What women want in bed.

Not the first generation of the male half of the planet reflects on the "eternal" question: what women want. But they want very little: attention, understanding, caring for yourself and, of course, wild unrestrained sex (yes, yes, but as without it). It is a pity that not every man can understand what women want and, at least in part, to provide them with it.

Of course, there are such representatives of the stronger sex who manage to satisfy all women's desires. We have long been waiting for the beautiful princes on white horses, we need a bold and passionate man. Now let's try to understand what women want in bed. Ready?

Every woman has her secret sexual desires, which rarely come true. Why? Perhaps the main reason is that she is afraid of her admission to stun (if not to say shock) a man. Also she may just be afraid of offending him, and so be silent. Below are some tips on how to deliver a truly heavenly pleasure to a woman in bed.

Women adore stubborn men. Contrary to the hackneyed opinion that if the girl refuses, it is not worth insisting, we can say with confidence that very often for our "no", there is a well disguised "yes". Basically, the woman, thus, tries to push you to more decisive actions and instead of continuing to push the girl you sharply turn back. Try to tell her about what kind of intoxicating scent comes from her, about how beautiful she looks. In a word, tell her what she wants to hear. After all, every woman before a romantic evening carefully puts on make-up, buys new sexy lingerie. Be able to show her how you get her every move or her sigh. And she will not forget this and fully thank for the beautiful words addressed to her.

We get pleasure slowly: almost all women can achieve full orgasm, only if the man worked hard before the start of sex. After you find yourself, finally, in one bed, remember the main rule: women like gentle, soft sex without frenzies. Women's potency, unlike men's, takes time to warm up. Therefore, just before the sexual intercourse, try caressing each other (five to ten minutes) or apply the "69" pose.

What should be the kiss? What kind of kiss does a woman prefer? This moment in sex games is very important for every girl, sometimes even more important than sex itself. It all starts with a kiss, so do not neglect it. Then slowly go to the neck. Kiss the woman passionately, with an impulse (but do not forget about ugly bruises, popularly called "suckers", control your strength).

Do not forget to caress her body. Eat ear lobes, kiss them. Some women this is how much winds up that they will do everything themselves. And, of course, do not forget about the breast (no matter what size it is).

The most important thing in sex is to be interested in the opinion of your partner, and then you really will understand what she really is.

This, of course, was one side of the question, about what women want. But do not forget that in addition to sexual attraction, women experience and platonic. Many men are interested in another question: why do women want to get married? Perhaps, this desire is inherent in nature and usually arises unconsciously. Some want to marry in order to keep up with their long-married friends, some - because they are madly in love. And there is another category of women who marry for sex. Well, they can not sleep with anyone, they want a husband. But no matter what motives a woman wants to marry, it is important to just love her and want (even despite this obsession).

I want to believe that after reading this article men will understand at least a little in women's logic and will be able to deliver their beloved real pleasure.

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