least all the above types of work.

On Emergency Services: Heating and Sewage

In addition to technical, the housing office is also required to provide emergency services. This includes all the same economic and household spheres as in maintenance; But the functions of the house management organization are already somewhat different. In particular, in the sphere of heating it is worth highlighting:

  • Replacement of obsolete or damaged reinforcement, as well as repair work with them;
  • Elimination of leaks due to sealing of valves, pipes and other devices;
  • Replacement of water pipes;
  • Welding works with water supply;
  • Installation of air cranes.

And so on. If you take into account the sewerage and water supply, then the housing office is obliged to perform the following functions:

  • Change individual faucets, mixers, sinks and other fittings;
  • Change and repair the heating column assemblies;
  • Eliminate sewage blockages;
  • Perform welding operations with the pipeline.

About emergency service: power supply and liquidation of accidents

What does ZhEK have to do in the water sector? Here is what the special normative act prescribes:

  • Work with faulty sections of electrical networks (except for electric networks in apartments);
  • Work to replace fusible inserts in the shields;
  • Replacement of shields;
  • Repair or replacement of failed automatic machines, switches and other energy management mechanisms;
  • Replacement or repair of lamps, as well as burners, frying cupboards, stationary plates, etc.

Especially it is worth highlighting the actions of housing and communal services in emergency situations. So, the employees of Housing and Communal Services at the address of the house where the accident occurred should immediately:

  • Drain the water from the basement;
  • Dig a trench if necessary;
  • Open the floors, make holes or furrows over the pipes;
  • Disconnect the risers, etc.

Procedure for applying to the Housing and Utilities Service

Most of the citizens, unfortunately, have not learned how to make a competent statement to the housing office. How and in which cases is it necessary to make an application to the structure in question? About this further.

The simplest version for today is a simple phone call. The dispatcher of the house management will listen to all the requirements and give a clear answer when, where and how all the necessary actions will be carried out. It is also worth noting that the phone is always listed in the payment receipts from the same housing office. Here it is necessary to give citizens one simple advice: always learn by phone the name and name of the dispatcher. Strangely enough, but in many conflict situations this simple step can play in favor of the tenant.

How else can I apply to the housing office? Moscow, for example, as well as a number of other large cities, has housing facilities with its own Internet site. It is on the site that you can describe the problem in detail and send it to the address.

And finally, the simplest and most effective option is to reach the nearest housing office and apply for a written application. As a rule, this method is the most effective. Especially when the necessary application form several residents at once.

Making a complaint

As already mentioned above, there are often no conflicts with ZhEK. The fact is that housing - the structure is not purely commercial, and therefore, not particularly interested in the quality performance of its duties. Probably, every citizen should have an increased legal culture, especially if it concerns home management. How can you resolve the conflict with ZhEKom?

If the claim of the applicants remained unsatisfied within two days, it is worthwhile to file a complaint. It is served in two copies, each of which briefly but voluminously outlines the essence of the problem. Of course, if the complaint is not reacted, you can apply to more serious bodies - for example, the Department of Housing and Communal Services. In the most extreme case, it is possible to write a statement of claim to the court.

Every citizen should know how to contact the housing office at the address of the house. Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities have, as a rule, a more educated and responsible population. However, all residents of the country should be more serious about the problem of housing services. Quality work of housing and communal services depends, oddly enough, only on the population, namely on the number of applications, complaints, suits, etc. All these papers will absolutely make the Housing and Communal Services work much better.

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